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    Clue Scroll Guide - Created by Kevin

    So today, I got this Easy clue scroll. Couldn't find the guide, so i thought i'd do it myself. Requirement: Spade. This one is located East of the Ranging Guild, wich is located North of Ardougne and East of the Fishing Guild. The biggest tree on the clue picture is where you start. On the map picture, I circled the starting tree in black and with a red dot the exact point to dig. On the 3rd Picture, I am standing on the exact point, after completing the clue. So it goes like this: From the tree in the black circle 3 steps East, Count like this: 0(where you actually stand)-1-2-3. 3 steps North, Again: 0-1-2-3 1 steps East, same thing. 2 steps North, 0-1-2. Dig and enjoy. If you have any issue, or the guide is not exact, feel free to contact me so i can adjust it. Thanks and enjoy! JustaTroll PS: Thanks to Cjtigger and Tatskaa for their precious time and help.

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