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  1. Stewie2k

    Helper Application

    Username: - Stewie2k Time zone: - UTC+3 Hours promised: Monday - 14.30-22.30 Tuesday - 14.30-22.30 Wednesday - 14.30-22.30 Thursday - 14.30-22.30 Friday - 14.30-22.30 Saturday - 12.00-24.00 Sunday - 12.00-22.30 Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur: -I currently work for a few months. After that i would belive that i could play a few more tunes everyday The two staff members that are vouching for you: - Cloud,Coins,Cjtigger Why we should approve your application: - I am dedicated to the server. I am everyday online and active. I Mostly helping out new players in the help cc, answering questions and helping out wherever I can and trying answer best what i can. I have never had any experience with being a staff member Anything else you'd like to tell us: - I'll get along with everyone. I think I could influence this server like making it a friendlier environment, I'm positive player always. I will have nice jokes if some needed good jokes. When my works end then i'm back the #1 active - You can always put me message in discord: Stew #1604
  2. Stewie2k


    Pretty good
  3. Stewie2k


    Hello bro
  4. Stewie2k

    Selling junks

  5. Stewie2k

    Sum interesting stooof

  6. Stewie2k


    Offer barrows gloves <^_^>
  7. Stewie2k

    Finally done.

  8. Stewie2k

    Mage Arena II

    Great job jane
  9. Stewie2k

    Jane Doe's application ❤️

    +1 gl
  10. Stewie2k

    Forum Event!

    yayay seeya then
  11. Stewie2k

    Support Application by EZI

    +1 becouse pleb

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