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  1. Horizon

    Official skilling pet rates

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, i thought this was a pretty essential thread for people that wish to know the pet rates :P
  2. Horizon

    ''cheat ironmen'' explained

    Top quality post btw the way
  3. Horizon

    SploogeBob road to 200ms

    good luck mate!
  4. Horizon

    Farewell for a little while

    See you then mate! sucks that you have to leave tho, you will be missed. Take care!
  5. Horizon

    Suggestions I

    I like the majority of the ideas, chaotics however doesnt seem to fit into an osrs server imo. maybe some other items?
  6. Horizon

    First ever pheonix pet

    sick looking pet! congratulations on the first pet :)
  7. Note; the rate is based on actions e.g: per ore mined, per log chopped, per log burned Chinchompa 1:500 Rift guardian 1:5000 (Per altar click) Beaver 1:10000 Heron 1:10000 Giant squirrel 1:1000 (Per lap completion) Rock golem 1:10000 Rocky 1:10000 Tangleroot 1:7500 (Per seed plant/ patch clear) Phoenix 1:5000
  8. Horizon

    Horizon Helper App

    Thanks for the support guys <33
  9. Guys remember "The inadequacy" drops t10 emblems, and mage bank wizards drop t5 emblems, its not that hard to get medium caskets if you really wish to grind for it.
  10. Horizon

    Draynor Price Guide

    Well first of all Magic fang is kinda bound to be 30m+ since its 10k scales, and scales sell for 3k ea don't they? Also eternal crystal 12-15m when eternal boots are like 40-50m ish doesnt seem right.
  11. Horizon

    Draynor Price Guide

    Some items i think are wrong but overall a Good transition, well done!
  12. Horizon

    fUIM Elseve ep.4

    We want more of this you lazy swede! ;)
  13. Horizon

    Horizon Helper App

  14. Horizon

    Boss Slayer Exp Rates (Complete!)

    Thanks for all the great feedback guys! hopefully i will continue with these type of threads in the future aswell :)
  15. Horizon


    looks like draynor has alot of that 'murican freedom

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