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  1. Elseve


    Hi man :) was nice seeing you online today :D Hope ur here to stay :)
  2. Elseve

    Wilderness suggestions

    But Yea would be easier for me to prio the most important ones <3 ty
  3. Elseve

    Wilderness suggestions

    :o Tell me about it
  4. Elseve

    vote issues

    @Mr Krabs I cant figure out why this is not working, unfortunately he cant open chrome nor firefox to try. Can it be something with JS or so? not to up to date with web programming.
  5. Elseve

    Wilderness suggestions

    Im the one telling you to make a diff report so i can prio them, you cant tell me what to do, if so we end it here
  6. Elseve

    Wilderness suggestions

    Im ignoring this, thats why i tell u to put the bugs in a diff report, or ill ignore them too
  7. Elseve

    Wilderness suggestions

    These are so many stuff lol, Can u make bug reports on the BUGS and leave suggestions out of it so i can prio them
  8. Elseve

    Ultimate Ironman.

    Ye but its unfortunately them that are the problem :( We need interfaces for them
  9. Elseve

    Ultimate Ironman.

    Ye we would like to see it too, but we are not too experienced with making our own interfaces, that means we have to figure out a way to make like the looting bag. Which are needed for UIM. We could add it but that item + rune pouch wouldn't be around :(
  10. Lookin good <3 

  11. Elseve


    What comp u running? Try restart the computer or maybe @Mr Krabs can help you.
  12. Elseve

    Server Updates 3/1/18 - 3/31/18

    + bugfixes
  13. Elseve

    Chaos Elemental Guide.

    lovely <3

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