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    Draynor's Monthly - April 2017

    Draynor's Monthly Today we announce you the Draynor's Monthly newspaper! Every month we will bring you things like staff updates, player introductions and interviews with members from the community. This month with special guest Mr. Krabs himself! If you have any suggestions on more segments for next month, please let us know. As for now, have a happy en enjoyable time reading this edition of Draynor's Monthly. Staff Updates @TheMac has been promoted to moderator. Congratulations, Joshua. @tatskaaa has also joined the moderator-team. Congratulations to you too, Tats! We are sad to say that @Onions (Cabbage) has been demoted due to internal reasons. On a more positive note, @External Use has joined the team as a forum moderator. Welcome Vishal! @Beer has now officially been assigned the Community Manager role. Congratulations Keir! @Snickers has unfortunately resigned from his position due to inactivity. We hope to see you back more active in-game soon Snickers! @ryanheinz has since been promoted to administrator. Congratulations Ryan! Introductions of April @crands has officially introduced himself to the community. Better late than never! Criss tells us about his history with RuneScape and private servers. Also that he is competitively natured, and that he is a merchant by heart. Welcome Crands! Original post @rory has been noticed in the community for a while, but has officially introduced himself this month. Rory tells us about his music tastes and the goals he set for himself. Good luck to you Rory, and welcome to Draynor! Original post @Kaneki has made a return and had re-introduced himself on the forums. Yuu tells us about his love for raids, and his luck with it. Kaneki also likes to stream from time to time so be sure to check that out. Welcome back Kaneki! Original post @Cain has introduced himself, even though there was some trouble setting up his forums account. Lee is based in the United Kingdom, and is a big community man. Welcome Cain! Original post @jackk shows us some multi-tasking action by introducing himself on the forums while the game downloads. Welcome to Draynor, Jack! Original post @Bevis Man introduced himself on the forums as well. Cole is looking forward to being immersed in Draynor, and I can't blame him for that. Enjoy your stay and welcome to Draynor! Original post @DarenRs, our new YouTuber, has also introduced himself on the forums. Daren tells us about how his views of life, and his optimism and I share his views. Daren also likes to stream and make video's. I've enjoyed the videos he has put up and am looking forward to watching more. Welcome to Draynor, Daren! Original post @deathscythe has hilariously introduced himself by posting a picture of him and his beloved booty. I tried to find the similarities, but I believe theres more than 8! I am glad to see he has returned. Enjoy your stay Deathscythe! Original post @Sif has also Introduced himself on the forums, and is immediately looking for raiding partners. Kudos to you, and welcome Sif! Original post Interview with ... Mr. Krabs! Who are you, what do you do, and what can we wake you up for? My name is Dan, I’m 20 years old and I am a full-time student working towards an aerospace engineering degree. I am the owner of Draynor and have various roles as such. I take care of the website/forums, develop the server, handle any issues that arise (be it account/item recovery, handling inquiries, reports/appeals, etc), manage the staff team, and responsible for the server overall. If I’m lucky and have a little bit of spare time I enjoy playing PC games and catching up on sleep lol. I do my best to get online as soon as an issue arises so that it can be resolved promptly. This includes checking my phone whenever I wake up randomly throughout the night to see if there are any issues on the server. How did you come to create Draynor? I had been in the RSPS scene for many years, taking breaks here and there. I've been in all sorts of staff positions and even developed and managed a server back in 2011 and reached 85 players. I felt used by the owner since I was doing all of the work and left as a result, but at least I got to take that experience with me . What inspired me to create Draynor was because of the server I played right before creating Draynor, where the owner wasn't really taking care of his server at all and it felt like a lost cause, so I figured I'd try and make my own and see what comes out of it and here we are today! What do you like the most about being the owner of Draynor? Why? I really enjoy seeing players having a good time on the server. After all, games are meant to be something you can kick back on, relax, and have fun. What is also extremely rewarding is creating content and then seeing it impact the game. For example, I spent quite some time working on the raids update and now I see players uploading videos of themselves playing it onto YouTube! It is nice to see something that you worked hard on to be well-received. Even simple things, like the double XP tickets I made, created a nice little boost in the market in vote trades and you can observe that happening daily. Why the name, and home, Draynor? I’ve always felt like Draynor Village was a really underrated city in the RSPS community. It has everything you need and no one seems to use it for some reason. It has a rather cozy atmosphere to it and seems unique compared to most servers that are typically located in the same cities. As far as the name, I wanted something that would be easy to remember for advertising/marketing purposes. A nice and short sweet name. And quite frankly, I’m not super creative, so I named it after the home it was placed in lol and I love it. What would you like to change about Draynor? Why? The main thing I would like to change about Draynor is the player base. I want to see the server rise to the top of the lists. Subcategories of change are on how I plan to achieve this goal. My summer break is coming up soon so I will have time to make this happen! Where do you see Draynor six months from now? In six months, I hope to see us at the top, having resolved many of the challenges we face today and seeing veteran members still playing. I feel that even though there may a point that players have completed the game, they will stick around simply for the community and consider Draynor a part of their family in a way. What is a flaw about yourself, and what do you excel at? A flaw about myself I would say is being too nice to people. I don’t like having to hand out punishments in the game and give people the benefit of the doubt/a second chance but they usually disappoint me in the end. Another flaw about me would be that I am a seasoned procrastinator when it comes to assignments. As far as excelling at, I would say that I am a fast learner. Whatever I invest my time into I get pretty good at. The flaw I pointed out, being a seasoned procrastinator, can also be something I excel at lol since the extra pressure helps me meet deadlines. (Insert because diamonds are made under pressure meme here). Movies or Series? I usually enjoy investing my time into series because they get progressively better. I haven’t watched any in a while but some of the last ones I’ve watched were the walking dead, NCIS, Criminal minds, and Lost. IOS or Android? I would have to say IOS for its simplicity and quality. Both are good really it just depends what you’re looking for in a phone. If you had to option to have a superpower, which would you pick? Why? I would say time-travel, so I could go back in time to do things differently and also skip stressful situations. Summer or Winter? Definitely winter…I live in Florida where it is hot and humid, which is not fun. Any cold weather is welcome!! What if you could do something that you always wanted to do but never could, what would it be? Retire What if you could undo something you did in the past, what would it be? Does being born count Pizza or Burgers? Why not both? Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez? Ariana Grande Anything else you want to add, or give someone a shoutout? Nothing I can think of really. Shout out to the entire staff team for being the best and all the devoted players! Thanks to the big man, Mr. Krabs himself, for doing this interview! Community Video of the Month Congratulations to DarenRS for winning the community video of the month! In this video he opens up 200 Mystery Boxes from the donator store to celebrate his channel reaching 50 Subscribers. Congratulations again Daren! DarenRS wins 5 premium boxes worth $10 for this month’s community video. Do you want a chance to win the boxes next month? Everyone can make their own video’s and upload them to automatically have a chance of winning!
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    Draynor Price Guide

    Please note that these are SUGGESTED prices. Prices fluctuate from time to time and the guide may not always be 100% accurate. Use as a reference only. If you feel a price is inaccurate, we highly encourage you to reply to this thread to suggest new prices. All staff members now have access to editing the price guide and are responsible for replying to this thread to document any changes to existing prices. Format for staff: Documented changes list: Rares (Rough, not fixed) Black partyhat: 350m Yellow partyhat: 400-500m Blue partyhat: 400-500m Green partyhat: 400-500m White partyhat: 400-500m Purple partyhat: 400-500m Red partyhat: 400-500m Rainbow partyhat: 350 Partyhat & specs: 600M Easter basket: 200-300M Blue h'ween mask: 300M Red h'ween mask: 300M Green h'ween mask: 300M Santa hat: 200-300M Sled: 200-300M Flared trousers: N/A Easter ring: 75-125M Stone ring: 10M Top hat: 80-110M Scythe: 300-450M Bunny ears: 30-50M Briefcase: N/A Katana: N/A Boxing gloves: 20-40m Music cape: 200m+ Zamorak halo: 200m+ Saradomin halo: 200m+ Guthix halo: 200m+ ___ ____ Chambers of Xeric rewards Twisted bow: 12B+ Elder maul: 150-200M Kodai wand: 350-400m Dinh's bulwark: 50-100M Twisted buckler: 150-200M Dragon sword: 25-50M Dragon hunter crossbow: 350m Dragon harpoon: 150-200M Ancestral hat: 900m-1b Ancestral robe top: 1-1.1B Ancestral robe bottom: 1-1.1b Prayer scroll (Dexterous and arcane) : 500M+ ___ ____ Weapons Shadow sword: 1-1.2b Abyssal whip: 10-15m Abyssal dagger: 20-30M Dragon claws: 60-80M Armadyl godsword: 90-100M Saradomin godsword 10-20M Zamorak godsword: 10-20m Bandos godsword: 60-70M Dragon 2h sword: 5-7m Dharok's greataxe: 3-5m Trident of the seas: 35-45M Trident of the swamp: 50-70M Zamorakian spear: 90-100M Verac's flail: 1-3m Toxic blowpipe: 150-160M Magma blowpipe: 200-220M Dark bow: 3-10m Heavy Ballista: 10-20M Dragon javelins: 5-6k Guthans war spear: 5m Torags hammer: 3-5m Dharoks greataxe: 5-10m Ahrim's staff: 5-10m Karil's crossbow: 5-10m Armadyl crossbow: 300-400m Third age bow: 75-100M Third age wand: 75-100M Third age longsword: 75-100M Abyssal bludgeon: 60-80M Abyssal tentacle: 65-70m Dragon warhammer: 80-100m Staff of the dead: 50-60M Toxic staff of the dead: 100m Master wand: 2-4m Crystal halberd: 10-15M Crystal bow: 2-4M Wilderness sword 4: 30-50M Saradomin sword: 10M Blessed saradomin sword: 20M Elder wand: 1.1-1.3B Gilded scimitar: 20-30m Armadyl godsword (or) : 350m Bandos godsword (or) : 320m Saradomin godsword (or) : 270m Zamorak godsword (or) : 270m Ghrazi rapier: 300-400m Granite longsword: 5-10m Statius's warhammer: n/a Vesta's spear: n/a Vesta's longsword: n/a Zuriel's staff: n/a Chaotic crossbow: n/a ___ ____ Armour Third age mage hat: 50-75m Third age robe top: 50-100m Third age robe bottoms: 50-100m Third age mage amulet: 50-75m Third age full hellm: 50-100m Third age platebody: 50-100m Third age platelegs: 50-100m Third age kiteshield: 50-100m Third age coif: 15-30m Third age range body: 50-100m Third age range legs 50-100m Third age vambraces: 20m Third age cloak: 400m Bandos chestplate: 250-275M Bandos tassets: 250-300m Ahrim's hood: 1.3-3m Ahrim's robe top: 5-7m Ahrim's robe bottom: 5-7m Dharok's helm: 5-10m Dharok's platebody: 5-10m Dharok's platelegs: 5-10m Torag's helm: 1.3-3m Torag's platebody: 3-5m Torag's platelegs: 1.3-3m Verac's helm: 1.3-3m Veracs brassard: 1.3-3m Veracs plateskirt: 1.3-3m Guthan's helm: 1.3-3m Guthan's chainbody: 1.3-3m Guthan's chainskirt: 1.3-3m Karil's coif: 1.3-3m Kari's leathertop: 5-10m Karil's leatherskirt: 5-10m Infinity hat: 1-2m Infinity robe top: 2-4m Infinity robe bottoms: 2-4m Infinity gloves: 500k Ranger's tunic: N/A Robin hood hat: 20M Armadyl helmet: 75m Armadyl chestplate: 350-400M Armadyl chainskirt: 350-400M Serpentine helm: 75m Tanzanite helm: 125m Magma helm: 125m Slayer helmet: 50-60m Slayer helmet Imbued: 120-130m Black slayer helmet Imbued: 140-150m Red slayer helmet Imbued: 110-120m Green slayer helmet Imbued: 150-160m Purple slayer helmet Imbued: 160-180m Turquoise slayer helmet Imbued: 140-150m Elder chaos hood: 10-25M Elder chaos robetop: 10-25M Elder chaos robe skirt: 10-25M Kandarin headgear 4: N/A Morytania legs 4: N/A Ardougne cape 4: 40-60m Pyromancer hood: 15-25m Pyromancer garb: 15-25m Pyromancer robe: 15-25m Lumberjack hat: 5m Lumberjack top: 5m Lumberjack legs: 5m Lumberjack boots: 5m Angler's hat: 5m Angler's top: 5m Angler's waders: 5m Angler's boots: 5m Prospector helmet: 5m Prospector jacket: 5m Prospector legs: 5m Prospector boots: 5m Gilded full helm: 10m Gilded platebody: 10m Gilded platelegs: 10m Gilded kiteshield: 10m Gilded boots: 20-30m Helm of raedwald: 250M+ Clue hunter garb: 100M Clue hunter trousers: 60-70M Clue hunter gloves: 75M Clue hunter boots: 75M Clue hunter cloak: 60-70m Vesta's chainbody: n/a Vesta's plateskirt: n/a Statius's full helm: n/a Statius's platebody: n/a Statius's platelegs: n/a Zuriel's hood: n/a Zuriel's robe top: n/a Zuriel's robe bottom: n/a Morrigan's coif: n/a Morrigan's leather body: n/a Morrigan's leather chaps: n/a ___ ____ Shields Elysian spirit shield: 800-900M Arcane spirit shield: 500m Spectral spirit shield: 350-400M Blessed spirit shield: 200-250M Spirit shield: 25-50M Mage's book: 2m Tome of fire: 25m Malediction ward: 20-30m Odium ward: 25-35m Dragonfire shield/visage: 30-45M Crystal shield: 500k-2m Falador shield 4: 10-20m Skeletal visage: 200m Dragonfire ward: 240-260m Ancient wyvern shield: 150-200m Wyvern visage: 150-200m Avernic defender: 300-400m ___ ____ Boots Primordial boots: 120m Pegasian boots: 240-250M Eternal boots: 50M Dragon boots: 10-15M Bandos boots: 1M Wizard boots: 5M Ranger boots: 220M Infinity boots: 5-10m Fremennik sea boots 4: 100M Pyromancer boots: 15-25M Granite boots: 5-10m ___ ____ Amulets/rings/bracelets: Amulet of fury: 10-15m Amulet of torture: 120 Necklace of anguish: 120 Berserker ring i: 50m Warrior ring i: 50m Archer ring i: 50m Seers ring i: 50m Ring of the gods: 20-30m Tyrannical ring: 20-30m Treasonous ring: 20-30m Brimstone ring: n/a ring of wealth: 100-200k Ring of wealth (i): 350m Ring of suffering: 120m Tormented bracelet: 120m Occult necklace: 80M Dragonbone necklace: 65m Desert amulet 4: N/A Explorers ring 4: N/A Eternal Glory: 25-30M Necklace of anguish (or) : 340-350m Amulet of torture (or) : 340-350m Occult Necklace (or) : 320-340m ___ ____ Tools and equipment Infernal pickaxe: 75m Infernal axe: 75m Dragon Pickaxe: 25m Dragon Axe: 15-20m Imbued Heart: 50m Malediction shard 1: 5-10m Malediction shard 2: 5-10m Malediction shard 3: 5-10m Odium shard 1: 5-10m Odium shard 2: 5-10m Odium shard 3: 5-10m Mystery box: 4-5m Vote Ticket: 5m DXP Voucher: 5m Slayer task reset: 300-350m Dragon bones: 100k-150k Lava dragon bones: 200k-260k Superior dragon bones: 500-550k Wyvern bones: 125k-175k Hydra bones: n/a Drake bones: n/a Wyrm bones: n/a Zulrah scales: 3-5k Lava dragon scales: 900-1.3k Tanzanite mutagen: 50m Magma mutagen: 50m Tanzanite fang: 150m Serpentine visage: 75m Kraken tentacle: 50m Unsired: 25-35m Crystal key: 1m Golden key: 5M Golden hammer: 60m Gloves of silence: 40-50m Primordial crystal: 80-90m Pegasian crystal: 15-35m Eternal crystal: 40-45m Zenyte shard: 110-120M Onyx: 10m Godsword shard 1-5m Godsword shard 1-5m Godsword shard 1-5m Armadyl hilt: 80-90M Bandos hilt: 50-60M Saradomin hilt: 10m Zamorak hilt: 10m Magic fang: 30m Elysian sigil: 700m Arcane sigil: 250-300m Spectral sigil: 200-250m Holy elixer: 150-200m Unstrung heavy ballista: 5-10m Monkey’s tail: 5-10m Smouldering stone: 50m Abyssal head: 1-5M KBD heads: 25-35M KQ head: 25-35M Dark claw: 40-50M Cooking gauntlets: 20-25m Volcanic whip mix: 35-40m Frozen whip mix: 35-40m Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit: 15m Ward upgrade kit: 15m Fury ornament kit: 5-10m Dark infinity colour kit: 5-10m Light infinity colour kit: 5-10m Dragon sq shield ornament kit: 5-10m Dragon chainbody ornament kit: 5-10m Dragon skirt/legs ornament kit: 5-10m Dragon full helm ornament kit: 5-10m Occult necklace ornament kit: 250m Amulet of torture ornament kit: 250m Necklace of anguish ornament kit: 250m Armadyl godsword ornament kit: 250m Bandos godsword ornament kit: 250m Saradomin godsword ornament kit: 250m Zamorak godsword ornament kit: 250m Imbue scroll: 60m Kodai upgrade scroll: n/a untradable Elysian upgrade scroll: n/a Arcane upgrade scroll: n/a untradable Divine upgrade scroll: n/a Primordial upgrade scroll: n/a Eternal upgrade scroll: n/a Pegasian upgrade scroll: n/a Brimstone key: n/a Serene top scroll: n/a Serene legs scroll: n/a Serene helm scroll: n/a Tumeken chest scroll: n/a Tumeken legs scroll: n/a Zaro's robetop scroll: n/a Zaro's robe bottom scroll: n/a Zaro's hood scroll: n/a Attacker icon: n/a Defender icon: n/a Collector icon: n/a Healer icon: n/a ___ ____ Bonds $5 bond = 300m $10 bond = 600m $25 bond = 1.5b $50 bond = 3b ___ ____ Resources _______ Bars/Ores Runite ore: 10-15k Runite bar: 25-40k Adamant ore: 5-10k Adamant bar: 15-25k Mithril ore: 5-10k Mithril bar: 10-20k Coal: 5-10k _______ Logs/bolts/darts Redwood log: 6-8k Magic log: 5-10k Yew log: 300-1k Dragon bolt(e): 10k Diamond bolt(e): 4k Ruby bolt(e): 5-10k Dragon bolt: 10k Ruby dragon bolt (e) : 13-16k Dragon-stone dragon bolt(e): 12k Adamant dart: 1-2k Rune dart: 4-7k Dragon dart: 15-20k Dragon Arrows: 30k ________ Raw/Cooked food Raw dark crab: 10-15k Cooked dark crab: 10-15k Raw angler fish: 10-15k Cooked angler fish: 10-15k Raw shark: 6k Cooked shark: 5.25k _________ Potions Super combat: 25-28k Super attack: 6.8k Super strength: 6.3k Super defense: 5.3k Ranging potion: 5.5k Saradomin brew: 11k Magic potion: 4k Prayer potion: 8.3k Super restore: 11k Anti fire: 6.5k Extended anti fire: 9k _______ Seeds Guam seed: 100-2k Marrentill seed: 100-2k Tarromin seed: 100-2k Harralander seed:100-2k Ranarr seed: 5-10k Toadflax seed: 2-10k Irit seed: 2-10k Avantoe seed: 2-10k Kwuarm seed: 2-10k Cadantine seed 2-10k Lantadyme seed: 10-15k Snapdragon seed: 10-15k Dwarf weed seed: 10-15k Torstol seed: 50-100k _________ Herbs Guam leaf: 100-2k Marrentill: 100-2k Tarromin: 100-2k Harralander: 100-2k Irit leaf: 6k-10k Avantoe: 7k-10k Ranarr weed: 5-15k Toadflax-9-14k Kwuarm: 5-15k Cadantine: 5-10k Lantadyme-5-7k Snapdragon: 10-15k Dwarf weed: 8-15k Torstol: 10-15k
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    Placeholders Rune pouch, looting bag, herb sack, gem bag Ultimate ironman Real HCIM (1 life) Achievement titles Teleport interface Theatre of Blood Quests (starting with barrow gloves)
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    Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    Completed! So i recently started getting 200ms on each skill and now i think its time time to make topic about it. Im only going to add skills im currently working on and update this topic as i progress. x1/did 500 opening./opened another 59/total mboxes from my grind:560. Loot from 500 mbox opening Loot from my road to 4.4b xp Non combat skills. Mining (completed) Smithing (completed) Fletching (completed) Farming (completed) Cooking (completed) Fishing (completed) Woodcutting (completed) Firemaking (completed) Hunter (completed) Thieving (completed) Agility (completed) Runecrafting (completed) Crafting (completed) Herblore (completed) Combat skills with slayer! Prayer (completed) Slayer (completed) Slayer Drop Log Strength (completed) Hitpoints (completed) Attack (completed) Defence (completed) Range (completed) Magic (completed)
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    Mr Krabs

    Updates 7/1/17 - 8/1/17

    I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately and thank you all for your patience. I needed a little break as I had become burnt out from having so many roles in up keeping the server and I am going to try and spread some of those responsibilities to the rest of the staff team to help make it more manageable for everyone. I am going to be focusing on making content more useful as well as more engaging so that players are paying more attention to the screen when grinding skills and npcs. I'm sure this will help improve the community interaction and make the server seem more active in general as more people talk to each other to entertain themselves during these tasks. 7/31/17 -Wild Krab added as a boss task. -Added 85 combat level requirement to receive boss tasks from Neive and boss task reset form. -Quality of life update for player shops, including a back button which will make it much less painful to check everyones shop. (coming in client/cache update) 7/30/17 -Golden hammer shop price now 10m to protect over ores etc when in wilderness resource. -Although not many were affected, being unable to see trivia questions has been fixed. -Mac will now sell max capes to players with 22+ prestige regardless of your current stats. -Boosted magic accuracy in PvP situations -Next client/cache update will have: Scrolls are tradable and already obtainable in raids Already dropped by Wild Krab, will show correct name as shown in the picture instead of its combat level (infernal cape - trying to figure out the texturing still as its not like osrs at the moment) 7/29/17 -Added Wild Krab wilderness boss - located just west of the mage bank. It drops various skilling supplies, similar to the inadequacy, as well as elite armors and pyromancer. When wearing the full pyromancer set, you will receive a 20% firemaking XP boost for each log burned. -Prevented multiple zulrah/cerberus's from spawning when spamclicking the teleport. -Increased transforming speed of sheared sheep & shearing delay. -Updated Donator store (mainly behind the scenes impact) Completely recoded back-end. Completely remastered CSS. More secure using password hashing and improved sanitization. Design is now mobile friendly! -Added prayer & spellbook altar to magic bank. -Added woodcutting random event - tree spirit, drops woodcutting tome on death and pieces of lumberjack outfit (cosmetic). -Added mining random event - rock golem, drops mining tome on death. -Added fishing random event - river troll, drops fishing tome on death. -Added evil chicken random event (applies to any skill) - drops pieces of the chicken outfit (cosmetic). -Remember you can simply teleport/run away to despawn the event, you aren't forced to kill it. -Infernal axe properly coded as a weapon. Please let me know if any other weapons do not have their stats, correct attack animations, etc. -Fixed multi-cast spells using extra runes when hitting additional targets. Ex: barraging 5 npcs at once = 5x runes cost 7/27/17 -Longrange now gives defense xp as it should. Previously the only way to get defense xp while ranging was setting your fists to block, and that would make you get defense xp in all 3 attack styles (accurate, rapid, longrange). -Shoutbox added to forums -Updated forum theme 7/26/17 -Fixed amulet of glory(5) turning into combat bracelet. It will now turn into a glory(4) as it should. -Corrected typo in slayer helmet creations. -Bolts (unf) are now smithable and have been removed from the iron shop. Also fixed a few items that did not have the proper smithing level requirement. 7/25/17 -Added purple slayer helmet(i), dark claw dropped by skotizo and combined with imbued helmet to create. It also has the functional boosts on slayer tasks and operating to view kill logs. -Herb patch at donator zone now functional 7/20/17 -Working on some more client updates -Corrected thieving raccoon pet to "rocky" 7/17/17 -Cache updated as mentioned below, fixes fire max cape texture and adds new data such as infernal cape, purple slayer helmet, etc. (not obtainable yet) -::Discord command for quick invite to our discord -Crier and musketeer hat tradeable as they should be. -Corrected some pet drops that were not showing on rare drops yell. 7/12/17 -Added chinchompas to the donator zone. -Added amulet of eternal glory, 1/1500 chance of receiving one when recharging glories on the fountain of rune. -Fixed fire max cape textures,as well as the inferno cape and all of that new data. (will be in next client update) -Added command for ::faq's 7/9/17 -Shadow sword high alch value was missing a 0 so it was 30m instead of 300m as it should be. This has now been corrected and there will no longer be any issues keeping it on death over something cheaper. 7/8/17 -Increased spawn time of sara, armadyl, and zamorak minions from 12 seconds to one minute. This allows for less minions attacking you while killing the boss. -Fixed any incorrect animations with the above npcs. 7/7/17 -Removed some items from mystery boxes that should be acquired through their intended content and also tweaked some of the rarities of the listed items. Fighter torso (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well) Barrows gloves (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well) Fighter hat (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well) Fire cape (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well) Berserker/warriors/archers ring Master wand Clue caskets Unstrung ballista Monkey tail Harambe pet Zenyte shard Crystal bow/shield (from golden key) -Fixed an issue with the antibot putting you back on the regular spellbook if you were on ancients/lunar. -Tridents can now be used on all 3 spell books as they should. -Added chat notification when receiving a tooth/loop half of a key drop. -The restriction on dropping valuable items has been lifted for untradable items. This included things such as pets, which were previously unable to be deployed while in combat. -Fixed armadyl minions being safe spotted by blocking them behind kree. -Cerberus now counts as a hellhound task. -Added a little gold bonus for completing tasks, based on difficulty. Easy tasks - 150k Medium tasks - 250k Hard tasks - 350k Boss tasks - 750k -Removed a few useless items in slayer store as I want to improve the store. Slayer respite Zul-andra teleports Ring of wealth Slayer ring(8) Penance skirt -Made visage drop rate harder because currently they are pretty much worthless despite being second to an Elysian spirit shield. -Blowpipe now requires zulrah scales to use, as it should.
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    Mr Krabs

    Donator Rank Information

    Draynor - Donator Rank Information Note: After donating, please type ::claimdonation in-game to receive your bond. Click here to visit our store! Regular Donator ($10) Access to donator zone Unlimited run energy 5% drop rate increase Ability to yell 17 Player Owned Shop slots (+1 from default) 407 Bank space (+7 from default) Super Donator ($25) Access to donator zone Unlimited run energy 7.5% drop rate increase Ability to yell No GWD killcount required 18 Player Owned Shop slots (+2 from default) 417 Bank space (+17 from default) Extreme Donator ($50) Access to donator zone Unlimited run energy 10% drop rate increase Ability to yell No GWD killcount required Special attack altar ::Recharge prayer command 19 slots in Player Owned Shops (+3 from default) 435 Bank space (+35 from default) Legendary Donator ($100) Access to donator zone Unlimited run energy 12.5% drop rate increase Ability to yell No GWD killcount required Special attack altar ::Recharge prayer command Personal banker & bank command 21 slots in Player Owned Shops (+5 from default) 470 Bank space (+70 from default) Ultimate Donator ($200) Access to donator zone Unlimited run energy Ability to yell 20% drop rate increase No GWD killcount required Special attack altar ::Recharge prayer command Personal banker & bank command 10% chance of receiving double loot from thieving, fishing, woodcutting, mining and runecrafting 26 slots in Player Owned Shops (+10 from default) +1 preset slot Cannon does not require ammo, fires 60 rounds (up from 30) before needing to be clicked again 540 Bank space (+140 from default) Platinum Donator ($500) Access to donator zone Unlimited run energy Ability to yell 25% drop rate increase No GWD killcount required Special attack altar ::Recharge prayer command Personal banker & bank command 15% chance of receiving double loot from thieving, fishing, woodcutting, mining and runecrafting 36 slots in Player Owned Shops (+20 from default) +2 preset slots Cannon does not require ammo, fires 60 rounds (up from 30) before needing to be clicked again Access to the Platinum Donator Zone 850 Bank space (+350 from default) Regular Donator zone includes: Runite ore (normally found in the wilderness) Dark crab fishing & anglerfish spots (normally found in the wilderness) Lava dragons (normally found in the wilderness) Implings Mage of Zamorak All ores Yew & Magic trees Furnace & Anvil Nezikchened boss - Drops: Barrow gloves, 3-5x lava dragon bones (always), anglerfish, mystery boxes, dragon bolts(e), magic logs, super combat potions, crystal keys, 100x dragon darts Platinum Donator Zone includes: Platinum Main Area: Safe version of wilderness chaos altar - 50% of not using up bones Spice stall - Gives 15,000 coins per spice Skilling area - All ores, anvil, furnace, trees, runecrafting altars Platinum Resource Area: Safe version of Wilderness Resource Arena (1.5X EXP Boost) Platinum Combat Area: SAFE access to all Wilderness bosses Scorpia Venenatis The Inadequacy Wild Krab Chaos Elemental Callisto Vet'ion Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist Scorpia Dessourt Flambeed Store 1 Store 2 GIM Store Shadow sword (best in slot melee) 25% quicker than an abyssal/tentacle whip! Elder wand (best in slot magic) Attacks as fast as trident Requires no runes/charges etc 35 base max hit before multipliers 5% magic damage boost as well Pet box - gives one random pet Premium box - Drop table here Monkey GreeGree - Turns your player into a gorilla Ring of coins - Transforms player into a cash stack to trick other players Ring of nature - Transforms player into a bush to disguise themselves Unique spell
  7. 7 points
    Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 11/1/17 - 11/30/17

    11/29/17 -Added monk robes to the clothing and armor store, coif to range store. -Forums: bug report, player report, and account recovery section is now private so you can only see your own posts. -Fixed an issue with completionist cape color menu -Eternal amulet can now teleport up to level 30 wilderness, fixed glory removing charges when unable to teleport. -Fixed multiple krakens spawning at once 11/18/17 -Imbued heart is now tradeable 11/16/17 -Trident of the swamp & seas now attack 20% faster than regular combat spells. -It will also tell you exactly what you need to charge it now, as some players believed they had everything and were confused when it wouldn't charge. -The trident of the swamp would let you use it past 0 charges, this has been fixed. -Fixed the orientation of redwoods when they respawn. -Super anti-fire's now provide 12 minutes of immunity from dragon breath. 11/15/17 -Updated Tokkul store: added all of the obsidian weapons as well as obsidian armor. Obsidian armor has +10% damage and +10% accuracy when wearing the full set. -Cannonballs now sell to shop for 4k each -Fixed some npcs counting as boss task when they shouldn't be, ex: hellhound/cerberus, cave kraken/kraken. Special thanks to @Elseve for helping with it. -Full clue hunter will now increase chance of receiving rare loot by 3x from clues, such as 3rd age, robin hat, rangers, wizard boots, clue hunter pieces, flared trouser, sleeping cap, powdered wig. -Eternal glory will now provide unlimited zulrah and cerberus teleports. 11/14/17 -Fixed the iron farming store not opening for iron players -Added angler set, dropped by river troll random event 2.5% fishing XP boost when wearing full set -Added prospector set, dropped by rock golem random event 2.5% mining XP boost when wearing full set -Magic accuracy buffed again in PvM -Added bonecrusher to slayer store (just need to have in inventory when killing npcs that drop bones, it will automatically grant you the burying XP of the bone) 500 points -Buffed cash bonus on task completion slightly -Slayer helmet costs 200 points, slayer helmet (i) costs 300 points. Task reset form costs 1250 points. The form is incredibly overpowered and should have been a lot more expensive/rare than it was. Not only can you get slayer XP for something you want to kill anyways, but you also get the damage boost of the slayer helmet on top of it. -Added imbued heart Players can use the Invigorate option on the heart to temporarily raise their Magic level by 2 to 10 levels (1 + 10% of the player's level, rounded down). Restriction : Can only be activated every 7 minutes. Chance of receiving on completion of task 1/250 Easy 1/200 Medium 1/150 Hard 1/100 Boss -Updated slayer task reset form to pick your task in a menu. Special thanks to @Elseve for helping with it. 11/11/17 -Better way to customize your completionist cape 11/10/17 -Added 4 prayer bonus to twisted bow -Twisted bow now effective on Wild Krab -Added feathers, tinderbox, chisel, to general store, archer helm in archer store, and regular amulet of glory (uncharged) to the armour store. Added dragon gloves to armour store, as well as some individual rune armour pieces. Just little things I noticed since these are items you'd expect to be in those specific shops. -Buffed granite maul special accuracy -Reduced blowpipe strength from 40 to 30. It was originally at 20, raised to 40 but a bit too strong, 30 should be a good midpoint. -Reduced max hit of DDS, abby dagger a tiny bit and increased accuracy a tiny bit. -Mboxes from woodcutting will now be sent to your bank rather than inventory -DXP is now counted in minutes rather than seconds. -Complete 100 barb courses changed to 100 wild courses. Any progress will not be affected. -Impling catching time from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds. -Added "View shops" option for the iron store. -Forced client update because there have been many changes since the last force update and many were still using older versions. -Fixed achievement tab: now shows the achievements that were hidden, and also added a new one. Now matches the total achievements of 76 it says. Kill 100 callisto Open a zul-andra totem Sacrifice 500 bones Reach P5 in a skill (new) If you have already done this please let me know and I will adjust it for you as it only counts from now on. Visit the D Zone 11/5/17 -Fixed autocasts being canceled when switching shields -Added HCIM & Iron scores. Wiped all hiscores to make sure all irons/hcims will be on the correct hiscores now. (Your hiscore entry gets updated once you log out). 11/4/17 -Preserve prayer drain rate reduced to 3 points per minute and boosted stats now last 50% longer, from 20%. -Client will now store more messages before overwriting old ones. (Please redownload the client for latest update). -10% chance of double fish, ore, logs, runes (from runecrafting) for completionist cape or ultimate donator, 15% chance for platinum donator. -Task reset form price increased from 200 to 400 points (little too common for how overpowered it really is). -Added all rift guardian pets (1/1000 chance). The pet you get is respective to altar and cannot be changed. -More player owned shop slots as a donator perk Regular - 17 slots Super - 18 slots Extreme - 19 slots Legendary - 21 slots Ultimate - 26 slots Platinum - 36 slots 11/2/17 -Reduced Jal-Xil range by 1 tile -Abyssal scions have been added as a hard task and the monarch as a boss task. 11/1/17 -Attack timer no longer completely resets when switching weapons, it will now only add a 1 tick delay which improves PvP interactions when doing weapon combos. -Pets drops will now be sent to your inventory.
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    Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 4/27/17 - 5/27/17

    5/25/17 -Apologies for lack of updates in the last 2 weeks, I have been quite busy taking care of some things irl and will start getting back into it. -Added other fishing spots to wilderness resource so you can train it 1-99 -Fixed void melee issue -Double XP enabled, extending it to Monday in celebration of Memorials day -Halved penance queen respawn time -Added a few more kill counters: penance queen, vet'ion, and probably a few others I cannot recall right now. 5/10/17 -Fixed the iron player combat issues Irons not able to upgrade weapon in weapon game if someone else attacked the player they were attacking. 2 iron players fighting same npc would result in neither one getting the drop. Regular players could steal the drop from an iron despite the iron player doing the most damage. 5/8/17 -Potions made with herblore will now be (4) doses instead of (3). 5/7/17 -Made the ground supplies in raids easier to share as they are not longer stacked, and the olm room supplies respawn much quicker. -If vengeance caused npcs to not respawn, it has been fixed -Flowers going in head slot fixed -Added karambwan tick eating -Loot beam now in effect as well 5/6/17 -Fixed multi spells (burst, barrage) when autocasting. -Removed 90 slayer requirement to make zamorak godsword. I don't know why that was ever a thing, lol. -Nerfed kraken slightly -Removed wilderness npcs showing in killfeed 5/4/17 -Raids are now 1/15 chance of rare table. -Buffed armadyl godsword and dragon claws accuracy in pvp. -Olm claws combat slightly nerfed. -Cerberus combat slightly nerfed. -Demonic gorillas combat slightly nerfed. -Karils in wilderness now drops 35 bolt racks, 1/15 chance. -Boosted drop rates of npcs using all 3 attack styles since they use both range and mage at long distance now as they are supposed to. This may require some rebalancing of npcs as well, please let me know if there are any npcs that are way too strong now so I can rebalance them. I am not trying to make pvm less rewarding at all, just that the npcs that were supposed to use 3 attack styles now are, which is why I ask for you to please tell me if something is too hard now. -Added flowers, desert boots, cooking gauntlets, and elegant pieces for both males and females to the prestige store. -Added 2 second timer on wilderness barrows staircase to prevent the abuse of it. -You can no longer climb down to the KBD lair if you are teleblocked since there is no in-between lever room where you would normally teleport. -Updated sell to shop prices so that skillers can make some more money magic logs-5k each redwood logs-6k each coal-3k each mithril ore-3k each addy ore-5k each runite ore-7k each mithril bar-5k each addy bar-8k each runite bar-11k each raw monkfish-2k each raw shark-4.5k each raw angler/dark crab-8k each -You can now open multiple rune packages in your inventory. -Fixed an issue causing dxp timers to go down faster than they should. -Added lootbeam 5/1/17 -Cleaned up and modified the rules a little bit, please make sure you know them to avoid any issues 4/30/17 -Wilderness barrows added! 1/20 drop rate and each one drops their respective armor. You can get here via the second page of minigame teleports. Its multi pvp zone! -Demonic gorillas added to twisted bow places. -Fixed not being able to claim max cape when stats are below their max (low prayer,hitpoints,etc). -Added ability to hammer mutagens in exchange for 15,000 zulrah scales. -Revitalization potions and kyren fish are now deleted when leaving the raid. Sorry but that was only temporary until I got around to doing this -Added the Inadequacy to boss tasks and barrows brothers to hard tasks. Changed "abyssal" task specifically to "abyssal demons" to avoid confusion for players expecting to have to kill abyssal demons when they aren't 85 slayer. -Added kill counter for barrows brothers. -Raids : 20+ people = 2 winners when rare drop occurs, 30+ people = 3 winners when rare drop occurs, and so on. -Cache update: fixed special attack bar displaying weird icon when below 100% -Updated shop price of slayer helmets to 30m. Easier to keep on death that way 4/29/17 -Added lizard shamans, chaos elemental, cave/kraken, and abyssal monarchs to places where twisted bow is good. -Added dragon arrow tips to dragon impling jars. -A lot of forum ranks were not able to view who actually liked the post. This has been fixed. -Added +4 range attack bonus to the range skill capes, so there is no excuse not to show off your skillcape instead of wearing an ava. 4/28/17 -Very minor, but added noted vials in herblore store. Noticed they weren't there when I was buying other secondaries. 4/27/17 -Fixed issue in fight caves causing players to get stuck inside. -Buffed dharok's set accuracy - should be much better than before, but might need some tweaking still. Feedback on it is greatly appreciated! -Malediction ward tradeable -Added total raids completed and raid duration timer. -DXP this weekend!! -Abyssal demons defense nerfed a little bit.
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    Mr Krabs

    Official Staff Team

    Owner Mr Krabs Co-Owner Coins Community Manager Sixty Developers Mr Krabs Coins/coinsdev Layne/Laynedev Administrators Global Moderators Moderators Sixty Tatskaaaa Server Supports Obey Eric Forum Moderators
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    Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 10/1/17 - 10/31/17

    10/31/17 -Forums: Added a few extra reaction emojis -Buffed armadyl godsword special attack in both accuracy and damage -Increased wilderness barrows staircase timer from 2 seconds to 3.5 seconds to prevent abuse -Please download the client again for the latest version. Includes some item renames as well as npcs and turns off the item ids, object ids, coords, etc. Wasn't aware I uploaded the client version that showed all of that lol. -Modified DXP well timers as a lot of people are basically on permanent DXP while playing since it only while depletes logged in -Halloween event: Speak to the witch found north of home in the room with the cauldron. Possible rewards: Skeleton suit, anti-panties, jack lantern mask, spooky skeleton pet. 10/24/17 -Redwoods woodcutting XP increased by 26.67% -Changed requirements to enter raids: 99 hitpoints, 90 range, 90 strength, 43 prayer, 8 hours of in-game play time -Piles will now note every type of fish, raw or cooked. 10/23/17 -Agility teleport in spellbook will now give you 3 options: Gnome, Barbarian, Wilderness course. -Players should no longer get stuck inside of agility pipes/logs -Added crab helmet and crabclaw hook to Wild Krab drops, they are just cosmetic. -Added the Helm of raedwald as a clue reward, part of the clue hunter outfit. -Buffed blowpipe range strength by +20 so it should help in making the darts hit a little higher 10/21/17 -Veteran rank will now be retained when upgrading donator ranks -Fixed hits not showing when using ruby bolt special attack if you had hitmarks enabled as a client setting. If there is any other place hits don't show, please let me know. -Added chaos rune pack to slayer store, helpful for irons -Added master farmer at home to pickpocket for high tier seeds to make it easier for pure skillers to obtain them easier ((5/833)*X) + (17/49) is rate of success as pulled from OSRS wiki. So 57.5% chance of success at 38 thieving (level required to pickpocket), 94.1% at 99 thieving. If you wear any max cape, any completionist cape, a thieving cape (or thieving cape(t), along with 99 thieving, you will have 100% chance success rate. 10% chance of receiving double seeds if you are wearing a completionist cape or ultimate donator. 15% chance of receiving double seeds if you are a platinum donator. You can receive thieving pet, and mystery boxes while pick-pocketing the master farmer. Gloves of silence will give their XP boost as well. 10/10/17 - 10/20/17 -Fixed bugs in pos when sales went over max cash -Fixed players getting random farming mboxes/pet while using items on objects other than farming patches. -Toplists now have their correct timers -Weaker variant of evil chicken for <50 combat -Armadyl minions toned down slightly -Fixed infernal pickaxe not giving smithing XP when not equipped in the weapon slot. -Halloween themed voting page 10/9/17 -Please download client again for the latest version to enjoy the updates below. -Crazy archaeologist stats corrected and respawn time reduced to 30 seconds from 36 seconds. -Infernal max cape now has textures -Camelot roof tops fixed -Scales will now tell you the number rather than percent, as this is much more useful. -Magma blowpipe now functional and obtainable in-game (use magma mutagen on an empty regular toxic blowpipe). Can be dismantled to give back mutagen+regular blowpipe. -Ring of suffering(i) did not act as a recoil and has been brought to my attention. Next restart it will work properly. Thanks! 10/8/17 -RSPS-list not activating is fixed -Vote timers should update automatically now -Blowpipe special attack accuracy increased -Steel arrows now give correct fletching XP 10/3/17 -Chaos fanatic and Chaos elemental will no longer disarm you if you have a full inventory. -Added another set of doors inside the home bank, giving quicker access to the back area of home. In the future I will likely make this a PvP area, so kind of like the idea of bringing Edgeville wildy to Draynor.
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    Cjtigger's Staff App :)

    Username: Cjtigger Date joined: I joined sometime in early April =D Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (-7) Average hours played per day: I usually play between 10-16 hours a day.. (Yes, I know I have no life ;)) Do you have skype? Yes, I do ;) Have you read the entire staff application thread to see what we look for and the reasons your application may be denied? Yes I have and I understand fully if I am denied.. Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain. I have not that I know of What have you done within the community to prove that you are a good candidate? I have played countless hours since i've joined, and those countless hours, i've been helping players the best to my ability, whether its helping with trivia, how to start out, where a certain monster is, how to kill a certain monster, the price of a certain item, and many other ways... I have put hours to make a few guides, Vet'ion, raids, and Ancient Gorillas, all of these hard tasks (especially Vet'ion) and I will continue to make more. Whenever I am online, if somebody asks a question, any kind, i'll try my best to answer it the best I can. I am on the forums a lot, helping out, welcoming new players, and more. I feel like I am friendly towards others, and others may agree. I believe I can handle situations if the need arises if I were to become apart of the staff team... Since I have started, the time at Draynor has been some of the best days of my life, and I owe it all to the community, and like others have made this game great for me, I try to make the game great for others to the best of my ability... Anything else you would like to tell us: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application, if anybody ever needs help you can pm me ingame "Cjtigger" :) I play whenever I can, which is basically whenever i'm not asleep ;)
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    Mr Krabs

    Draynor F.A.Q's

    Hey everyone, I thought I would make a little FAQ list of things I see players asking frequently when starting out. This list will continue to grow as I think of more questions. Where is the fishing guild and is there a level requirement? No, simply go to your spellbook in city teleports and teleport to ardougne. Then just run north following the path and a tiny bit west and you should arrive. Where do I get an elemental shield? The elemental shield is sold in the general store. How many steps are clue scrolls? Clue scrolls are only one step. Hard clues will require you to kill a fairly strong agent unless you use melee prayer. How do raid drops work? Every player will receive 3 base drops on completion of the raid. Additionally, there is a chance that one player in the raid will receive a rare drop from the table (olm pet, ancestral robes, kodai, twisted bow, etc). Where is the vote store? The vote store is located in the home bank, it is a red voting booth. What are the brawlers at pest control for? You kill them for 5 pest control points each. How do I get a fighter torso? Kill any npcs at barbarian assault, they all have roughly the same drop rate on it. I just donated, how do I redeem it? Type ::claimdonation Is there duel arena or gambling? Currently there is not. I find that it does more harm than good for the server. Where are player owned shops? The bongo penguin in the pig pen at home. Do I have to tele after each Cerberus/zulrah kill? Yes, they are instanced bosses and must be teleported to kill again. What are mysterious emblems for? They can be exchanged for points at ::edge with the emblem trader. What do I need for raids? It is a safe activity. You will need 90+ range, hitpoints, defence, and your best ranging gear. (Ruby bolts (e) recommended, along with full void/armadyl). As well as melee for Olm's claws. What is a ecumenical key for? It can be used to enter a GWD boss room without a killcount requirement. How many waves is jad? The fight caves minigame is 15 waves. What is a golden and crystal key for? These keys open the chest that is located along the home bank wall. What methods am I able to donate with? You may donate via PayPal (we have an automated store). I just voted, how do I get my reward? Type ::claimvote to redeem the tickets. What is wilderness barrows? All of the brother barrows are spawned in a deep multi wilderness cave that drop their respective armor with a 1/20 chance. You may get here via the minigame teleports in the spellbook. Where do I get prayer potions? They are not sold in the store so you need to make or buy them off of others. Where do I get high tier seeds? Lizard shamans are a great way to obtain them, as well as the Corporeal Beast. How do I farm? Simply get the required materials (seed dibber, spade, seeds). First rake the patch and then use the seed on the patch; it grows instantly. Where are abyssal spawns? They can be found in minigame teleports in the spellbook, named "Abyssal nexus." What is a curved/long bone? These are rare bones that give more prayer experience than lava dragon bones. What is hardcore mode? It is simply a 3x slower experience rate than normal mode. What happens if I go from regular mode to hardcore? All of your stats, prestiges, and prestige points will be reset. What happens if I go from hardcore to regular mode? You will not lose any stats, prestiges, or prestige points. How do I get a personal banker? The personal banker is a perk of being a legendary donator (this rank is $100). Is there a drop table? Yes there is, just type in ::drops and make sure you are in fixed screen mode. How do I change my password? Simply type ::changepassword abcd1234 for example. What is this war event? It is simply a fun-pk area that occurs starting at noon. What is weapon game? It is a safe minigame where weapons are upgraded on kill. The first to kill with an armadyl godsword wins. How do I charge my blowpipe? Simply use zulrah scales on it and then load it with darts. Please note that the tier of darts strongly impacts your dps. How do I charge the trident of the swamp? You need 5 fire runes, 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, and 1 zulrah scale for each charge. How do I charge the trident of the seas? You need 5 fire runes, 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, and 500 coins for each charge. How do I get the YouTuber rank? Please check our application here. How do bonds work? When redeemed, they will grant the player a certain amount of donator credits and update the "Amount spent" on their player profile. The amount of credits is related to the bond, 10$ bond is 100 credits, 25$ bond is 250 credits, 50$ bond is 550 credits, and 100$ bond is 1100 credits. All bonds stack and go towards your next rank, so for example you could redeem 2x 5$ bonds and you would become the first donator rank (10$). What is the Inadequacy? It is a level 30 multi wilderness boss that can only be harmed with melee. The fastest way to get there is by using an amulet of glory. Why am I hitting so low on the Corporeal beast? Any weapon other than a spear will its damage halved. Dragon spear, zamorakian spear/hasta are ideal. What is prestiging? You can prestige skills when they are level 99 by talking to Toby, located in the pig pen at home. Your skill will be reset to level 1 and you will receive 1 prestige point on normal, and 3 prestige points on hardcore for each skill prestiged. Please note that combat skills do not give any points when prestiging them. Points may be spent with Toby. The maximum amount of prestiges per skill is 5. Is a task reset scroll unlimited? Yes it is! What is a golden hammer? When smithing items it will grant double smithing experience. What are gloves of silence? When equipped, it will grant double thieving experience on the home stalls, and 1.5x experience on the wall safes in rouges den. What are cooking gauntlets for? They grant 1.25x cooking experience when equipped. What is the well of goodwill? This is an item sink that players may donate to to grant double experience to everyone online. Accepted items may be viewed here. Is crafting profitable? Yes it is, simply buy uncuts from the store and sell them back cut to the general store for a decent profit. What is a completionist cape? It is a cape requiring prestige 5 in all skills as well as 67 completed achievements. It can be changed into many different colors and has the best stats as well as a drop rate increase of 10%. How do I get a ring of wealth? You can simply craft one and it will give a 2.5% drop rate increase when equipped. What is a ring of wealth (i)? It is an item in the donator store that will grant a 7.5% drop rate increase when equipped. What do I need for zulrah? Lots of rings of recoil or a ring of suffering (which acts as a infinite ring of recoil), zul-andra teleports, and food. The home altar can restore your prayer points inbetween runs or the ::recharge command if you are an extreme+ donator. Is there a map of where my slayer tasks are located? Yes there is, it can be found here. What do tomes do? They grant a certain amount of XP in their respective skill. 100k on regular mode, 33k on hardcore mode, before any other XP multipliers. I don't want to be an ironman anymore, how do I revert? Talk to Adam inside the home bank. Where is the iron store? Adam inside of the home bank will give you options to view all of his stores. Where are lava dragons? They are located in the PvP teleport in the spellbook or in the donator zone. Is the gnome course the only place to train agility? No, speak to the barbarian at the course to use that one, wilderness agility course, or rooftops. Are there any rooftop courses? Yes, you can train at the seers village one or ardougne. How do I get infinite run energy? You can get infinite run energy by wearing full graceful and 69 agility, 99 agility without graceful, or as a regular donator perk. What is the difference between a regular and imbued slayer helmet? Imbued slayer helmets also give the damage and accuracy bonus to magic and range. How do I see my slayer points? 'My account' in quest tab for all of your details. How do I see my pest control points? 'My account' in quest tab for all of your details. How do I recharge glories? You can recharge them at the fountain of rune in the wilderness. How do I get a cannon? You can purchase it in the voting store. What does graceful do? The ones in the agility store give a 15% exp bonus, and the white set from voting gives 75%.
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    Trevor's Epic give away lul

    mkay, so, ill be giving away x2 max cash (in tokens) this saturday hopefully at 3pm est. Edit: sliding in these dm's rq, uhh, put ur name below to be eligible for the giveaway :P
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    Draynor raid run

    Hey, appreciate if you could all give this video a like and get the message out there that we're on are way to the top! (watch in 1080p)
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    Mr Krabs

    Staff Application + Requirements

    Thank you for taking an interest in being a staff member on Draynor! We'll dive right into it, here is what we are looking for. Make sure you've hit all the boxes before applying! ✓ 2 recommendations from current staff members (cannot be Mr Krabs). If you're a viable candidate, this should be a non-issue. ✓ Players who encourage growth of the server by voting daily (and encouraging others to do so), helping others, and inviting others to activities within the game. ✓ Players who do not leave questions about the game unanswered in the help chat. ✓ Players who are well known within the community for being helpful, friendly, and mature. ✓ Players who have the best interests of the server in mind rather than withholding information for the benefit of themselves. ✓ Players that are mature and do not participate in drama. ✓ Players who hold the server in a good light and have a positive outlook on things. ✓ Players who have an established track record of reliable activity (online daily for a minimum of 2.5 hours a day while not afk). ✓ Players who are responsive to others, and active on our server discord. ✓ Players who proactively seek out new players and welcome them as well as familiarize them with the game. Examples include: 50% chance of not using up bones on chaos altar in deep wilderness church Voting for double EXP or selling them for 5m as great starting cash How skilling can give mystery boxes, pets, and random events that drop tomes+skilling exp boosting outfits Drop rate bonuses that can be achieved Saving up for task reset form/slayer helmet Wilderness barrows Wilderness resource giving 50% EXP boost Sir gawain for toggles such as skilling messages, vial smashing, account pin on IP change Prestiging for bonds What we don't want: ✗ Players who really haven't demonstrated an effort to make the game a better place. ✗ Players who do not live up to the promises on their application. ✗ Players who drop their level of effort once they are promoted and stop doing/decrease the things that got them promoted. ✗ Players who are not able to maintain composure when handling frustrating situations. ✗ Players who show attitude or dislike towards others. Please copy this format and paste it in a new thread to submit your application.
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    prestige points.

    Would be nice to get prestige points after youve reached prestige 5 in all skills i mean like mile stone system. heres how it would work. When u reach prestige 5 99 in skill the milestone system gets activated. it means u get prestige points for xp. 1st milestone is 50m and gives 6 prestige points on hardcore and 2 points on regular 2nd milestone is 100m gives same amount of points 3rd milestone 150m prestige points system is same 4th milestone 200m and gives 9 prestige points on hardcore and 3 points on normal. This kind of system would encourage players more to try the grind for 200m NB! combat with the exception of prayer doesnt give points.
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    Elseve's introduction

    Hi *Insert your name here*, I just came across this thread and figured that an introduction of myself could be nice :) My name is hmmmh lets call me Elseve, or lcv if you would like to. The name elseve is actually just a slang for my main on rs3 who was named lcv. By spelling out those letters in Swedish it is "El" "C/se" "Ve". Enough if this ^. Im 22 years old and Im from IKEA, most people may recognise that because of the Sweden that was established here. I study information systems at university and I'm in my final year. I live with my gf in an apartment and will often schedule my uptime after her. Meaning while she's at home i'll be online. Nah, but we are both persons who love to just be alone, in the same room and just chit chat. I am continuously trying to make her start playing this but she prefers games like bomberman (I know, I made a mistake). On my spare time, I'm online, thats just about it haha, I don't do much else at the moment. Past 2 months I've been studying 160% and this have resulted in me wanting to do absolutely nothing while i'm not doing school stuff. The uni will get less and less now though starting tomorrow and i will start only study at 80%. Now I feel like I talk about uninteresting shit again, sorry. Other than gaming on my spare time I like to party, hang out with friends, avoid sports, play piano, skate, snowboard and stuff like that. Feel free to pm me on forums or in game if you would like to talk about absolutely anything, otherwise you could just add me and tell me that you don't want to talk to me, I don't mind :) I once owned an albino hedgehog. Thats makes me at least a little bit cool. Much love, Elseve
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    nEveR fOrGeT

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    Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    9/27/17 -Next client update will have fixed roofs for camelot roof top course, as well as texture for infernal max cape. -Added extended-antifires. Created by using antifire(4) with lava scale shards. Lava scales are obtained by grinding lava scales and will result in 3-6 shards per scale. 84 herblore requirement. - 9/26/17 -Edited some trivia questions and added a few new ones. 9/22/17 -Wyverns corrected to OSRS stats and use their dragon breath. -Vote page now features a vote goal for the month 9/21/17 -Increased Olm's range to stop the "flinching" solo tactic where you can take no damage. -Fixed armadyl room npcs hitting with melee outside the normal melee range, should be easier to kill now in general. -You can no longer bring pets inside the tzhaar caves. -Slayer partner range has been increased to 50 tiles to accommodate for large areas such as the brimhaven dungeon dragon tasks. -Fixed all robe tops that were not classified as full plate bodies which resulted in a graphical glitch. 9/20/17 Vote page Vote page now shows total votes for the month Top 5 voters for the month are now listed You can also look up players to view their vote statistics. You no longer have to re-enter your username to view your updated timers and number of vote points left to claim. 9/19/17 -Vote sites are now 12 hours each, with Top100 being corrected to 24 hours soon. 9/17/17 -Added ring of gods(i), able to be made using imbue scroll on regular version. -Replaced achievements : cast 350 vengeance and die 50 times with Complete the Inferno and Complete 50 duo-slayer tasks -Added duo slayer Condition: Both players need to have no current task Have one player talk to vannaka and set you as their partner. You will get an option to accept or decline the invite. Once you have accepted the invitation, either player may ask the slayer master and he will assign both of you the same task. You will only be assigned tasks that you both have the slayer level for. Slayer XP per kill is halved, but you also get the other half of the XP when your partner kills them as well. Task completion Half the slayer points 1.5x the normal finishing Slayer XP bonus 1.5x cash reward compared to completing a solo task - 187.5k for easy, 375k medium, 525k hard, 1.125m boss task. Resetting slayer tasks will remove your slayer partner, including if you use a task reset form to get a new task. Logging out will also remove your partner. -Blood spells now heal 1/4 of your last hit provided the damage was 4+ -Doubled magic accuracy against NPCS -Infernal max cape can now be made using infernal cape with max cape, however it does not have textures until the next client update. 9/15/17 -Inferno game released All 69 waves as per OSRS wiki 1 time fee of a fire cape for unlimited access 1/20 chance of receiving pet on completion It saves your progress so if you get disconnected you won't have to start back at wave 1. When you log back in it will give you a few seconds and then resume the wave. Cannot use ::recharge inside Blobs will split into their 3 versions of the combat triangle The 2nd to last wave are 3 jads The final boss has a max hit of 49 and uses both ranged and magic attacks. Twisted bow works on TzKal-Zuk JalTok-Jad Jal-Zek 9/12/17 -Fixed being able to craft/fletch without using the proper items on each other 9/9/17 -Magma blowpipe added to client, will try and add it server sided soon. 9/8/17 -Ignore list now works for yell -Staff members can not be ignored now as we need to be able to give warnings etc on official accounts. -Skotizo pet added. -Input fields now work on resizeable/fullscreen mode, ex: the drop table interface, account pins, etc. -Please redownload the client at the top where it says "Play now" to enjoy the above updates. 9/1/17 -Cerberus is now safe on death. -Ignore list now works for clan chat as well. -Fixed an issue with IP-mute. -DXP seconds will not go down during DXP weekends.
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    Trailerish by Elseve

    I made a trailer ish for the server. Be sure to check it out :)
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    Possible Drop Log?

    What's good everyone! Going to be doing a Road to all Boss Drops and was wondering if anyone would be interested in following me on my journey? The idea is simple, using the GFX from the ::drops feature, simply showing at which KC each drop is received. Let me know. Peace. Mike
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    Staff Updates Cain has been promoted to Moderator! Good job Cain! TheMac has resigned from Administrator and stays as forum mod! Sephy has been demoted due to inactivity. We hope you find time for us in the future! Tatskaaa has been promoted to global moderator! Xlewiss has been promoted to global moderator! Beer is now more active as forum mod! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introductions of May -Error is the latest one to introduce himself to community. He already got 3a longsword on his 1st hard clue. Wow that rng! -Aeon joined last sunday and already impressed most of staff with his dedication on forums! Keep an eye on this guy ;) -Auburys introductions left us with expectations for his max grind! Go for it man. -Galaxy sg joined to become youtuber. -Goku joined in starting of june and havent been on much. Probably hitting the gym! -Sleds joined in june aswell and has been very helpful ingame! -Chubs joined the game aswell and has started some huge goals for himself in draynor! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Veteran ranks achieved so far! -Snickers -Beer -Ryanheinz -Tatskaaa _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Community Video of the Month This one i will leave to peoples to vote! here channels for some vids made last month! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_EpL4-OjOjjS_a71ERlVA = @DarenRs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFANPX4iyllOx6EvfnrZmPA = @Galaxy Sg ::thread 1227 for @Slayed vid! If i miss anyones vids from last month please let me know so can add them here!
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    Draynor's Monthly Today we announce you the Draynor's Monthly newspaper! Every month we will bring you things like staff updates, player introductions and interviews with members from the community. This month with special guest Ryanheinz himself! If you have any suggestions on more segments for next month, please let us know. As for now, have a happy en enjoyable time reading this edition of Draynor's Monthly. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Staff Updates @Beer has resigned from the staff team due to real life issues. Good luck Keir. @xlewiss has been promoted to Player Moderator, congratulations! @Cain has been promoted to Server Support! Good job Cain! @TheMac has been promoted to Administrator! @Tyder has been demoted due to inactivity. We hope you find time for us in the future! @External Use has been demoted due to inactivity as well. Hope to see you back soon! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introductions of May @Cjtigger has been playing the server since April but has finally decided to create a forum account! He is a very dedicated member with activity that is bar none. Original post @Fendi has found us while browsing around the web and has decided to give us a shot! Original post @Perdition Has been a loyal and driven player ever since the day she has joined the server, her name is Megan and her main's name is Fog Walker! Fun to talk too, shoot her a pm because she is very nice! Original post @Kuck Featon has reintroduced himself and has decided to give Draynor another shot! Good choice! Original post @Thatcher thought that is would be a good idea to finally make a forum account and seems as though he is loving the server! Original post @rennox81 has been playing the server ever since February and thought now is as good of a time as ever to register an account! He is working at achieving the 4.4b exp mark! Good luck with that!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Interview with.. Ryanheinz!!! Who are you and what do you do to make a living and for fun? Currently, I am pursuing a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in materials science from the University of Missouri. My job is technically research assistant and a teaching assistant. I love my research and I work on it everyday, I also love teaching which drove me to being a teaching assistant as well. When I graduate I'll definitely be pursing a career in Chicago hopefully. What drove you to pursue Draynor apart from other servers? A few friends of mine IRL played another server and OSRS awhile back but quit because we got bored. The same friends recommended this server and I loved the community, so I decided to stay. If you had to choose one update for Draynor, what would you pick and why? That's a tough one. I would love to see an update that really got PKing active. It's hard because there are so many "PK servers" but if we had great content for pkers, make it very rewarding, people would have fun and I think our numbers would skyrocket. What is your favorite sport and team? And why? My favorite sport to watch: American football or baseball. My favorite sport to play would be flag football. I have always been a bears, cubs, blackhawks fan since I was a kid so I really enjoyed watching them. Cubs had their rough times but recently won the world series! The Bears are just awful so that's been rough.. During my undergrad and first year of grad school I played flag football on a rec team and that was very fun. Mac or PC? PC, all day! Ford or Chevy? I am indifferent on that question :P although I am annoyed with the new chevy commercials. Considering you do not have a preference, what type of vehicle do you drive? I am a Jeep guy now, finally got the car I've always wanted. I drive a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Favorite outdoor activity? I'd have to go with fishing or golf. Still working on my golf game.. I'm not great at it! What is the furthest you have traveled away from home? Furthest.. When I was around 12-13 my dad's side of the family and I traveled to Montana/San Francisco/Yosemite National Park. We got to see Alcatraz, Wild Buffalo, and Ol' Faithful so it was very cool. I have never actually been out of the United States. Kendrick Lamar or Lil' Wayne Lil' Wayne, pre Carter 4 Post Malone or Big Sean? Post Malone Biggest celebrity crush? lol! When I was a kid, Cameron Diaz was my crush. Still is, I mean have you seen the movie Bad Teacher?? What is your biggest fear? Failure. lol I've been asked that before, was easy to answer Pop or Soda? lol, I call it Soda What are your nicknames? What do you prefer to be called? Friends called me "RyHi" in highshool. In college people called me Heinzy, Heiny, Heinekin lol What is your favorite fast food? Probably Panda Express if you consider that fast food lol. What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself? Why? Good question! I have to think about that one... lol. I'd go with Laundry. Something about folding clothes is just pure annoyance. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would i be and why I want to go all over Europe. I want to see the Northern Lights Phenomena up there too, somewhere north Europe I think is a good place to see that. Oh and Russia. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Community Video of the Month Sadly there were no videos uploaded this month, which means that there was no winner of the 5 premium boxes this month. Hopefully we can get these videos rolling which will help the server grow! Do you want a chance to win the boxes next month? Everyone can make their own video’s and upload them to automatically have a chance of winning!
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    Mr Krabs

    Drop Rate

    Right, getting a little ahead of myself but I really like the idea of each weekend being dedicated to something. Something like: 1st week of the month: double drop rates 2nd: double raid rates 3rd: double pking rewards 4th: double xp weekend
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    External Use

    All done

    Fully maxed and prestiged :D

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