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    -RSPS Enthusiast
    -Pursuing degree in Aerospace Engineering
    -Love: Fortnite, Rust, Kerbal Space Program, Grand Theft Auto V (PC), Team Fortress 2, OSRS, Memes
    Need any help in-game? Feel free to shoot me a forum private message or message me on Discord Mr Krabs#0335
    For all suggestions, please post them here (I do read them all!): http://draynorps.com/forums/index.php?/forum/177-under-discussion/
    It makes it much easier to reference them when working on the server having them all in the same place so that I do not forget.
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  1. Wilderness boss coming soon!

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    2. Vrimv


      Looking forward to this krabs 

    3. Beer


      Literally looks like something that lives at Bikini bottom @spydaeyes

    4. Mr Krabs

      Mr Krabs

      Rock bottom*

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