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    Mr Krabs

    Server Updates 8/1/17-8/31/17

    8/24/17 -Fixed darts getting deleted when used on an item other than blowpipe 8/22/17 -Corrected purple slayer helm stats -Added bank booth to hunter area -Fixed a client crash, please redownload as it fixes a bug where your client would freeze. 8/16/17 -Added venom to Zulrah. Starts at 6 and will go all the way up to 20 unless cured. Can be completely prevented by wearing a serpentine helmet. -5 second attack delay when Zulrah transforms so players have a little more time to react. -Added the 23% damage for Rigour as I realized I only did the accuracy and defense bonus. -Antipoison now grants immunity for 2 minutes, added 5 min 46 of immunity for superantipoison. -Corrected superanti ingredients making fishing potions. -Fixed poison message being sent when you have immunity. -Improved fountain of rune. No longer have to click each individual amulet and use it on the fountain. 8/15/17 -Added spiritual mages as a hard task. -Added killcount for saradomin spiritual mages. -Corrected Dharok the Wretched NPC formula for max hit to OSRS. Max hit at 1hp: 57, base max hit 29. Every 1 health he loses increases his max hit by 1%. 8/10/17 -Patrick will give you HCIM title now if you are an iron player converting to hardcore mode. -Adam will give players that are hardcore & ironman the hardcore iron armor. -If you already are hardcore+iron mode, I can update your title to HCIM if you message in my inbox or in-game. -Barrow armors chance of effect corrected to 1/4 -Corrected Kalphite Queen stats to OSRS - 400 hp down to 255, max hit from 34 to 31, decreased defensive stats, increased combat stats. -Added HCIM rank & recolored platinum rank. -Added crates around dz fishing area so its a little more obvious. -Corrected Armadyl and the minions to osrs stats. -Added the new icons to the hiscore pages. 8/9/17 -Twisted bow now effective at Cerberus -Fixed the areas in the wilderness resource that were not getting the XP bonus -Crossbow limbs now smithable, will be great for irons. -Added Crumble Undead spell -Added prayer altar north of lava dragons in donator zone. Only recharges prayer points, but also serves as a place to use bones on when farming lava dragons. -Corrected lava dragons stats to OSRS. This increased their combat skill levels, max hit (from 12 to 23), but lowered their attack bonus stats from all +60 to 0. -Made vote tickets able to be redeemed faster when clicking them in case you have like 10+ of them. -Added tangleroot farming pet. -Dragon impling jars will now give 5 dragon dart tips/dragon arrow tips, they previously only gave 3. -Added Elder Chaos Druids just west of the barrows brothers in wilderness barrows dungeon. Drops elder chaos robes and tome of fire, which acts as a source of infinite fire runes. -Smoke battlestaff will now act as an infinite source of air and fire runes. -Scorpia respawn rate is now 18 seconds. -Added kill count tracker for elder druids -Added the 1/15 chance for Kodai wand to not use any runes on cast. -Added 1/8 chance of Toxic/regular staff of dead to not use any runes on cast. -Kodai now has 15% magic damage boost and infinite source of water runes. -Smoke battlestaff now only gives the 10% boost when on modern spellbook as it should, rather than all spellbooks. 8/8/17 -Veteran & Platinum donator ranks properly added in-game - yell, profile, ::players online, etc. -Your xp counter will still show the xp drop now even if you have 200m xp in the skill. -New vote system Each site gives one point, for a total of 6 points. Both reward options cost two points each. 500k cash also with each reward. ::reward 1 (gives 1x dxp voucher) ::reward 2 (gives 1x vote ticket) So for example, if I vote at all 6 sites, I will receive 3x vote tickets and 1.5m cash, just as before. The old system had a lot of issues with timers and buttons not turning green, etc. This one should be better! 8/6/17 -Hardcore irons who switch to normal mode will now retain their "iron" title. -Each piece of ancestral robe gives +2% magic damage boost now 8/5/17 -Rune usage on multicasting now 100% fixed. -Fixed an issue with ruby bolts[e] counting as two kills when finished off with the bolt special. -Added greater demons to upstairs of brimhaven dungeon. -Nerfed Lesser demons Aberrant spectres Ankous Iron Dragons Steel Dragons -Magic accuracy in PvM & PvP doubled 8/3/17 -Client & Cache update now in effect. Hopefully I remember everything I've added lol Please make sure to vote so we can grow!!!!! Player owned shops improvements Right click "Edit shop", "Collect coins" Back button when viewing other players shops for a more fluid shopping experience Tweening (smooth animations) added Can be disabled in client settings -> smooth animations Added Veteran & new donator rank icons (new rank will be unlocked at $500 amount spent) Inferno cape textured (not obtainable yet) Raid prayers are now in the prayer book Stronghold slayer objects fixed Special attack model fixed (sorry, sometimes I forget to replace the models when I update the cache which results in that weird shield over the spec bar) Baby Krab pet now looks proper Added mipmapping for slight fps improvement when in resizeable/fullscreen mode -Infernal pickaxe now has correct bonuses and wield level requirement.

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