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  1. Update 10/12/19 - Added bone crusher effect for Hydra, Wyrm & Drake bones - Added twisted bow effect to hydra - Fixed an accuracy bug when switching between certain weapons - Added a chance to drop a mystery emblem tier 4 from completing a wilderness slayer task - Brimstone keys will now announce on drop - Fixed the guthix halo in voting store If you have any Qol or future update suggestions please message Coins on discord 10/5/2019 - Karuulm Slayer Dungeon You can find the teleport under 'training teleport' Introducing Kodai wand (i), Elysian spirit shield (i), Arcane spirit shield (i) You will need 2 of the same item with the imbue scroll to make the imbued item For example: 2 elysian spirit shields + elysian imbue scroll = Elysian spirit shield (i) There you can find Hydra, Wyrms, Drakes, brimstone chest Each one has their own unique drops Hydra - Brimstone ring, Kodai wand upgrade scroll, Brimstone key Drakes - Devout boots, Boots of brimstone Wyrm - Elysian, Arcane upgrade scroll Brimstone Chest - Healer, attacker, defender & collector icon, golden keys, master & elite clues + osrs loot table can be found in the chest Brimstone keys can be bought in the slayer store for 5 slayer points You can find the brimstone chest at the entrance of the dungeon Note: Please give feed back to coins on the brimstone chest rewards - Primordial, Eternal, Pegasian boots (i) You can find the upgrade scrolls from Mole, Barrelchest, Sea troll queen They have been buffed give feedback if they are to easy or hard Sixty is now serving as Community Manager and Coins is now co-owner We will now resume working on Tob now that Hydra is it, and the custom GWD 2 on the side
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    Approved back as moderator since it has been a while
  3. 9/15/19 -Added corporeal beast pet drop -Steel armor(t) was added to easy clue scrolls -Thammarons sceptre is now capable of autocasting ancient magicks -Achievement halos have been added into the vote store -Raid table now gives high tier seeds and master/elite clues 9/21/19 Elite clue bottles were added for fishing Mining and woodcutting now have clue bottles as well (easy-elite) Shadow sword, elder wand, elder bow in GIM store. Hydra, tob, gwd2 in progress.
  4. 8/12/19 -Added prayer bonus for bandos/armadyl GWD armors. -Non-metal dragons will now only use breath attack within melee range. This applies to green, blue, red, and black dragons. This means you can now safespot them. -Cleaned up drop table for wilderness bosses that drop the new PvP items so there are less items competing on the rare table. Glough is much easier to get drops in general, and is safe (GIM only boss). Wilderness bosses harder to get drops, more risk involved, but allows you to hunt for a specific PvP item. -Added 3 more spiritual mages in the GWD main lobby area where the other saradomin ones are already located. -The dwarf next to the well of goodwill at home has always given cannon sets back to players who logout with one placed down but not enough inventory space to retrieve it back. I have added a message on login if you have a cannon waiting to be collected to make this content more known to players. -Removed fire breath from revenant dragon. Note that he still has a magic attack. -Revenant knight now also drops the ether bracelet. -Fixed breath damage when not wearing any protection equipment. -Fixed superantiposion (2)'s not being able to be combined. -Fixed clue counter going up when trying to open elite/master caskets on a full inventory. -Fixed 3rd age bow making player invisible when fired with dragon arrows. -Fixed an issue with warriors guild. -Fixed a couple helmets making head invisible: Pith helmet, highwayman mask, prospector helmet. -Fixed issue with completionist cape in player presets. -There is also a #polls channel now to vote on new content on our Discord server. -As always, please feel free to share your #update-feedback on our Discord server. 8/11/19 Fixed NPCS outside the boss rooms hitting players inside GWD boss rooms. Quest cape(t) now carries the same perks and stats as completionist capes. Make-10 on anvil will now make all. Vesta longsword and statius warhammer special attacks fixed. Craw's bow ranged strength bonus fixed. PvP armors tradeable. NPCs in Platinum combat zones now non-aggressive. Added a #polls channel on our server discord to cast your votes on potential content. 8/4/19 Revenant weapons are here! Craws bow, thammaron's staff, viggora's chainmace Craws bow will be dropped by Revenant Knight +50% ranged accuracy and damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness Thammaron's staff will be dropped by Revenant Dragon +100% magic accuracy and 25% magic damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness Viggora's chainmace will be dropped by Revenant Dark Beast +50% melee accuracy and damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness Note: Instead of costing ether, the items will degrade to dust after 10k hits. Vesta, Statius, Morrigan, & Zuriel items are added! Vesta longsword special attack - uses 25%, hits between 20-120% of your regular max hit Statius warhammer special attack - uses 35%, hits between 25-125% of your regular max hit, lowers enemy defence The items are spread out amongst the various wilderness bosses. GIM exlusive boss is the only npc that has all the armors on one drop table. Note: Like the rev cave weapons, PvP armors will degrade to dust after 10k hits. Misc: Colorful gloves were added in clothing store 1 Legends cape was added in voting store Mythical cape was added in trivia store Quest cape(t) is now obtainable in achievement store, requiring 4.4b total experience and prestige 5 in all skills. Achievement lady now gives achievement cape if eligible. Ancient wyvern shield item bonuses buffed to the charged variant. Black santa hat, inverted santa hat, nd lava party hat were added to the donator store. The raid capes now give an accuracy boost inside of raids as well, matching their damage boost. Ex: 9% dmg boost, 9% accuracy boost. Elite clues were added into the voting store. Hydra & ToB still being worked in the background, will take some time still for its release. Coins is working on more QoL updates on the side, if you have anymore suggestions for him please message him on discord/forums.
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  8. 7/28/19 Broad bolt pack now gives 200 unfinished broad bolts, up from 100. Regular max cape now works as an ava's accumulator Venenatis was added into plat zone combat 2 Mage arena wizards (Zamorak & Saradomin) were added into platinum combat zone Arrow shafts created from magic logs now give 90, up from 15. Elder bow has received a 50% accuracy boost Fixed slayer helms having to use the "drop" option to disasemble them Ball of wool spinning has been fixed Added two new imbued hearts from slayer. One acts as a super combat potion, the other as a ranged potion. (7 min cool down). Obtained in the same fashion - randomly awarded on task completion with higher tier tasks giving better chance. We know Group Ironman mode wasn't as much as a success as we were hoping, but we're dedicated to making it better so that players start picking the mode back up again. A 7.5% drop rate boost was added for all group iron players! Introducing a new group ironman area! Type ::ga to get there. The island grants a 15% stackable XP boost, has shops, and areas to train mining, farming, fishing, thieving, hunter, woodcutting, rcing. The GIM island will also feature an exclusive boss dropping degradable PvP armors (Vesta, Statius, Morrigan, Zuriels). We are still working on him and will be releasing that in a follow update. For QoL updates or suggestions for future updates please message @Coins 7/27/19 Elite clues are easier to obtain now (1/160), here are the top 3 npcs to get them from with rune dragons being the best. 1. Rune dragon 2. Ancient wyvern 3. Adamant dragon Saving # of elite & master clues solved is fixed Arrow shafts can now be made from magic logs Onyx bracelet can now be made by using a gold bar on furnace when you have all the items (cut onyx, bracelet mould, gold bar) Bracelet mould can be found in the general/ironman store Dragon platebody now tradeable Elder bow has been added to the donator store. It fills the void between an armadyl crossbow and twisted bow. Useful even for twisted bow users since twisted bow doesn't work everywhere. Max hit ~54 with slayer helmet, rigour, etc, doesn't require ammo. Pretty much, if tbow isn't applicable, this is your best in slot ranged weapon. Same speed as magic shortbow. If it says "training bow" please redownload your client. Slayer helmets (i) can now be dismantled into an uncolored helmet and the respective component used to color it White graceful pieces have been edited to "white graceful" instead of just "graceful", helpful when searching in banks, etc. Addy, rune, fossil island wyverns added to task reset form 7/20/19 Hey everyone, apologies for delay since Group Iron update. I'm working a lot as I have an internship and also taking summer classes. I've been teaching Coins how to code in my spare time and he's up to speed to the point he was able to get this update out to you guys Please make sure update to the latest client to enjoy! We have some great updates coming soon too..Hydra, ToB, and a couple more Raid capes were added and can be purchased in the Raid shop! Offers the stats of a fire cape while giving the perk of an ava's accumulator. Amateur - Requires 100 raids, grants a 5% damage bonus inside of raids. Junior - Requires 200 raids, grants a 7.5% damage bonus inside of raids. Advanced - Requires 400 raids, grants a 9% damage bonus inside of raids. Expert - Requires 800 raids, grants a 12.5% damage bonus inside of raids. They have the stats of a regular fire cape and acts as an ava's accumulator. Coal bag and gem bag have been added and can be purchased in the Voting store Elite & Master clues added! Elite clues dropped by Kalphite queen, Chaos elemental, Addy & Rune dragons, Ancient wyvern, Dark beasts. They are also in the barrows chest. Master clues obtained by trading in one easy, medium, hard, and elite clue with Watson who is located in Edgeville. Ameythst & Gem mining has been added! Located under mining in skill teleports Ameythst bolts & arrows can now be fletched Broad bolt packs can now be purchased in the Slayer store Crack the clue item #2 has been added Staff of light has been added Created by using saradomin's light (dropped by Zilyana) on a staff of the dead Max cape now offers various teleports that can be used up to level 30 wilderness. Miscellaneous Ghrazi rapier animation updated Infernal pickaxe & axe animations corrected Elder wand was reskinned to a Dawnbringer staff Bonecrusher effect now gives same XP as using bones on altar Killcount trackers were added for rune, addy, and fossil wyverns The dragons have also been added as a hard slayer task Name change voucher added to donator store for 50 credits Special thanks to @Coins for working on these updates the last few weeks. If you have suggestions for future content please do not hesitate to reach out to him on Discord (Park Dillon#0728).
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    Bank space and rev caves were added!
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    Group Ironman, extra bank space, and more has been released! See all the details here!
  12. All trimmed skillcapes now give their +4 prayer bonus Tree stumps when woodcutting has been replaced with the "tired arms" feature simliar to mining. So instead of wasting time on a tree stump, you just have to reclick the tree to continue cutting. This also takes care of those trees that weren't respawning in the donator zones. I've also gone around while playing on my GIM and correcting more npc stats according to the osrs wiki. Vast majority being nerfs. This includes krakens, cave krakens, elf warriors, spirit mages, the wildy barrows, zulrah, and maybe a few more. If anyone notices that the hp is incorrect compared to OSRS, that's a great place for me to start to verify the rest of their stats. A new client has been released and may be downloaded here or by clicking the "Play Now" in the navigation bar. Group Ironman Notes: Your account must have been created after the release and is only eligible at < 1 hour playtime. If you are the founder, you must select a group color before being able to invite another member. You will have a regular personal bank AND a shared group bank that is capped at 250 items. Team names are not changeable, so please choose wisely. All members of the group can invite a new member. There is no real “leader.” There is an additional personal banker now for GIM that gives them the GIM bank option. There are 7 team colors to choose from: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Gold, Black. These are the trim colors on your group ironman armor which can be received from the Ironman supplier in the home bank. There is a maximum of 4 ironmen per group. You may trade amongst your own group. There are no donator rank transfers from your other accounts. However, unredeemed bonds may be transferred to your group ironman account by asking a staff member to log onto “Bonds R Us.” This means you could buy bonds off other players on regular accounts and have them transferred to upgrade your group iron account. You may now login to 4 accounts per IP in case you would like to play group ironman by yourself. There is a donator store for GIM specifically with cosmetics, ring of wealth(i), and a GIM removal ticket. The GIM removal ticket allows you to kick a member off your team in case they are no longer active. When a player is kicked, you will be allowed to invite another member to replace them. The XP rate is the same as hardcore, but still gives the same prestige points as regular mode. All GIM commands can be viewed at the bottom of the ::commands list. Bank Space Notes: All players have had their bank space increased to 400 items. The maximum is 850 slots and is scaled with donator status. Regular Donator – 407 slots Super Donator – 417 slots Extreme Donator – 435 slots Legendary Donator – 470 slots Ultimate Donator – 540 slots Platinum Donator – 850 slots New Commands ::creategroup (groupname) - creates an ironman group ::groupcolor - select a team color from the menu ::invite (username) - invite an ironman to join your group ::droprate - shows your current drop rate boost based on currently worn items, donator rank, and game mode ::gimbank - opens group ironman bank (legendary donator+)
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