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  2. Cjtigger

    Unofficial Hcim

    From a dc! Made a new acc and it’s already got better gains in half the time
  3. Cjtigger

    Sixty - Moderator Reapplication

    Keyword <TWO> Dances with me during raids +1
  4. Coins

    Sixty - Moderator Reapplication

    you've been super super active after you finished school. i support you
  5. Username: Sixty Time zone: GMT +4 Hours promised: Monday - 5/6 Tuesday - 5/6 Wednesday - 5/6 Thursday - 5/6 Friday - 5/6 Saturday - 5/6 Sunday - 5/6 Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur: None in foresight. The two staff members that are vouching for you: Coins, Cjtigger Why we should approve your application: I think i did my job pretty well when I had the role. Anything else you'd like to tell us: Finished my university degree and currently unemployed, which gave me enough time to get back to playing draynor. Also, the hours promised section is the absolute minimum incase I am not at home or I find a job
  6. Sixty

    Unofficial Hcim

    llol you alreaddy dead noob
  7. Cjtigger

    Unofficial Hcim

    Hey guys, I decided to make a little thread to show my progress on my new unofficial hcim I made called "Fake Hcim", will be posting all of the progress I make similarly to my Unofficial Uim that I have made in the past! With that being said, the only main rule is NO DYING, with a few exceptions of course. Places such as Fight caves, Inferno, Raids are all safe deaths (When ToB comes out, it wont be a safe death). That being said there isn't really any other rules, I probably wont donate any $ on it, to keep it pure. My End goal is to have most high level pvm items, such as all gwd items, all raid items, and will eventually tackle ToB when it comes out!
  8. Cjtigger

    Umbreon's Helper app

    Anybody who can deal with the Arizona heat has a +1 from me In all seriousness, you’re a good lad and would make a good support, solid application, I wish you the best of luck
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  10. Cjtigger

    Rev caves

    Rev caves were added a while ago! Can get to them via pvp teles or run from kbd tele! moved to handled
  11. Cjtigger

    Agility QoL

    Was added a while ago! moved to handled
  12. Cjtigger

    Space bar to continue

    Space bar to continue was added a while ago moved to handled
  13. Cjtigger

    Duo Ironman :o

    Group Ironman was added! Up to 4 people in a group, can check ::commands to see group Ironman commands moved to handled
  14. Cjtigger

    Vial Smashing 🙏

    Was added a long time ago! It is automatically on when making a new account, can toggle it on and off at sir Gawain moved to handled
  15. Cjtigger

    Super Antifire added into the game

    If I’m not mistaken extended antifires act as a super anti fire, in the case that you don’t need an anti dragon shield or dfs. Just combine a lava scale shard to a normal antifire (need 84 Herblore) you get the lava scale shard by grinding a lava scale (from lava dragons) using a pestle and mortar Moved to handled
  16. Cjtigger

    Row (I) & Coins

    This was added a while ago Moved to handled
  17. Cjtigger

    Buying bonds, votes, twisted bow!

    What the title says, pm me on discord, forums, or ingame
  18. Coins

    Helper Application

    i thought after the gim hype you would go afk like you did in the past, you proved me wrong. i support you 110% my friend
  19. Stewie2k

    Helper Application

    Username: - Stewie2k Time zone: - UTC+3 Hours promised: Monday - 14.30-22.30 Tuesday - 14.30-22.30 Wednesday - 14.30-22.30 Thursday - 14.30-22.30 Friday - 14.30-22.30 Saturday - 12.00-24.00 Sunday - 12.00-22.30 Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur: -I currently work for a few months. After that i would belive that i could play a few more tunes everyday The two staff members that are vouching for you: - Cloud,Coins,Cjtigger Why we should approve your application: - I am dedicated to the server. I am everyday online and active. I Mostly helping out new players in the help cc, answering questions and helping out wherever I can and trying answer best what i can. I have never had any experience with being a staff member Anything else you'd like to tell us: - I'll get along with everyone. I think I could influence this server like making it a friendlier environment, I'm positive player always. I will have nice jokes if some needed good jokes. When my works end then i'm back the #1 active - You can always put me message in discord: Stew #1604
  20. Oh Mac


  21. Mr Krabs

    Umbreon's Helper app

    Under review
  22. Umbreon

    Umbreon's Helper app

    Thank you Coins :)
  23. Coins

    Umbreon's Helper app

    application looks good, i see you active and online alot. i personally haven't seen you help people or anything but im always semi afking coding so if cloud, cj vouches for you then im sure you are doing everything right. best of luck mate
  24. Umbreon

    Umbreon's Helper app

    Username: Umbreon/Sylveon Time zone: Arizona (GMT-7) Hours promised: (based on a typical work week) Monday - 10am-12pm + 9:30pm-3am Tuesday - 10am-12pm + 9:30pm-3am Wednesday - 9am-3am (off and on) Thursday - 9am-3am (off and on) Friday - 10am-12pm + 9:30pm-3am Saturday - 10am-12pm + 9:30pm-3am Sunday - 10am-12pm + 9:30-3am Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur: Hours promised are based on a typical work week and mainly the times I am awake and able to be on the server, exceptions will occur when I am given a schedule that varies from my typical schedule and will include times that I have to run errands for my family due to the fact that I am one of two people here who can drive. When my work schedule changes, I will be glad to give notification via discord. Errands will always be announced that I am getting off and for the expected amount of time. The two staff members that are vouching for you: Cjtigger and Cloud Why we should approve your application: I am dedicated to the server and wish to see it grow again. I did recently have a little time where I was not very active due to getting into the swing of my new job and getting some life situations planned out and taken care of. With those having been completed, I am back to being on the server almost all the time while I am at home. I enjoy helping new players and prefer to do so with knowledge rather than just tossing them items and saying have fun. I have been able to get a much better understanding of the server, including exp rates, skill locations, clue locations, drops, ways to do different bosses, and general information. I have had plenty of experience being staff on many servers, some being low player count and some reaching an average 200 players on at a time and everywhere in between. I have held every staff role, with the exception of youtuber and gfx, all roles were earned through dedication and activity. I look forward to continuing to give back to the community that has kept me going on here and doing what I can to bring new players and assist them with anything they may need. Anything else you'd like to tell us: I know the hours promised seem a little out there in terms of seemingly being online any waking time I am at home, but they are legit. I recently lost the only people I would spend time with outside of being on the server and am going to be going balls-to-the-wall on here again. Any consideration to my placement as helper will be greatly appreciated, as well as, any feedback on different aspects you would like me to focus on improving. I am big on feedback, as in my eyes, it is needed in order to improve at any job. So I am always open to receiving any and all feedback that will help to further my job as helper on the server. Also, it is confirmed by Cj, that I am a perpetual noob that he needs on here
  25. Cjtigger

    GIM Event/Accomplishments

    Bump , please let me know if you have any achievement ideas!
  26. Cjtigger

    Suggestions :)

    Rev caves were added. Increased bank space were added, starts at 400 for normals up to 850 depending on your donator status! Cannon was added for 150 votes in the vote store, only able to be used in the same places as osrs
  27. Cjtigger

    Couple Suggestions

    Vile will now break when you finish drinking the potion if you toggle it at sir gawain Can now note items, and unnote at a bank booth, not a personal banker though!
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