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  1. Boss idea

    Firstly can you reply to each quote in the same post so you're not spamming the post, secondly the playerbase has been increasing this past week compared to it's subtle drop in the last month, a majority of the decrease was due to the natural disaster's occuring throughout USA aswell. Alot of people are just happy to see updates of fixes and small things.
  2. Boss idea

    Krabs is pretty against adding custom items into the game so I doubt it would drop Tetsu, also we've got all the big drops from OSRS so I'm not sure what you'd like to see it drop.
  3. Buyin' fashionscape

    Respective Bump, pretty desperate to get these :)
  4. Few server ideas

    Venenatis is annoying enough as it is for how little profit you make from it.
  5. Buyin' fashionscape

    White or black phat 3a Sword Blessed Spirit shield paying in cash hmu
  6. Potion store

    It actually only has the low tier version of the melee and magic potions (Super set and Super combat are the good potions which arn't in the store) So the idea is still to make your own making an economy for supplies. Cheers for the suggestion though
  7. Server Status

    Cheeky bump
  8. Inferno cave

    Great guide Tats
  9. That was fun..

    needs more dragons
  10. Drop rate bonuses.

    Yes, maximum droprate bonus will add up to 42.5%
  11. Yeah tbh took me maybe 3 hours of boss/hard tasks to get my scroll
  12. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    nah lol rekt
  13. Flame Bating

    Guys please refrain on posting on a report as it's against the rules to do so. I'm giving both of you a warning for your actions in the chat. Requesting lock @Beer @TheMac @ryanheinz @Tatskaaa

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