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  1. Song Of The Day

    Already do g, Red roses is safe as xx
  2. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Sorry for what?
  3. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    For the second time, yes.
  4. Song Of The Day

    Vibes cheaaaa
  5. Rip beard

    Why you talking about your dignity?
  6. Rip beard

    Really want me too cos I will but I hate "showing off"
  7. Rip beard

    Didn't know you could take pictures of your dreams
  8. Rip beard

    Facts, notice when I had a beard I was surrounded by birds then without it I'm at home alone :v(
  9. Rip beard

    So man was just on a shaving mish as ya do and he accidentally cut out a chunk so had to shave it down, Shall I grow it out again or do I look supa kawaii without facial hair xx
  10. Song Of The Day

    Mans not in a good space
  11. Brave's helper application

    +1 fam, would be fit for the position :^)
  12. quote

    Don't deserve lol ggwp
  13. Forgotten PIN Number

    @Mr Krabs
  14. corp beast easy kill

    Why's there 3 of the same photo. lol
  15. nEveR fOrGeT

    Chavs dont get opinions

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