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  2. bthy5

    Bthy5's Developer Application

    Absolutely I can do the following.
  3. Brat

    Bthy5's Developer Application

    i have talked to krabs about this for you, he said that as long as you didnt need direct access. if you were able to work on your own with the same base, and send him the updates for him to check himself before adding them to the live version. Consider this and message mr krabs on the forums
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  5. bthy5

    Bthy5's Developer Application

    Thank you for your support coins!!
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  7. Coins

    Bthy5's Developer Application

    it would be nice if you could help him on the small updates, best of luck
  8. Username: Bthy5 Time zone: EST How active are you talking on our Discord channels (doesn't have to be voice chat)? I am currently in multiple discords, i casually read through, but if im mentioned in something im always quick to respond(As i keep the application installed on my mobile as well). Also i dont mind being on a mic as well if needed! Realistically, how many hours a day can we expect you to play on the weekdays, and the weekends? Weekends: at least 3-4 hours, i will stay logged. Weekdays: this may be sporadic as I work Mon-Fri usually until 5 in the afternoon, but i would say at least 1-2 hours. Are there any reasons why you might not be able to reach normal playtime, and how often would that occur? There should be no issues, occasionally a vacation or family event will come up though(Like any ordinary family has). What have you done as a player to really stand out from the crowd? I try to answer any questions that i am capable of and participate in events on the server. How are you supporting the growth of Draynor on a daily basis? I would like to assist from a development perspective, i used to own a private server called billyscape(Corny name IK) from (2008-2014ish). Since 2014 i started working in a techinical field which required me to write code in multiple languages(Java, Python, Powershell, VB, etc). I believe i could assist with some of the leg work in writing code for this server. Can we depend on you to be active daily and contributing to Draynor's growth as well as supporting its players? Absolutely! Can we depend on you to be just as active and helpful down the road just as you were when you are promoted? Absolutely, i will not just keep an administrative account but also an account to build upon and enjoy playing the game. Is there anything else you would like to tell us when considering your application? At this moment in time no, if you have any questions or would like to further comment on my application please let me know!
  9. Thank you for the support on this post I appreciate ya!
  10. Nice post! I believe players are introduced to the shops while doing the 'tutorial', but I may be wrong. I think a new location for the shop would be helpful and easy to do. I'm all for the collect option if it's possible. The whole point of depositing the coins is to stop people from glitching their coins I believe, so I'm not sure that would be a huge issue especially if the collect coins from bank booth is added in from your suggestion. Overall though, great ideas my man!
  11. Heres a couple things I think would be amazing to add to increase the use of Player Shops and make them more viable for use. 1. Introduce new players to the Person Shops(preferably before any of the other introductions.) 2. Move the Personal Shop Npc inside Draynor Bank and/or add a option to the bank booths to access your shop and view others. 3. Allow the collect option from the bank booths to collect as the npc does. 4. Possibly fix where you have to deposit your coins before you can collect(Possibly just send to bank and if bank is full than to inventory) If anyone has any other suggestions in regards to this please comment as well!
  12. hooligan

    1 life HCIM

    I'd love to have a go at this, my one issue with ironmen is it seems you can use the donator shop for atleast a shadow sword, puts me off playing ironman atm tbh.
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  14. High Fi2

    1 life HCIM

    Its been asked many times, hoping to get an answer as to why we cant have it
  15. Sleds

    Draynor Price Guide

    PRICE UPDATES; 2/01/2019 Item name: Kodai Wand Old price: 500-550m New price: 350-500m Item name: Dinh's Bulwark Old price: 100-150m New price: 50-100m Item name: Bandos Chestplate Old price: 225-250m New price: 250-300m Item name: Bandos Tassets Old price: 250-275m New price: 275-325m Item name: Armadyl Chainskirt & Armadyl Chestplate Old price: 300-350m New price: 350-400m Item name: Amulet of torture, Necklace of Anguish & Ring of Suffering Old price: 95m (suffering was 70-80m) New price: All 120-140m Item name: Tormented Bracelet Old price: 100-110m New price: 140-160m Item name: Zenyte Shard Old price: 80m New price: 110-120m
  16. Sleds

    Draynor Price Guide

    And a bond for 21 which goes for 250m-300m, the hammer is just over half the cost in points so makes sense to be around we'll say 100-150m if flat 150m sounds too much? if you see where im coming from
  17. deathscythe

    possible updates?

    The guardian boots are an update for what?
  18. deathscythe

    1 life HCIM

    You could call it One Life Iron Man and i asked for it a long time ago xd
  19. Sleds

    possible updates?

    Great suggestions! look like some fun content for the game, just a heads up that we currently have avernic defender and gharzi rapier but would love to see the rest of the raids 2 items implemented.
  20. Cjtigger

    Rank Update

  21. pgn

    possible updates?

    To whom it may concern; I'm listing a few things I believe would make a great asset to Draynor, and hopefully bring in some more players! 1. Revs. I believe a rev cave would be great for the server, I have asked a few people in-game and they want to see it too! We would be able to have new weapons like a Craws' bow and maybe even the amulet. The amulet could have a cool perk like any drop in the wilderness is noted or something like that. 2. Raids 2 items. I know Raids 2 would be a lot to create which is why I know it'll not happen, but it'd be cool to implement the items like the scythe or justicar armor and things like that in raids possible rewards. 3. Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the guardian boots and would be another armor upgrade plus other drops could be used aswell. I'll be posting more when I have more ideas but for right now I know this is it. I know it's a little much to ask for but just trying to get the conversation started. If you have any questions or comments please, reply below or talk to me in game. -fe pigeon
  22. JP Morgan

    Rank Update

    Could i get the Legendary donor rank and hardcore rank when you get a chance? Thanks
  23. JP Morgan

    1 life HCIM

    I like the idea and challenge. What would you call it since Hardcore IM is already taken?
  24. What does DNA stand for?

  25. To whom it may concern;


    This post will be about what I believe and what other players believe should be added to the server and why we think it would be a great addition...Feel free to critique it below!


    1. Revenants. We would be able to introduce the rev weapons and ammys like the craws' bow and the amulet of averice. The amulet of averice could have a benefit for example anything you loot in the wildy could be noted or something like that. The introduction of revenant's could also give us something else to advertise on all of the rsps websites because now we'll have the weapons to go along with them. It would also give us something else to try to balance out the economy with.


    2. Raids 2. I believe Raids 2 would be a great addition aswell, because it's just something else to bring the community together. Plus new weapons to grind for. That, or you could implement them into raids 1. Either way it'd give us something else to grind for as a server.


    3. Mining stars. Mining stars would also be a great addition to Draynor because you could add some bonuses into the mining store after the star has been destroyed, for example the mining outfit or xp lamps for irons or something along those lines. Plus the xp would be great for people who don't like skilling. 


    4. The Dawn and Dusk bosses. They drop the Guardian boots and it'd be another nice boot selection, plus we could implement other drops in it aswell. 



    Please take a look at this and reply with anything that anyone else might want added and hopefully Mr.Krabz will take the time to read 🙂


    Thank you!


  26. productofwar


    Rune bars in "Slayer Guy" shop
  27. Cjtigger

    1 life HCIM

    Why did i not listen to you, fml YES PLEASE THOUGH I WANT THIS SO BADLY
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