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  1. Hi Tech

    Suh dudes

    Welcome @Questicles! It's nice to see a fresh faces on the forums. Especially HCIM faces, but I may be biased. In any fashion, enjoy yourself here at Draynor. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Hi Tech

    ♠ An update: Round 2

    @Grizzle Thanks man! I can speak for both of us, we try to make something worth listening to. I'll be posting more in the future as I can release more recent stuff. <3
  3. Hi Tech

    ♠ An update: Round 2

    I don't believe you have to be a good critic to give good feedback. Having said that, thank you. 1. Vision: Every beat is made and produced by us, though mostly by him. He makes a lot of sounds. I think one of the reasons this track is likable in this state is because he's speaking with clarity. This was the third master. 2. Viper: Musicians do this thing where they mumble along to find a melody that they'll use in a song. I know it seems like he forgot the words and started mumbling, but he's actually freestyling to find melodies. I also didn't mix his vocals well at all. This was the first master. 3. Legend: The length being short is because it's a demo. :p But you're right, it's too short. There should be another verse +hook at least. I could go into technical details about what's going on in the mix here, but basically the beat isn't getting enough room to breath in the "middle" of the Hz spectrum, so it sounds loud. I'll have to remember all of that when we re-mix this one. This was the first master. Thank you @Dads Love Me for your feedback!
  4. Hi Tech

    ♠ An update: Round 2

    So I've been away for a while helping mix and master the album. The mixing is nearly done, and the mastering can only be done after the mixing. I got cleared to release some early versions of the songs before we decided to re-mix them. Do keep in mind that these are the "prototypes" if you will, so not everything will be pretty. I gave these a once-over so they aren't close to the final result, unfortunately. But the overall direction for the sound is there. If you don't like it or you think there is something that can be improved upon, please tell me! (some things may already be fixed.) But, also let me know if it's good, but can be better. Thanks, Chef ♠ 3.Vision.Master.3 https://clyp.it/jhlrhelk 5.Viper.Master.1 https://clyp.it/e4rysvbd 11.Legend.Master.1 https://clyp.it/ipqznigc
  5. Hi Tech

    Hi Tech: Application for Staff

    I understand. I got very busy out of the blue, but that isn't really an excuse. Thank you for your kind remarks, and I will try to build a greater foundation for myself within the community.
  6. Hi Tech

    Farewell for a little while

    I know we've only talked a couple of times, but all hopes for the best from me. Life is more important than any game. See you in June! You'll have a lot of catching up to do on your Ironman accounts. ;)
  7. Hi Tech

    Official skilling pet rates

    Very nice, thanks! I'm sure plenty of people will benefit from this.
  8. Hi Tech

    good content #1

    That bank needs to be sorted. :p
  9. Hi Tech

    Hi Tech: Application for Staff

    Username: Hi Tech Date joined: November 29, 2017 (my birthday), although I made a forums account later on. Time zone: US Central, GMT -6. Average hours played per day: 6 to 12 hours per day. Do you have skype?: I do. Have you read the entire staff application thread to see what we look for and the reasons your application may be denied?: I have. Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain.: I have not broken any of the rules in-game or on the forums. What have you done within the community to make yourself stand out as a potential staff candidate?: I am always happy to go out of my way to help someone, and in doing so I have helped a number of new players navigate Draynor. Having said that, my ultimate goal is for new players to not need help with the same task twice after asking of me. I give more brief answers in the help chat, so that there isn't spam. Other than that, I am always conversing with people in-game and on the forums. I give it my all to vote every 12 hours, because I believe this server should have at least 100 more core players. I post well thought out suggestions on the forums as often as I can. Finally, I have worked with the owner and developer to find bugs that were not in the interest of the community, so that they may further the gameplay experience. I will continue to do these things. Are you reliable in activity? If you are not, this is a major reason for an application to be denied.: I am reliable in activity. Anything else you would like to tell us: The only notable role I have held in recent years was a trusted "middleman" on a previous server I played on. This was about 3 years ago, before I had to devote all of my time to college. I understand that some may still see my face as new; nevertheless, I have 449 hours of play time over 2 months, and I have enjoyed every hour. I have come to love this community. To summarize: Why? I want to help in a more significant way. Any feedback is welcome. My thanks, James
  10. Hi Tech

    Draynor Price Guide

    @Beer Typo. Just a friendly heads up. <3
  11. Hi Tech

    Boss Slayer Exp Rates (Complete!)

    Extremely useful mate, thanks! I'll be using this for sure.
  12. Hi Tech

    Suggestions: Part III

  13. Hi Tech

    Suggestions: Part III

    I get that it can be abused. I'll try to think of another fix. I see where you're coming from, but my suggestion was made so that there might be... Thanks Lcv. I appreciate it Sixty.
  14. Hi Tech

    Suggestions: Part III

    Both! And more useful high-tier rewards for people that skill, through the voting store. I want people to vote.
  15. Hi Tech

    Suggestions: Part III

    1. Allow Ironmen to buyback items from Thieving Master. Whenever an Iron player tries to buyback an item they sell to the Thieving Master, they are promptly told that they can not buy from this store, and to take their business elsewhere. I am afraid that one day I may sell something of extreme use to me on accident with no way to retrieve it. Since it would do no harm to the game, I don't see why Iron players shouldn't be able to buyback their items. I understand that other players sell items to this NPC as well, and that's my point. No one buys from it. Only Iron players sell to it for profit, which is why I believe they should be given access to it in case of an accident. 2. Allow Ironmen to pick up logs that fall to the ground when failing to make fires. When making fires, eventually, one will fail. A pile of logs will hit the ground, and if you are an Ironman, you won't be able to pick them up. I cut them. I would really like to burn them, and not waste them. Plus it just seems like that should be something not forbidden. If I cut a tree, get some logs, then try to start a fire but drop the logs in the process, what's stopping me from picking them back up? 3. Add a "Golden chef's hat" to voting store #2. Pretty simple concept. While equipped, the player would have a 50% chance to cook 2 food at once. Stackable with Cooking gauntlets. At a cost of 30 voting points. 4. Add a "Golden apron" to voting store #2. Again, pretty simple idea. While equipped, the player would have a 50% chance to cut 2 gems at once. At a cost of 30 voting points. Thanks for reading. <3

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