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  1. iron autism

    Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    would be awesome except for the fact that this is a private server which means totally p2w. there would be no competition on gear because people would just buy it. highscores reset would be cool. i support this either way because it would make me not quit the game.
  2. iron autism


  3. iron autism

    Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

    its one of the few things that you actually have to grind for on this server.. task reset scroll and slayer helm got me 3 slayer prestiges.. that isn't too cheap.
  4. iron autism

    Some Boss Suggestions

    most seem like solid and well thought out suggestions. having two of the same boss next to each other makes it seem lame af, I would much rather see the spawn time reduced. the suggestion about inadequacy is too shallow. do you mean better drops, or higher drop rates? you gotta specify everything or else the devs would probably just work on something else instead. good post.
  5. iron autism

    Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

  6. iron autism

    Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

    donating is literally the easiest way to get items. out of everything I've done on this server so far(pets, bosses, every skill) getting my task reset scroll took by far the longest. having cool items and cosmetics/rares in the donater store? perfect. having overpowered items that increase skilling xp by ridiculous amounts and thus making the highscores pay to win? That's how you lose lots and lots of players, long term at least.
  7. 99% of the use of the task reset scroll is just to stay at the same spot killing the same boss/mob over and over for max slayer xp. Sometimes it takes forever to spam click reset until you get the task you want, and sometimes you skip it and it's very frustrating and just rng based. Might as well just let us pick what task it gives us to save the annoyance but still provide the same use.
  8. Most of the guides on this forum are hot garbage so I'm gonna be pumping some quality but easy to understand ones out, mostly aimed towards iron men and HCIM and efficiency. I believe @Tw0 is going to be working on some quality ones too. Items required: -A few thousand imp jars(you will make the money back) -A butterfly net -Full void ranged -The best throwing knives/darts you have. I recommend addy because you make thousands of them thru smithing/mining training. -The best ranged bonus you have for all other slots -Ranging potions are recommended -99 Ranged is highly recommended I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAVING DONATER ZONE UNLOCKED BEFORE TRAINING HUNTER. IT GREATLY IMPROVES THE XP/GP RATES. THE METHOD BELOW ONLY WORKS FOR DONATERS. YOU NEED A $10 DONATION TO ACCESS DONATER ZONE AND THIS CAN BE DONE BY DONATING, BUYING BONDS FROM PLAYERS WITH IN GAME WEALTH, AND USING PRESTIGE POINTS TO BUY BONDS. Inv: Butterfly net equipped, 1 empty slot, 27 imp jars Skills teleport -> Hunter Level 1-15 Baby implings, east of bank Level 15-28 Young implings, south west of baby implings Level 28-36 Gourmet implings, south east of young implings Level 36-42 Earth implings, east of gourmet implings Level 42-50 Essence implings, east of earth implings Level 50-58 Eclectic implings, south of bank Level 58-65 Nature implings, south of eclectic implings NON DONATERS: Just do the best imp you can to 99. 65-74 Magpie implings southwest of bank. 74-83 Ninja implings north of magpie. 83-99 Dragon implings north of ninja. DONATERS: Inv: All ranged gear equipped, butterfly net, cash pile, ranging potion, 5 slots open, 20 impling jars Level 65-73 At this point you can start combining chins and imps at ::dz. Use the method shown in the video below. Remember to always be on rapid and click fast, not just when the xp drops. You'll see in the video, and you'll get the hang of it after a few inventories. Do 2 red chins and 4 magpie imps then repeat until you are out of hp. Never use food, use altar at home, bank to get more jars, then ::dz again. Level 73-83 Same thing but all chins, then 3 magpie. At 74 switch to all chins then 3 ninja. Level 83-99 Same thing but all chins, then 3 dragon. Just do exactly what I do in the video. If you perfect this strategy you can get up to 60m xp/hour on double xp on a regular mode account. After a while it becomes more like 45m-50m xp/hour. Happy Hunting!
  9. iron autism

    Activity - Autism

    So I originally started playing this server as a way to pass the time while I finished 99 fishing on my osrs ironman. This server is fucking amazing and I was hooked instantly. I was playing 12 hrs a day on my iron and after about 3 days started a HCIM as well and doubled up on my gainz. This was fun and all but after two days I noticed my fishing gainz on osrs have been a quarter of what they normally are. I am having fun but I made a goal of maxing an osrs iron man at the beginning of this summer and I need to stick to it. You will still see me on my regular iron man sometimes and at any events I can go to but I am greatly reducing my draynor play time. I am no longer trying to comp a HCIM on here. I will still be comping my iron man on here and going for t bow etc. Thanks for reading. Autism
  10. iron autism

    make resource area noting consistent

    atm you can note cooked sharks, cooked anglerfish and cooked dark crab. please make it so cooked lobs, monkfish and shrimp can be noted as well. thank you.
  11. https://autismawarenesscentre.com/ cause you're gonna need it after I smash your head in with my DH axe tonight. get ready to sit the fuck down kids. #triviagod #dhgod #godofgods #gayretards #getautism
  12. iron autism

    pause double xp on double xp weekends

    it doesn't pause during the double xp weekend so now all my double xp is getting leeched for no reason and it's a real disadvantage to me when I'm going for rank 1 iron man http://prntscr.com/gg0neu
  13. iron autism

    Raid #12 on HCIM

    I would just like to say I invited him last minute to come on the raid and asked everyone to wait even though we already had enough people. You can all bow down to your new trivia god and if you ask very nicely I may bless you and your family with T bows
  14. iron autism

    Puase double xp on double xp weekends

    k thanks sorry guys
  15. iron autism

    Puase double xp on double xp weekends

    a lot of people were saying it doesn't pause

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