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  1. Beer the adventurer <3

    1. Beer


      I like to explore :biggrin:

  2. Arjang

    I guess I'm back!!!

    Welcome back :]
  3. Arjang

    02/09/17 Official Dharok PK Event

    I might be busy, but sign me up incase i have time :)
  4. Arjang

    1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    Ill see what i can do ;)
  5. Arjang

    1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    I shorten it from 1,5h to 30 minutes, i felt i couldnt short it down even more because of all the content. But i will try on next opening. Ty for feedback :)
  6. Arjang

    1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    I appreciate the feedback, it is hard to get 1k loots in a short video, so this one got a bit long :P
  7. Arjang

    1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    I dont like you either but, i must say thank you :)
  8. Arjang

    1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    Enjoy babes
  9. Arjang

    Ben's helper application

  10. Arjang

    Ironman Updates

    This is cool for iron man lovers! Would love to see this added
  11. Arjang

    i am iron autism

    Welcome iron friend:)
  12. Arjang

    I was bored v.2 cx

    2 subs? noob Lol
  13. Arjang

    Few Suggestions

    Well if loyalty system is being added, id have an auto kick after 5 minutes of inactivity. This way we would know Whos online instead of having like 10 People afk 24/7
  14. Arjang

    Few Suggestions

    You can make them autolog after 5 min of afk :)

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