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  1. High Fi2

    Group Ironman discussion

    Hate to say it but im with mother on this one
  2. High Fi2

    1 life HCIM

    Its been asked many times, hoping to get an answer as to why we cant have it
  3. High Fi2

    1 life HCIM

    Call it what you want, But the HCIM game-mode from OSRS would fit perfectly in draynor. I suggest adding this because it adds challenge to the server that many players such as myself would love to experience. Cant see why this is would be a bad idea, but any ideas for titles are welcomed as i cant think of any.
  4. High Fi2

    Ability to make cannon balls

    I agree, If it were the same method as OSRS i see absolutely no issue with adding this to the game (Would probably even be dead content). On the other hand i cant see how mass creating them would hurt the eco either... Yeah cannonballs are a money sink but i do not think the eco has changed since there was no cannon. (And if you manage to get the votes to buy a cannon in the first place chances are you already have a significant bank) And as for the Slayer Helm (i) price being increased i can understand why it was. Everyone uses it as their helmet slot for doing slayer, Its a great item so putting work into getting said item only makes sense rather than being able to buy it cheap from players.
  5. High Fi2

    Competition Time!

    Nice bring (i) My Bank: https://gyazo.com/48c62e3dd988305c17bb01c301dbdfd0
  6. High Fi2

    Sale in my POS

    is that a bad thing?
  7. High Fi2

    Fi zzz pop’s introduction

    Welcome friend, Had nothing but good interactions with you! Glad to see you made it to the forums
  8. High Fi2

    Vial Smashing 🙏

    +1 me smash
  9. High Fi2

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to Draynor!
  10. High Fi2

    What's going on?

  11. High Fi2

    Dwarf Cannon Bufferino

    I have seen people use cannon at west green dragons and its not possible on Draynor. As for buffs wherever you can use the cannon becomes a massive improvement in kill times, because of this i personally think the cannon is a very fragile item making it hard to balance. I think it works perfectly at corp, makes it possible to duo at a reasonable time. Where as for abyssal demons or krakens i am opposed to as both drop tables have items new players will usually buy fast and often. I think the best way for the cannon to be balanced and utilized is to have its areas more focused to grinding and skilling. (Dragons for bones, Chins for hunting, Rock crabs/Cows for range xp) I cant really think of ways to balance it or where to implement it in a balanced manner past where it is now, I think more feedback on where you think it should be allowed and why would be valuable.
  12. High Fi2


    I've had my run in with you already. Welcome to Draynor, pal.
  13. High Fi2

    What Event Would You Guys Like To See?

    I only did it for dxp cj promies....im being scammed
  14. High Fi2

    What Event Would You Guys Like To See?

    raiding event be coo just not on dxp zzzz

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