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    Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 11/1/18 - 11/30/18

    11/1/18 - 11/30/18 Update: Killcount for them is now tracked. Kandarin headgear 4 will teleport directly to Dessourt and Western banner 4 will teleport directly to Flambeed (both drops from Wild Krab). Two new bosses have been added, Flambeed and Dessourt! They attack with all 3 combat styles and are equally strong. Flambeed (imaged above) is located just north of the lava dragon teleport in level 47 wilderness (multi-combat area). Drops Always: 100,000 Coins Common: 100 Blood Runes, 200 Chaos Runes, 200 Death Runes, 200 Soul Runes, 400 Water Runes, 400 Fire Runes Uncommon: Mysterious Emblem, 100 Dragon Darts, 100 Dragon Bolts (e), 7 Prayer Potions, 7 Super Restores, 7 Saradomin Brews, 2 Rune Bars, 50 Crushed Nests, 50 Red Spiders Eggs, 50 Limpwurt Roots, 50 White Berries, 20 Cooked Dark Crabs, 20 Cooked Angler Fish, Crystal Key, Tier 2 Mysterious Emblem Rare: Tier 10 Mysterious Emblem, Dragon Chainbody, Dragon Defender (t), Mystery Box, 200 Dark Crab Fishing Bait, 200 Red Vine Worms, Lava Battlestaff, 50 Clean Torstol, 50 Rune Ore Very rare: Avernic Defender, Golden Key Dessourt (imaged above) is located just west of the Wilderness agility course teleport in level 54 wilderness (single combat area). Drops Always: 100,000 Coins Common: 10 Diamonds, 10 Rubies, 10 Sapphires, 10 Emeralds, , 10 Dark Crabs, 10 Ring of Recoil, 3 Super Restores, 3 Super Combats Uncommon: Mysterious Emblem, 50 Dragon Darts, 50 Dragon bolts (e), 7 Prayer Potions, 7 Super Restores, 7 Saradomin Brews, 2 Rune Bars, 50 Wine of Zamorak, 50 Dragon Scale Dust, 50 Limpwurt Roots, 20 Cooked Dark Crabs, 20 Cooked Angler Fish, Crystal key, Tier 2 Mysterious Emblem Rare: Tier 10 Mysterious Emblem, Dragon defender (t), Golden Key, Mystery Box, 200 Dark Crab Fishing Bait, 200 Red Vine Worms, 50 Clean Torstol, 50 Rune Ore Very rare: Ghrazi Rapier, Golden Key Locations of the bosses (imaged above). Equipment bonuses for Avernic Defender (imaged above). Equipment bonuses for Ghrazi rapier (imaged above).
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    a few ideas

    rune pouch - The rune pouch is an item that can store 16,000 of three types of runes. Players can use the runes from within the pouch, saving inventory space. If a player dies while carrying a rune pouch in the Wilderness, they will lose the rune pouch. make it untradable ( Bounty store for 1.5m , Slayer store for 1250 ) seed box - is an item that can store up to 2,147,483,647 seeds of six different types. make it untradable ( maybe put in voting store (20 vote points) or slayer? ) (it'll help with uim, and in general when slaying) looting bag - make it untradable - put into Bounty store for 1m (again it'll help with uim, pkers, revs when it comes out). actually Hardcore Iron Man (when you die, you lose hardcore status) maybe Hardcore Ultimate ironman? ( a new challenge ) salve amulet - Slayer shop (100 points ) able to imbue it added more below! credits to @Cloud on helping me out
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    UIM Inferno

    UIM INFERNO I decided to make an Ultimate Iron Man account. Which means just like in OSRS, NO BANKING! The end goal would be eventually to take on the goal of defeating The Inferno. I just wanted to do it as a little challenge myself, and hadn't really been documenting anything until @Mr Krabs told me it's never too late to start. So I don't have any pictures of the early game stuff which would include: Woodcutting and fletching to make a magic shortbow. Low level slayer to rack up some slayer points for barrows gloves. Risking it all at Wildy Barrows to get magic levels and Ahrims and Karils armors. Mining and smithing arrows and bolts. Etc. But what I do have I managed to document here.... and at this point I realized killing these guys was not as easy as I thought to get seeds for farming. Or that I would spend all this time getting diamonds through thieving only to find out that I can't make diamond bolts (e). And not to mention the whole Runecrafting thing... FINALLY DONE! BUT when it was all said and done, I had a blast preparing for the Inferno, and I decided I would go and do 1 Raid for a chance at a T Bow. Nope. No T bow. OKAY. NOW FOR THE INFERNO! Okay NOW I'M READY Hey look! 99 Magic And now on to the fun waves. LETS DO THIS! Terrible prayer flicking. Should have died. OKAY 98 HP FULL HEALTH WE ARE BACK. Should have died. 99 Hitpoints soon after. 20 Waves to go. Wave 50, is this a milestone? Now we're talking. THE FINAL FIGHT wut Everything turned out okay in the long run. Final Stats: Empty Bank (besides the Mystery Boxes obtained through skilling, Fishing Clue, and well... Tokkul, because you can only drop one at a time haha) This was a fun challenge and I think others should give it a try. Until next time.... Time to make another PKing Account
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    Quality Of Life For Custom/Player Shops

    Heres a couple things I think would be amazing to add to increase the use of Player Shops and make them more viable for use. 1. Introduce new players to the Person Shops(preferably before any of the other introductions.) 2. Move the Personal Shop Npc inside Draynor Bank and/or add a option to the bank booths to access your shop and view others. 3. Allow the collect option from the bank booths to collect as the npc does. 4. Possibly fix where you have to deposit your coins before you can collect(Possibly just send to bank and if bank is full than to inventory) If anyone has any other suggestions in regards to this please comment as well!
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    New BIS for melee?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to see if this would do well... Coins had said post any updates you'd like to see on the server to the forums.. so here goes nothing. I was wondering if it were possible to add Justicar armour into the game? Not the traditional way though, In OSRS it's a tanky type of armour and honestly Draynor doesn't really need a tanky armour. We need a better offensive bonus than defensive, which brings me to my question.. Would it be possible to introduce the armour but have it tweaked to give a better offensive bonus than bandos? Of course the defensive stats would have to be decreased in order for it to not be extremely over-powered. The ways you could introduce the armour to the game is to either A. Introduce it to the Raids drop table... or B. Create a boss that drops it like Krabs did with Flambeed and Dessourt. Please, leave comments below on your thoughts on this? -Avian
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    Coins Server Support Application

    Username: Coins Time zone: Eastern Hours promised: Monday - 4-6 Tuesday - 4-6 Wednesday - 4-6 Thursday - 4-6 Friday - 4-6 Saturday - 6-9 Sunday - 6-9 Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur: varies because monday - friday i work and lately I've been getting home around 4 & 5 pm . but some days I may have to work late and can only be on for a few hours. And im getting married in 2020 so lately on the weekends ive been going to look at venues and wedding ideas. The two staff members that are vouching for you: Birry, Brat Why we should approve your application: I have tons of experience from being staff member to leaders on osrs clans, server supports to being admin / Community manager. i am active, loyal to draynor, very dependable, vote everyday to help draynor grow, helpful to new comers by giving out items to help start their journey and answering all their questions they have. Anything else you'd like to tell us: no hard feelings i were to get declined i know how it works, I've been there and done that. i would still play draynor and help out . cheers
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    Mr Krabs

    Official Staff Team

    Brat has been demoted as he is taking a break. Salty and coins are now developers.
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    Little Something im working on

    Hey Everyone just thought i would share something with you all that ive been working on. i found no easy way of keeping track of all my drops other than a spreadsheet so decide to make something to aid me. any constructive critisism is appreciated. note(only Zulrah is added atm but planning to do all bosses and other npcs) also note (when i clicked the scales it brought up a box asking how many scales i recieved) Local Storage
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    Road To Comped UIM

    Hey guys, over a year ago I decided to make an UIM and played around ~14 hours but ended up quitting because of not being able to use noted items on the bank at the time although it has since been fixed to allow you to, because of that I have decided to start playing on the account again! I'm not sure whether or not to get donator on the account, let me know your opinions! (I wouldnt buy anything from donor shop, and maybe not even use donor zone, but i would like it for gwd kill count! So maybe just $25 purely for that) I am starting this thread off with these stats and these items I'll update this every couple days
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    The ability to use items on NPC in resource arena to automatically note them like the chaos alter unnotes them. ^Just a QoL update, currently you need to go through a dialogue to note your items and it would be more efficient if you could just use the items on them (with the required GP in your inventory) and have them note them without a chat option. Fix chatbox to properly filter dialogue(game, clan, public, etc.) I've seen a few people complain about this, and I feel the same way. For example, if I have my chat set to "clan" only, I still get the "game" messages in my chatbox that I don't want, there is currently no difference between "Clan" and "Game" for filtering. Press spacebar to cook food (All) Again, this is just a QoL update, as an ironman that cooks all his food, it would feel a lot faster if I could use food on the range, dialogue to cook pops up, and then you just hit spacebar when it prompts you and you automatically start cooking. Placeholders for bank Another QoL update, I'm not sure if this would be possible, I know other rsps's have claimed that it requires too much engine work, but I don't imagine anyone being against an update like this. Being able to zoom out further on a half screen Not sure if this is intentional, but I am unable to zoom out very far if my screen is resizable and setup to take up half my screen. I don't have a tower w/ two monitors anymore(on a laptop now), so if I multitask while on Draynor I either need to suck it up or alt-tab back and forth. Pathing for Kraken boss(run 1-2 squares to the left instead of 40+ around the back of the Kraken) QoL, title speaks for itself. If you attack kraken, to "wake up" the tentacles, I believe the right side paths just fine, but instead of walking 1 square to the left, the pathing wants you to run behind the pool to attack it. Small overlay over food in inventory to show healing (I believe RuneLite has a feature similar to this) Just another little handy addition, would show in green how much food/prayer it would restore, and show the same number in red/yellow if you would be wasting it. (Drinking a Prayer Pot at 90 prayer) if implemented, would be able to be toggled off in the settings menu. You are unable to eat edible seaweed. Now this, is a big one. For me personally, this almost makes the game unplayable. In the state that this game is left in after discovering this game breaking bug, I almost quit. But I figured I should share it with the community to decide if they wanted such an immersion ruining issue to be fixed. 200m Experience Capes Just another suggestion, could be a cape that has the same stats/benefits as a 99 cape, just able to flex on people with it equipped. I was thinking it could be a slimmer cape with the hood attached at the back, almost like the Mage Arena 2 capes. Thanks for taking the time to read! I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys!
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    Iron Dawg's Drop Log

    Received Saradomin Sword Received Holy Elixir Received Spirit Shield Received Corp Pet Received Treasonous Ring Received Tyrannical Ring Added Vorkath and their drops to the list Added Penance Queen to the list
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    Row (I) & Coins

    I have coded the following and presented to Krab's I don't see why this wont occur next update. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    Username: Silverado Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) How active are you talking on our Discord channels (doesn't have to be voice chat)? Not as much, but I always read conversations. Now that I have more free time, I will definitely be more involved on the discord. Realistically, how many hours a day can we expect you to play on the weekdays, and the weekends? I will play for around 3-4 hours on week days, Monday-Friday. I will play around 5-6 hours on the weekends. Are there any reasons why you might not be able to reach normal playtime, and how often would that occur? On occasion i may not be able to reach normal playing time, due to work. I can expect this to happen maybe once a week at most. What have you done as a player to really stand out from the crowd? As a player, I like to answer peoples questions they have in game with the knowledge I have gained through playing, as well, If I do not know the answer I will check the forums for guides and direct them accordingly. How are you supporting the growth of Draynor on a daily basis? I have supported the growth of Draynor, by Voting, Donating my own money, reaching out to friends and convincing them to try this server, and trying to retain our current and new players. Can we depend on you to be active daily and contributing to Draynor's growth as well as supporting its players? Absolutely, you can depend on me. I will be on Daily ready, and willing to help. Can we depend on you to be just as active and helpful down the road just as you were when you are promoted? Yes you can depend on me to be active, and helpful down the road, because it is my nature to be helpful. Is there anything else you would like to tell us when considering your application? I just want to say Thank - You for taking the time to read and consider my application. Also I am Looking forward for feedback, negative and positive so that I may grow and Learn. Also my Ingame name used to be Dodge Ram.
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    Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 1/1/19 - 1/31/19

    1/1/19 - 1/31/19 -Dissolving an abyssal tentacle will now reset your charges back to 10,000. -Vial smashing was added so that when you drink the last dose of a potion the empty vial does not go to your inventory. If you do not like this feature, you may disable it with Sir Gawain at home. -The collect option on bank booths now works for collecting your coins from player shops. Having no coins in your inventory is no longer a requirement to claim them. There are checks in place to prevent cash from being overwritten when exceeding max value.
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    Bthy5's Developer Application

    Absolutely I can do the following.
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    possible updates?

    To whom it may concern; I'm listing a few things I believe would make a great asset to Draynor, and hopefully bring in some more players! 1. Revs. I believe a rev cave would be great for the server, I have asked a few people in-game and they want to see it too! We would be able to have new weapons like a Craws' bow and maybe even the amulet. The amulet could have a cool perk like any drop in the wilderness is noted or something like that. 2. Raids 2 items. I know Raids 2 would be a lot to create which is why I know it'll not happen, but it'd be cool to implement the items like the scythe or justicar armor and things like that in raids possible rewards. 3. Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the guardian boots and would be another armor upgrade plus other drops could be used aswell. I'll be posting more when I have more ideas but for right now I know this is it. I know it's a little much to ask for but just trying to get the conversation started. If you have any questions or comments please, reply below or talk to me in game. -fe pigeon
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    Iron Cody

    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    Username: Iron Cody Time Zone: Central (Texas Boi) How Active Talking In the Discord Channel: I have not yet gone in there actively because I hardly ever see anyone in there, however I can change that very easily Realistic Expectation For Playtime: Every weekday I normally play up to 8 hours a day, with most of that being at night, also I am usually on during peak time I would consider myself one of the most active. Weekends I still play usually the same amount of time just more often later at night for me as I am busy in the afternoons. Possibility of Irregular Playtime: Normally my schedule stays about the same only thing to inhibit my time playing is college finals and some holidays. What Makes Me Stand Out From the Crowd: I am a naturally friendly person that enjoys helping any and everyone out and always trying to communicate with the clan chat when I am on and active. I also have a good amount of game knowledge as I have a comped Ironman as well as a Hardcore Ironman I have started progressing on How I Contribute to Help the Server Grow: To help the server I do my very best to make sure I remember to vote as much as possible, and I also stay active in-game for long periods of time with the full intention to give advice to any player asking for it, and talking to new people that I see to tell them helpful hints and give them any information I can for the server. Can We Depend On You to Be Active Daily and Contributing to Draynor's Growth As Well As Supporting It's Players: As I have previously stated in this post I will do whatever I can to be active and helping support in anyway I can Can We Depend On You to Be Just As Active and Helpful Down the Road Just as You Were When You Are Promoted: The whole reason I am applying to be staff is because I am active on the game and I genuinely think it is the best server I have ever been a part of. I have been a member of the community for coming up on 2 years now, and I believe I would make a great addition to the staff team. Any Extra Information: I have exciting plans to start a new account with interesting restrictions on it with more information to be announced at a later date . I have over 900 hours of total playtime on my Completionist Ironman just a weird flex. In all seriousness though I truly appreciate everyone that has taken the time out of their day to read this and if you ever need anything shoot me a pm Thanks guys <3, Cody
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    Sleds ReReApplication

    Username: Sleds Time zone: GMT +13 How active are you talking on our Discord channels (doesn't have to be voice chat)? I use discord everyday. If I'm online, I'm on discord Realistically, how many hours a day can we expect you to play on the weekdays, and the weekends? Between 3-8 each day (really varies depending on if I have work that day ETC) Are there any reasons why you might not be able to reach normal playtime, and how often would that occur? Maybe the occasional saturday if I'm going out that night straight from work but doesn't happen often What have you done as a player to really stand out from the crowd? Just a straight forward guy, you wont see any fake or 2 faced actions from me, also weird flex I know but I'm comped :^) How are you supporting the growth of Draynor on a daily basis? Vote everyday, check forums and discord very frequently to make sure everything's all breezy. Always helping newer players when it comes to knowledge or items and just letting them know general things to make their ingame life easier like ::threads, ::drops ETC. I also notice there's a few periods where staff aren't able to be on and my timezone is perfect for helping out with a currently USA based team Can we depend on you to be active daily and contributing to Draynor's growth as well as supporting its players? I'd say so yeah, as I stated before I vote everyday and will be online everyday Can we depend on you to be just as active and helpful down the road just as you were when you are promoted? Yeah of course and I'm hoping my previous period of being a staff member proved that Is there anything else you would like to tell us when considering your application? I do have a quite a satire sense of humor I'd say and I hope this doesn't lead to people thinking I'm immature, I will be very serious if I need to be but I also like to keep a nice light atmosphere ya feel? anyway cheers for taking the time to read my application and feedback is appreciated weather it's positive or negative. :^) Much love -Sleds
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    Overall a stronger version of regular anti-fire/ extended anti-fire. The base form last 3 minutes requires 92 herblore to make using crushed superior dragon bones and adding them to a regular anti-fire potion. The extended version would last 6 minutes requiring 98 herblore to make one by adding lava dragon scales to the regular super anti-fire potion. It would provide complete immunity to dragon-fire attacks from most dragons and only partial protection to vorkath's attacks, while not working on KBD's poison, shocking, or freezing dragon-fires. This paired with protect from magic I feel like shouldn't negate all damage from "boss" dragons; but make it minimal enough to allow players to not require an anti-dragon shield, or Dragonfire Shield/Ward. This would allow players to use different weapons at these areas but still require supplies to be used as to not have it be "over-powered".
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    a few ideas

    +1 on all of these, only one I’m not really fussed about is the HCUIM but that’s just because I know it won’t effect me positively, it would just anger me because i know i would fall asleep and die then also lose all my stuff because I didn’t get back there in time... But yeah, I would love to see all of these put into the game soon +1.6
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    Silverado's Staff Application

    Strong application man, from what you've shown since you've been back I think you'd make a good addition to the staff team if you keep it up :^)
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    To whom it may concern; This post will be about what I believe and what other players believe should be added to the server and why we think it would be a great addition...Feel free to critique it below! 1. Revenants. We would be able to introduce the rev weapons and ammys like the craws' bow and the amulet of averice. The amulet of averice could have a benefit for example anything you loot in the wildy could be noted or something like that. The introduction of revenant's could also give us something else to advertise on all of the rsps websites because now we'll have the weapons to go along with them. It would also give us something else to try to balance out the economy with. 2. Raids 2. I believe Raids 2 would be a great addition aswell, because it's just something else to bring the community together. Plus new weapons to grind for. That, or you could implement them into raids 1. Either way it'd give us something else to grind for as a server. 3. Mining stars. Mining stars would also be a great addition to Draynor because you could add some bonuses into the mining store after the star has been destroyed, for example the mining outfit or xp lamps for irons or something along those lines. Plus the xp would be great for people who don't like skilling. 4. The Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the Guardian boots and it'd be another nice boot selection, plus we could implement other drops in it aswell. Please take a look at this and reply with anything that anyone else might want added and hopefully Mr.Krabz will take the time to read Thank you! -pgn
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    Iron Cody

    Client Issue?

    I tried logging in today on my iron man, as soon as i log in I get a black screen then it loads looking lke the following. I can log in on other accounts just not this one https://gyazo.com/f08224f368d1469f08f9b38ebc66946a
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    Iron Cody's Staff Application

    +1 from me man as much as i have seen you always share your game knowledge and you are online alot which is great. Good luck!
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    Updated with more information.

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