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    Quality Of Life For Custom/Player Shops

    Heres a couple things I think would be amazing to add to increase the use of Player Shops and make them more viable for use. 1. Introduce new players to the Person Shops(preferably before any of the other introductions.) 2. Move the Personal Shop Npc inside Draynor Bank and/or add a option to the bank booths to access your shop and view others. 3. Allow the collect option from the bank booths to collect as the npc does. 4. Possibly fix where you have to deposit your coins before you can collect(Possibly just send to bank and if bank is full than to inventory) If anyone has any other suggestions in regards to this please comment as well!
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    Quality Of Life For Custom/Player Shops

    Nice post! I believe players are introduced to the shops while doing the 'tutorial', but I may be wrong. I think a new location for the shop would be helpful and easy to do. I'm all for the collect option if it's possible. The whole point of depositing the coins is to stop people from glitching their coins I believe, so I'm not sure that would be a huge issue especially if the collect coins from bank booth is added in from your suggestion. Overall though, great ideas my man!
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    possible updates?

    To whom it may concern; I'm listing a few things I believe would make a great asset to Draynor, and hopefully bring in some more players! 1. Revs. I believe a rev cave would be great for the server, I have asked a few people in-game and they want to see it too! We would be able to have new weapons like a Craws' bow and maybe even the amulet. The amulet could have a cool perk like any drop in the wilderness is noted or something like that. 2. Raids 2 items. I know Raids 2 would be a lot to create which is why I know it'll not happen, but it'd be cool to implement the items like the scythe or justicar armor and things like that in raids possible rewards. 3. Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the guardian boots and would be another armor upgrade plus other drops could be used aswell. I'll be posting more when I have more ideas but for right now I know this is it. I know it's a little much to ask for but just trying to get the conversation started. If you have any questions or comments please, reply below or talk to me in game. -fe pigeon

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