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  1. Sixty

    Sixty exposed 2k18 (not clickbait)

    Y'all suck i been back for like 2 days and you already abusing me?
  2. Sixty

    Trimmed Completionist Cape (V2)

    Well, i'd say atleast 10 boss pets, 5 skilling pets should be obtained. (Duplicates don't count) I loved the boss kill requirement you suggested to begin with aswell. (Should also include like 100/200 raids KC maybe?) 200m xp in atleast one skill? (None combat) Could also throw in a certain amount of pvp kills? (could promote pking a little bit
  3. Sixty

    Trimmed Completionist Cape (V2)

    Brother hellllll yessssss but maybe more reqs also would be nice to make sure if accounts have the reqs already completed in the past, it would count
  4. Sixty

    Chrome Drop Log

    That's looking swell! Hope you keep updating it :)
  5. Sixty

    I'M BACK

    Congratulations and happy to have you back :)
  6. Sixty


    Hello Alfred. *insert batman meme*
  7. Sixty

    Comping and Duoman

    Goodluck, be sure to create a progress thread keep us in the loop :)
  8. Sixty


    +1 maybe i'll decide to go for 200m all then :D
  9. Sixty

    Asylum // Server Support

    Honestly speaking, we do need ingame staff right now more than forum staff, so i'm not bothered by your forum activity although it would still be nice if you work on it. You're a decent lad from what i've seen, i like your activity and you don't fail to be helpful when needed You'd be a great addition to the team, +1 from me and best of luck on your application.
  10. Sixty

    PoS suggestion

    This would be wonderful if it can be done, +1
  11. Congrats, lame pet though
  12. Sixty

    Draynor Price Guide

    ~ Updated 25/01/2018
  13. Sixty

    Sled's Drop log

    Please cj, im reformed
  14. Sixty

    Sled's Drop log

    Dude you just told everybody i used to be toxic, ffs.
  15. Sixty

    Suggestions: Part III

    I like the ideas, aslong as the ironmen part doesn't affect transfering aspects or anything. +1 on the golden items

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