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Official F2P PK Event 16/09/17

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On 9/3/2017 at 7:42 AM, Beer said:

Skull_(status)_icon.png.f6c43f28da9fe0c853ff354dfd2c7ec5.png F2P Pk Event Skull_(status)_icon.png.f6c43f28da9fe0c853ff354dfd2c7ec5.png

09/09/17 - 11:59PM GMT +1

This weeks PK event will be based on F2P Pking with monk robes.


Winner will receive 5 Premium boxes and a custom title being ' #1 F2P Pker '.

The runner up will receive 2 Premium boxes.


Rules will be explained on the day.

All items will be supplied as always

The fights will be Death matches(No running, No teleporting away)

Piety WILL be fine to use, as I have no power to see what prayers players are using.


The following supplies below is what everyone is required to use.

Using any other items/food/pots will result in a DQ from the competition.




Swordfish.png.4d24b2a7178361631d1e401f651870b7.pngSwordfish x 26

Rune_2h_sword.png.5660387c39d833a31f7c7775aafd44cc.png Rune 2H x 1

Strength_potion(3).png.a54dd878c6810c461501632db3c6f638.pngStrength potion x 1


Gear set up:


59abe962d0444_Monks_robe_top.png.da667ab3a092ffb27386513336c38ff3.pngMonk robe top

59abe98579889_Monks_robe.png.b92386ba31e79d695d3664d7171cac28.pngMonk robe bottom

Amulet_of_strength.png.7d518a04a1f784a926ba9efa21a25b0f.pngStrength amulet

59abe99dcaff0_Green_dhide_vamb.png.40962d3c0db24e02eb8c4c1c004d06dd.pngGreen d' vambraces

Rune_scimitar.png.0219cc5dd743dd5a193ac8324b842407.pngRune scimitar 

Maple shortbow

1000 Adamant arrow


If you would like to join in the fun please post below and I'll add you to the list.







Doom Blitz10

Nights end




This one I can attend. You should ban Piety, Since it's f2p that's 100% not f2p at all. Just keep it to the basic prayers up to 34 and nothing else. 

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