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    Mr Mob Man

    Welp, I owe you 10k.
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    Mr Krabs

    ??? bandos nani

    I made a new forum reaction just for this
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    Mr Mob Man

    Mr Mob Man

    Well here's an intro. And now that you read this you can pay me 100k next time you see me in game. Thanks. -Mr Mob Man
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    ??? bandos nani

    I’m at over 1,000 kc and no tassys on my hcim >.>
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    Range 2


    *** THIS BOSS WILL BE BENEFICIAL FOR COSMETICS/IRONMAN ACCOUNTS AS WELL AS PKING *** I have really enjoyed the new wilderness bosses, Dessourt and Flambeed, and I think they have been a great success to add exciting new content for players that love PVM and PKing. The drop tables provide a great amount of variety in supplies and more end game content for players to work towards with the Ghrazi Rapier and the Avernic Defender. This next boss that I am suggesting won't provide better weapons, but instead cosmetics if possible, and potentially other common PKing items that we don't have in the server yet, as well as runes for Ironman accounts. I have a suggestion of 4 potential NPC's that could be the new boss. NEW BOSS NPC 1) Treus Dayth 2) Nazasatrool 3) Chronozon 4) Slagilith LOCATION: This location is away from the Demons that need to be killed in Mage Arena 2, and can easily be accessed through the KBD teleport or the Amulet of Glory teleport option to go to The Inadequacy. It is in an area of the wilderness that is otherwise not visited, and would provide another location for players to go to and another boss for players to kill. NPC ATTACK STYLE/LEVELS/HEALTH Similar to the attack styles of the Wild Krab, Dessourt, and Flambeed, but scaled down. Health could be 400HP to make this NPC easier to kill. The plan is for the NPC to drop some cosmetics, and therefore it would not have to be as powerful as the other bosses that drop more useful items. DROPS: ALWAYS: 1x Ourg Bone COMMON: 200 Fire Runes, 200 Water Runes, 200 Earth Runes, 200 Air Runes, 50 Kebbit Bolts UNCOMMON: 400 Fire Runes, 400 Water Runes, 400 Earth Runes, 400 Air Runes, 100 Kebbit Bolts RARE: Hunters Crossbow Mystery Box Mysterious Emblem Tier 5 VERY RARE: Imp Demon Mask Lesser Demon Mask Jungle Demon Mask Black Demon Mask Old Demon Mask -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another option would be to add an additional boss in another location that drops more PKing Gear/Cosmetics. Items that I would like to see as potential drops could also be: Robes of Darkness - Ankou Outfit - This is a pretty simple version of what I think would be another great boss to implement into the wild. The items suggested are either cosmetic items, or items with very average stat bonuses that would NOT be better than already existing weapons/armors. Please let me know what you guys think.
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    Road to all pets :)

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