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Alright guys, this is going to be short and sweet!  We are going to get a PVMing clan together!  



120+ combat

Atleast 90+ combat stats

60+ prayer (at least all protects)

Good PVM gear

*IronMen allowed*  We will work with what you have =]


A PVM clan should not be hard to get into, seeing that the goal is to grind out drops and gain those levels!

Every Thursday we will get together at 20:00hrs Central standard time (8pm) 

If you would like to join post a comment below and we will get you on the roster, and we will get this moving along!

This thread will grow as time goes on and we start getting members in.  We will post pictures of drops/achievements and our goals here.


Need to come up with a name, will leave that up to members to create one and we will vote on one!


One rule: Participate!  -  Show up!



Vet.pngZach W






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Sorry I was not on last night, I have been extremely busy on trying to gather information on these hurricanes that are occurring right now.  We can get together another night this week if anyone would like to..  Let me know.  

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7 hours ago, Zach W said:

@Beer are you going to be active enough to participate?

I'm usually on everyday for couple hours at the staffzone.

What day did you want me to join in on the fun :P

I start a new job today where I'm working splits, mornings 7am-11am, then evenings 6pm-10pm. So may not be able to attend much :pepe:

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