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  1. Hope you're OK hit me up when you're back!

  2. Duo Ironman :o

    If it's easy to code I wouldn't mind it being added - but I can't help but feel that it defies the purpose of the ironman concept. If you want to trade with only one person, why not just make a regular account and agree to only interact with that one person?
  3. 1ST Raid Rewards

    Congrats on the drop Cj! I've added both you and Titans to the list, I don't see why your word wouldn't be enough.
  4. Raid event!!

    3hunna got both those drops? That's amazing! If the next event is hosted at a different time I'll be attending for sure. I need to get some of those juicy drops and doing raids in a group is so much more fun and efficient than soloing.
  5. Im back

    Internet problems are the worst, I'm currently having some major problems myself and it's absolutely killing me. Either way, welcome back and I'm glad you got it fixed!

    Nice newsletter, simple and to the point. Good job on achieving the Veteran rank, Dad and External! I also really like the interview, that should definitely be a Draynor Monthly stable from now on.
  7. Hunter Guide =)

    Perhaps you could add some estimated times for level 99/P5/200m exp on regular as well as hardcore? Would make it a lot more useful. Another thing that'd be interesting to know is how much money you'd make off implings if you were to go for P5 200m exp.
  8. Raid Pets

    Yeah, "all" it takes is a resize and changed properties. This would be absolutely amazing, who wouldn't want to have a crocodile as a pet? What's your thought on their droprate? Should the be as rare as the Olmlet or less rare?
  9. Scorpia

    Bit late to the party, but I agree that the timer should be downsized to something in the range of 10-20 seconds.
  10. Yay :3

    Already? That was really fast. Did you name him yet?
  11. Trimmed Completionist Cape

    Bump for visibility to avoid duplicate threads.
  12. Completionist cape (t)

    This has already been suggested here. In order to avoid duplicate threads and keep the suggestions forum nice and tidy I'm going to lock this thread. If you want you can go to the aforementioned thread and show your support and perhaps add to the suggestion. - Locked
  13. Server Updates 8/1/17-8/31/17

    Really nice updates, great job once again Krabs! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the inferno cape will be obtainable.
  14. cheeky wee collection in progress

    Mmm, collections! Now all you need is one more of each for placeholders. ;) Did you get all of the drops and slayer helmets yourself?
  15. So this happened..

    Wow, after only 26 kills too, that's amazing! Were you going for the pet or are you after one of the sigils?

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