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  1. Burn V2

    Buying Shadow Sword

  2. Burn V2

    Raid store.

    Crash raid's prices, and too easy. no support.
  3. Burn V2

    Buying Shadow Sword

    Ign: Burn V2 Shadow Sword
  4. Burn V2

    Burn V2's Donate Rank req

    Username: Burn V2Rank applying for: Donate Rank In-game screenshot of rank if applicable:
  5. Burn V2

    Raid event!!

    ty 4 hosting it was fun, i actually enjoyed it.
  6. Burn V2

    Iron Tw0 Goals and Achievements

    nice keep it up!
  7. Burn V2

    Yay :3

  8. Burn V2

    Too easy

    Then do Iron Man.
  9. Burn V2


    Left click your .rar file and extract the client folder then their should be a Run/ or a Draynor jar client. if not just uninstall your winrar by going to Cp-> uninstall programs - > winrar at the bottom gz u should of gotten a client
  10. Burn V2

    Twisted bow giveaway?

    IGN: Burn V2 Reason: I'm black and I have rights Thats why i should be picked Ty. -Sorry 2 see you're leaving

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