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  1. Regret

    Twisted Bow Effective Places

    Vespula is mainly range and inadaquency can only be damaged by melee :)
  2. Regret

    Skotizo Update?

    Support :)
  3. Regret

    So Cj wont quit

    Don't leave :(
  4. Regret

    So Cj wont quit

    ... get to 20 people and I'll get him to stay ;)
  5. Regret

    Personal goals.

    Good luck man! It'll definitely take some time but it'll look very nice once you're done
  6. Regret

    Personal goals.

    Very nice tatskaaa, I wish you the best of luck! What are your future goals?
  7. Regret

    Updates 7/1/17 - 8/1/17

    Amazing updates krabs, keep em coming! :)
  8. Regret

    Hercules' Goals/Achievements

    Very nice man, looking forward to seeing more :)
  9. Regret


    Definitely support, sounds like an amazing idea Except for one thing, currently the jars are 1k each making it so that you make profit but not as much profit, maybe if you make the jars more expensive,then I'd like this idea a lot more :) If it makes the server more enjoyable why not!
  10. Regret

    Fletching guide :D

    :) I love making guides, as I become more familiar with the game i'll make more
  11. Regret

    Fletching guide :D

    I wanted to get 99 fletching earlier but I was having a little trouble with what trees to cut for what and what level was needed to use dart tips, so I decided to make a guide :) I hope you enjoy To start off simply cut down a few normal trees then use a knife on the log and fletch arrows shafts, this you will do from 1-5 Next off you will be making Shortbows which are from fletching with normal logs, do this from 5-10 From 10-20 you will be doing Longbows which you can get from normal logs 20-25 You will be doing Oak shortbows, simply cut down a few Oak trees and get fletching Next, you will be making Oak longbows from 25-35 At 35, you will need some Willow logs so get that axe out and fletch Willow shortbows until level 40 From 40-50/52 (will explain further down) you will be making Willow longbows, much like Willow shortbows you will be needing Willow logs Method 1 (The slower method) This method will be slower but it may be easier to get supplies to do so, you will continue to make bows all the way until level 99 Once at 50, you'll be making Maple shortbows until level 55 At 55, make Maple longbows until 65 Once at 65-70 you'll be needing Yew logs so you'll need that axe again! Make Yew shortbows untill 70 From 70-80 you'll be making Yew longbows 80-85 you'll me using Magic logs and fletching Magic shortbows All the way from 85-99 you'll be finishing off making Magic longbows While fletching the logs you can also buy bow string from the skilling store and combine them to get more experience per log :) Method 2 (the faster method) This method will be faster but you will be required to mine the ores, smith the ores into bars, then make the bars into dart tips which can be tedious Once you reach level 52 you'll be making Mithril darts all the way until level 67 At 67, you'll be making Adamant darts until you reach level 81 At 81-95 you'll be combining Rune dart tips and feathers Once at 95 you have 2 options, you can either make Dragon darts (gather the tips from Dragon implings [Hunter]) from 95-99 which is faster but harder to get or you can make Rune darts all the way from 81-99 You can always buy all the logs\dart tips from other players or you can gather them yourself :) Well, that was my 1-99 fletching guide, I hope you have enjoyed and that this will help you get to 99 fletching easier :)
  12. Regret

    Guide suggestions

    I understand that you unfortunately quit but if you ever come back i'd love to see a few guides. Hunter An efficient slayer guide (best xp n/hr) Fletching Mining And an efficient combat training guide (would love to see this one [best xp p/hr] a lot!)
  13. Regret

    Fishing and Cooking guide ;)

    Nice guide, will definitely help with all those players out there trying to get 99 fishing and cooking :)
  14. Regret

    Draynor Price Guide

    From what I have personally seen this seems to be a little outdated... Maybe make a schedule where every 2 or 3 days so and so updates it, then 2 or 3 days later another staff member updates it and so on so that the price guide is consistent. Also getting help from other players whether its in the cc or other means to help make sure the prices are as accurate as they can be :)
  15. Regret

    Money making methods (For beginners)

    Very nice guide for starts, definitely going to help me out a ton!

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