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  1. Bank Space and more?

    1. Too difficult atm 2. 3. 4. Never happening
  2. Just a Suggestion hear me out

    Customs are none the good tho real talk
  3. Server Updates 2/1/18 - 2/28/18

    Getting 99s, prestiges and 200m global announcements edit: maybe things like "you chop down the tree" etc not too sure on that
  4. Sleds' ReApplication

    No biggie x
  5. Tw0 Staff Application

    Congrats lad woooo 💕
  6. Server Updates 2/1/18 - 2/28/18

    Skrrt krabs ez fashionscape x
  7. ''cheat ironmen'' explained

    fml my life
  8. Farewell for a little while

    Awwwww RUX!!! Love you g, keep sending me vids of Taco and I'll hopefully be able to cope. Best of luck with work bro, always gotta put irl first x <3
  9. good content #1

    Oh no, bad content 69/420
  10. Cyrex/Trevor's Staff Application

    As josh mentioned we have had our differences in the past but you've changed as you mentioned in the recent few weeks so you have my support :) regarding age I think as long as you're mature this is not an issue as @Cjtigger has proven
  11. Sled's Drop log

    Uhhh just found this again and I'll revive. I missed a shit tonne of drops but added them to the post in writing so yeah enjoy :^)
  12. 1. Haven't killed new Zulrah so I can't put in any input 2. Seeing as Rangers are from clues and not a fairly common drop from spiritual mages (like Dragon boots) the pegasian's should be more expensive than primordials by quite a bit, I'm not actually sure what the rate of rangers is but I've completed like 70 mediums (gotten rangers once) and 250 hards (also gotten rangers once) which I don't think is terriblyyyyy bad but that's just me.
  13. My RNG is out of hand

    @Alodia who needs 10k kills ;)
  14. Sleds' ReApplication

    Skrrt shot boys x

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