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    -RSPS Enthusiast
    -Pursuing degree in Aerospace Engineering
    -Love: Fortnite, Rust, Kerbal Space Program, Grand Theft Auto V (PC), Team Fortress 2, OSRS, Memes
    Need any help in-game? Feel free to shoot me a forum private message or message me on Discord Mr Krabs#0335
    For all suggestions, please post them here (I do read them all!): http://draynorps.com/forums/index.php?/forum/177-under-discussion/
    It makes it much easier to reference them when working on the server having them all in the same place so that I do not forget.
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  1. Mr Krabs

    Dragon Hide EXP Boost

    Next restart it will be 1.5x what it was before Ex: blue d'hide body was ~7k exp now 10.5k
  2. Gloves: Platebody: Sword: Platelegs: Kiteshield: Cloak: Ring: Boots: (also teleports you straight to Vorkath) ' Amulet: Helmet: Banner:
  3. Mr Krabs

    Yo yo yo

    Welcome to Draynor
  4. Mr Krabs

    Slayer helm & Slayer helm (i)

    Imbued variant was removed and replaced with an imbue scroll that can be applied to the regular slayer helmet, as well as the 3 DK rings, wilderness rings, and ring of suffering
  5. Mr Krabs

    Raid Pets

    It's already live ingame Moved to handled
  6. Mr Krabs

    Raid Pets

    -Added new raid pets (1:1000 chance of receiving upon killing the respective npc) Puppadile Tektiny Mini vanguard (any one of the three vanguards can drop it) Vasa minirio Vespina
  7. Mr Krabs

    good day

    Hey r0ck Welcome to Draynor!
  8. Mr Krabs

    Forum Event!

    I'm HCIM
  9. Mr Krabs

    What Event Would You Guys Like To See?

    A costume party would actually be pretty cool
  10. Mr Krabs

    Server Population & Rewards!

    I believe around 30 right now
  11. Mr Krabs

    Evil chicken

    Added the box to the constants table
  12. Mr Krabs

    Jane Doe's application ❤️

  13. Mr Krabs

    Mage Arena II

    You have to click it in every location you test, and if its close enough the demon will spawn
  14. Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 7/1/18 - 7/31/18

    Melee shouldn't be viable really, but I left the bgs/dwh spec alone so that you can still get the full effect. I will take a look at lowering some of his defense stats so that he can be killed slightly quicker overall.
  15. Mr Krabs

    Forum Event!

    Also people say they are always refreshing forums waiting for new posts, but whats stopping you from making new posts too?

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