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    Halo Rap or Grime?
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    My Song of the day "Thank the peopleWho—never got the point until they grabbed the needle"
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    My Idea to help the server grow!

    Add shift drop as well by the way and PVM is very hard on here. I have Max Strength bonus and I'm only hitting 30's with full Dharok on and 1hp?
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    My Idea to help the server grow!

    @Mr Krabs You going to work on FUNPK?
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    Portfolio- -Macky Designs
  6. Better rewards from voting. Keep the vote tickets but add a Vote Box that gives you a random item (Untradeable) In this you could give a chance to get specific items, that will benefit you during your journey on the site. Better PKP Rewards RS, has always been driven by Pk and the idea behind it. So if you increased the rewards more people would create pures/zerkers Make it easier to get the rewards, Nothing too easy but make it easier as atm it's pretty hard to get anything worth of value! Events Do public events. For example a F2P event, were you only wear F2P items and you have to fight to the death and the top 3 winners, get a prize. Skilling events or a "Skill of the day" were you get extra xp for a short period of time in a specific skill. Boss events, were if you type ::Event you go the event location and an admin spawns in boss' and everyone has to kill them. (Increases PVM) Spawn I know because the server is called "Draynor" and you want the home there, but there are a lot better locations. One location that would be really nice is Edgeville this would also increase pking as it's closer. New Locations! Skillzone - All Skills can be done there other than agility etc. (Bring more people together and allows them to interact with other users) FunPKZone- An area were there's a bank and an area you can cross were it's PK, but you don't lose items on death. It's a way for people just to have a bit of fun. Maybe add some form of a PKPoint system were you get like 25% of the amount of PKP's there. Gamble Area- Gambling area, give some trusted/staff dice bags so they can boost the economy. What's old school without a bit of gambling :)

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