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  1. TWLegend

    TWLegend's Episode #2

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IA31UWcaxo Enjoy :P
  2. TWLegend

    Episode #1

    I already have episode #2 ready to go. I'll upload later tonight for sure and thank you!:)
  3. TWLegend


    Haha I wish
  4. TWLegend

    Be back shortly!

    Sorry to hear that man, I move into college tomorrow so I feel you :( Anyways I hope everything goes well and works out! See you in game :D
  5. TWLegend


    37 hours #newbielyfe haha
  6. TWLegend

    Episode #1

    First video I've made in a long time. This server has me hooked so I thought I would start recording my journey :) Hope you enjoy guys, cheers!
  7. TWLegend

    massive giveaway!

    Appreciate your generosity, goodluck on your iron man! :)

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