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  1. Tw0

    Need a GIM team?

    #1 HCIM is back bby
  2. Tw0


    Welcome to the server and forums!
  3. This is just some super minor suggestion. Shadow sword looks like ass imo and the ghrazi rapier is hella sexy on OSRS. Maybe we could get an upgraded rapier that's just using the shadow sword on the rapier and having it work as a shadow sword with dmg and speed, but look like the rapier on OSRS (not the pink one). The shadow sword is bis, but it looks pretty weird and out of place. Would be nice to change it up a bit I think.
  4. Tw0

    Road To Comped UIM

    Yeah, my account is better though
  5. Tw0

    Favorite Movies

    My name is chef. But seriously, There are a couple other movies I really love, but the departed is my favourite. Go watch it.
  6. Tw0

    Tell me your best places.

    I'm pretty sure abby demons are the best exp/hr because of bursting, but I prefer doing zulrah or gwd for slayer exp though. Abby demons are boring, kill something fun for your last 200m
  7. Tw0

    Wilderness Firemaking Suggestion

    Yeah, we might as well add this in as a little QoL. However, I do think that you should have to individually burn each log on the fire, instead of clicking on it once and afking.
  8. Tw0

    porque es muy rapido

    4.4b total exp, $1000 rank, 1000 boss KC for all the important ones, raids set (missing elder maul, pet, and d sword), placeholders for everything, karamja gloves 4. Probably won't do it all because I'm focusing more on OSRS, but who knows.
  9. Tw0

    Achievement Boss

    Just a little suggestion to add a teleport to the achievement cape that takes you to windertodt to fight a boss that drops all the achievement items. We could have windertodt boxed off like raids and etc. This could just introduce a way to get all the achievement items on an ironman, and introduce a reason to finish all 76 achievements. Currently I believe only tat's and myself have the cape, and I personally don't have any items from the achievement store that I want. This would just be a fun way to add more end-game content to the game, and it wouldn't do harm to the economy considering how easy it is to make a new account and farm achievement points for halos and etc. Boss could be something from a quest and droprates being 1:300 for halos, scythe, and achievement set boxes, and 1:100 for the other random items, plus 1:25 for med and hard clues or golden keys.
  10. Tw0

    porque es muy rapido

    Just got kodai tonight, which means my account is about 80% done to my standards. Max Mage (W/Kodai and Elder Wand) Max Range (W/Tbow and Acb/Buckler... W/O Karamja Gloves 4 (They booty-cheeks anyways)) Max Melee (W/DPS and Tank... W/O Booty-cheeks prayer gloves) Title is an Office references btw.
  11. Tw0

    Raids Is Aids

    The first 2 drops were b2b drops btw.
  12. Tw0


    Welcome to the club young one.
  13. Tw0

    Hunter + Donor Perk Rework?

    Why is everyone talking about donation benefits and if banker is op on this suggestion? It's about making hunter give better loot smh my head
  14. Tw0

    Ring of Wealth Scroll

    Oh no it's not about not donating at all, it's about non-donation accounts. Tatskaaa has talked about how ironmen shouldn't be allowed to donate and I kind of liked the idea of it. So I have a HCIM that can't have donations or donor store items, tons of other people do this as well just as an extra challenge. Even Krabs is doing it on his HCIM

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