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  1. Brave

    Glove grind

    Gratz dood, nice that you kept track of all the drop kc's
  2. Brave

    Implement a "Well Day"

    Even though I dont fully play, I like this. Maybe even add a bit more time to the items dropped, like 1.3x times what they normally give. Just to make people actually deposit and everyone benefits. The economy will benefit too.
  3. Brave

    Helper Application

    Not sure if this is the right post to discuss this, but yeh mate. Started again
  4. Brave

    Helper Application

    Very nice lad. In my opinion the application is not where he should show how good he is, he has to show that in game. And that is where he does imo. +1
  5. Brave

    Skilling outfits Rejuvination

    I agree with Torva. The skilling outfuts aren't a goal as it is, but more an extra feature to speed up the process a bit. They should be really rare imo. Rather see being focused on rejuvinating PvP or a few bosses.
  6. Brave

    Bossing QoL Suggestion

    I like the suggestion, but rather see the 100kc for Every boss than the total boss. This because you are otherwise done super quick. But nice suggestions
  7. I like your suggestions, since most of them just change the current features of the game and make them even better. Would like to hear of Krabs how he feels about the suggestions and if they could actually be implemented
  8. Brave

    Server Updates 12/1/17 - 12/31/17

    The month just started and nice updates already :D Keep it up
  9. Brave

    Elseve FUIM EP. 3 - Best video so far

    Nice vid man :D Especially when you said 'red dragon legs' :D <3
  10. Brave

    Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Heey gratz my man! Deserved! Wanna see that ! icon when I am back home :D
  11. Brave

    Ninety nine

    120 is the new 99 though :p
  12. Brave

    This or that?

    Apple. Fifa or Cod?
  13. Brave

    Expert Mode

    I would agree on the not donating part, but I am not sure if not having the opportunity to play after dying is a good idea. I'd say you get downgraded to a regular account, since maybe you get epic items on your acc and want to continue playing. When you then die, you lose all interest in the game I guess.
  14. Brave

    My Inferno Guide! - By Range

    Damn! Super nice! Now I got no reason to not do it I guess :)

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