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    -RSPS Enthusiast since 2006
    -Pursuing degree in Aerospace Engineering. Just about in my senior year now!
    -Owner and Developer for Draynor. I pretty much wear a bunch of hats as I also manage the advertising/toplists, staff team, handle reports, etc :P
    -Love: Fortnite, Rust, Kerbal Space Program, Grand Theft Auto V (PC), Team Fortress 2, OSRS, Memes

    Need any help in-game? Feel free to shoot me a forum private message or message me on Discord Mr Krabs#0335
    For all suggestions, please post them here (I do read them all!): http://draynorps.com/forums/index.php?/forum/177-under-discussion/
    It makes it much easier to reference them when working on the server having them all in the same place so that I do not forget :)
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  1. 2/1/19 - 2/28/19 Revenant Caves are out! You can get there via PvP teleports. The cave entrances also work at level 17 and 40 wilderness. All wilderness tasks are now received through Krystilia and give 25 points on completion. Etherum bracelet -Dropped by Revenant Dragon -Requires etherum to charge it -Deducts 1 charge per hit -Take no damage from revenants when equipped Emblems - turn them in at ::edge by using them on the trader, or sell to general store/high alch. Ancient emblem - 2.5m Ancient totem - 5m Ancient statuette - 10m Ancient medallion - 20m Ancient effigy - 40m Ancient relic - 80m Edible seaweed is now edible Platinum zone is now mostly done, will still be adding a few things still but definitely usable now. Platinum Main Area: Safe version of wilderness chaos altar - 50% of not using up bones Spice stall - Gives 15,000 coins per spice Platinum Resource Area: Safe version of Wilderness Resource Arena (1.5X EXP Boost) Platinum Combat Area : SAFE access to all Wilderness bosses. Inadequacy, krab, dessourt, and flambeed are currently there. Will take some more time to add the others, they are handled differently. Scorpia Venenatis The Inadequacy Wild Krab Chaos Elemental Callisto Vet'ion Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist Scorpia
  2. Mr Krabs

    Coins Server Support Application

  3. Mr Krabs

    Silverado's Staff Application

    The consensus seems to be that you have great potential but that the application is a little out of the blue at the moment given that your activity only just increased. I would give it another two weeks or so to establish a track record of activity, and make it a point to help out new players and it can be approved. Also, the staff application post was too long so I just updated it to make it shorter in hopes that everyone reads it for its entirety. Make sure you keep ticking those boxes!
  4. Mr Krabs

    Official Staff Team

    @bthy5 has been added to the development team. (Dev account name is Birrytercher)
  5. 1/1/19 - 1/31/19 -Dissolving an abyssal tentacle will now reset your charges back to 10,000. -Vial smashing was added so that when you drink the last dose of a potion the empty vial does not go to your inventory. If you do not like this feature, you may disable it with Sir Gawain at home. -The collect option on bank booths now works for collecting your coins from player shops. Having no coins in your inventory is no longer a requirement to claim them. There are checks in place to prevent cash from being overwritten when exceeding max value.
  6. 12/1/18 - 12/31/18 Happy Holidays! Christmas event was added, cash bumped from 2m in picture to 5m. Turning in one coal box to the miner at home grants you 1 randomized reward. The cash, gkey, mbox are constant rewards. All rewards tradeable except for the pet rock.
  7. Mr Krabs

    Dodge Ram Vetran Rank

  8. Mr Krabs

    bunny ears legendary donor rank

    It's been applied now
  9. Mr Krabs

    No cannons in event zones

    They have been disabled and the cash reward was bumped to 5m per box
  10. Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 11/1/18 - 11/30/18

    All untradeables are kept on death
  11. Mr Krabs

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

  12. Mr Krabs

    Sleds ReReApplication

  13. Mr Krabs

    ??? bandos nani

    I made a new forum reaction just for this
  14. Mr Krabs

    Mr Mob Man

    Welcome to Draynor
  15. Mr Krabs

    Client Issue?

    Thank you for the report, still haven't quite figured out what causes it but if this ever happens please let a staff member know and we will restart the server to fix it in the meantime.

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