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  1. Maxi

    Lucky implings

    Also sounds very nice! But since all imps are static and I don't expect it to be changed, I came up with this. If Krabs wants to take the time to implement this, I'd love your idea even more!
  2. Maxi

    Lucky implings

    How about we add this little fella into the game? Since they are called lucky implings, I think they should have some nice loot which has to be rare. Droptable: 11k gold: always crystal key: 1/200 or 1/300 or split the key in loop and tooth loop: 1/100 tooth: 1/100 golden key: 1/400 or 1/500 mystery box: 1/400 or 1/500 optional: tomes dxp voucher I'm not that good with droprates, so if some are too high/low, feel free to suggest some other rates. If you think some drops should be changed/removed/added, also let me know in the comments ;)
  3. Maxi

    Server Population & Rewards!

    This is very nice! Hope we achieve to attract atleast 100 players! IGN: Maxi
  4. Maxi

    Raid task

    Would be cool if raids would be added as a slayer task. Like 1-3 raids as a hard task from Vannaka or as boss task from Nieve. Credits to Tooreal10 for the idea!
  5. Maxi


    When even the Anti-Bot is proud of you not cheating for once
  6. Maxi

    A fun sugguestion.

    LOVE THIS +1
  7. Maxi


    My real name is Giel, a Dutch name which is hard to pronounce if you're not from Belgium or the Netherlands :p You guys can call me Gill or Maxi of course ;)
  8. Maxi

    Puase double xp on double xp weekends

    THIS! ^ +1
  9. Maxi

    Staff list/interface

    I kinda agree with No Torva's post about staff AFK'ing on the server and not always paying attention/responding. Though I think, and I quote, No Torva's opinion is a bit too harsh... I think the perfect solution for this would be a staff list/interface kinda like this. Maybe even add the option "AFK" so players know that the staff employee is busy and will be back soon :)
  10. Maxi


    Games: Rocket League PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gigantic ... And with bowling I always like to get atleast 130 points which isn't too hard :) My best score is 162.
  11. Maxi


    I've been playing for a while now, buth thought: FUCK IT, why not introduce myself ;) Server info IG: Maxi Game mode: Iron man Playtime: 54 hours Goals: Maxed iron man Every boss drop Every pet Help improve the server suggestions bug/player reports ... Personal info Age: 20 School: college, first year IT Country: Belgium Hobbies: Gaming Going out Bowling Relationship status: out of your league Outro That's about it... Any further questions? Feel free to ask down below or send me a pm ;)
  12. Maxi

    I guess I'm back!!!

    Welcome back, bud
  13. Maxi

    Ironman highscores

    How about we make a separate highscore table just for the iron men out there? Would make the competitive scene for the die hard iron men a lot more clear and fun, imo!
  14. Maxi

    Ben's helper application

    Pros: Helps (a lot) Active player Knowledge of the game/rules Cons: Immature Way of speaking Hypocritical Stating the rules but not (always) living by them (Occasional) flamebaiting You have the basic foundation every staff should have, but you lack a lot of discipline and maturity to gain that kind of power. NO SUPPORT
  15. Maxi

    Achievement store

    Only ways to get more exp: dxp not always active have to be lucky someone puts something in the well maximum 2 hours a day through voting tomes only useful early levels to start the AFK grind I also NOTED that changes could be made to some variables to make it more challenging and not obtainable in a couple of hours If you make the achievements fun and challenging, it would be way better since you actually have a goal instead of just AFK training untill max which everybody on the server seems to do. Since I started playing iron man I noticed that the content is kinda boring and just not entertaining except for PvM. Achievements exist for a reason, to give you a purpose of doing something and give you a big mofo smile on your face when you do actually achieve something.

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