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  1. Sixty

    187/Asy ; Staff Application

    Denied due to lack of recent activity. Feel free to reapply when you're able to be active again.
  2. Sixty

    187/Asy ; Staff Application

    Hey Asy. I've seen you around and I think you'd make a great addition. You can also edit Coins and me as your staff vouches as it's a requirement
  3. Sixty

    Bank thread

    I don't see a "Credits to Sixty for selling me half the shit in my bank" Disappointed.
  4. Sixty


    Happy to have you back on the game, and will be happy to have you back on the staff team
  5. Username: Sixty Time zone: GMT +4 Hours promised: Monday - 5/6 Tuesday - 5/6 Wednesday - 5/6 Thursday - 5/6 Friday - 5/6 Saturday - 5/6 Sunday - 5/6 Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur: None in foresight. The two staff members that are vouching for you: Coins, Cjtigger Why we should approve your application: I think i did my job pretty well when I had the role. Anything else you'd like to tell us: Finished my university degree and currently unemployed, which gave me enough time to get back to playing draynor. Also, the hours promised section is the absolute minimum incase I am not at home or I find a job
  6. Sixty

    Unofficial Hcim

    llol you alreaddy dead noob
  7. Sixty

    Coins Server Support Application

    give him staff or u break an old mans heart a day before his birthday
  8. Sixty


    Offer bud
  9. Sixty


    Everything in the following pictures is for sale. Accepting Cash. platinum tokens or bonds only, no exceptions. Twisted bow is also for sale. Don't bother if you're trying to merch please. PM me on discord or reply to this thread if i'm not online or unresponsive in-game.
  10. Sixty

    Jane Doe's Road to Twisted Bow 🤣😫🔫

    Okay but my question is, where is the screenshot of 4ut4ut getting a tbow
  11. Sixty

    hey y'all

  12. Sixty

    Competition Time!

  13. I was joking before, i actually only love @Tatskaaa

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    2. Cjtigger


      @Jordan hmm I wonder, no way he is 60 right?

    3. Jordan



    4. Tatskaaa


      u all just jelly :kappa:

  14. Sixty

    I'm the Captain now.

    Welcome to draynor! PLEASE spam pm "Cjtigger" in game or on the forums if you require any assistance !

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