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  1. Alaric

    Welcome to Draynor Alaric!
  2. Boss idea

    Lol why did you just have that laying around
  3. Boss idea

    What would you change the boss drops to? Will it be worth it to kill the boss? Is the boss going to be that detailed because it looks nothing like oldschool runescape.
  4. Boss idea

    Draynor is a oldschool/2007 runescape private server and I think it should stay that way, I understand that draynor is a private server and things can be made and are made which are different to osrs but they are osrs related and or items that are found in osrs with a twist to its original making, tetsu was released late 2012 which is way after the time the servers based around, and 5 years is a pretty big difference in time. No support
  5. little suggestion!

    Would love all of these, should make lumberjack untradeable though
  6. looting bag suggestion

    Exactly, development takes time, Mr Krabs would be wasting time developing something that isn't needed, what we do need right now more than ever is new content to bring in new people as well as to get old players to come back.
  7. looting bag suggestion

    Why waste time developing a looting bag when he can be making new content that we actually need?
  8. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    Duo slayer works for bosses as well:
  9. Potion store

    There is no such thing as a super range potion :P
  10. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    Yay for the 12 hour voting, more votes = more players which we definitely need! nice job
  11. Few server ideas

    Fully working catacombs would be nice and has been suggested multiple times in the past Armadyl honestly isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be, I did it in practically no gear at all (I used leather set and snakeskin boots as well as rune darts) and still managed to get a kill, it's not meant to be extremely easy and I think that the other godwars bosses should get a buff if anything
  12. looting bag suggestion

    Although it'd be great for that, who actually pks on the server? I pk deep wildy from time time but I only find somebody once a blue moon and even then it's usually somebody with no risk 1 iteming at barrows or somebody training agility and it's not like food is expensive or hard to obtain on the server.
  13. Potion store

    No support I like having to make potions myself and it gives incentive to actually do herblore post prestige 5 :)
  14. This was already suggested a while back and was denied, I personally don't see a use for it as it is unlimited charges and is already pretty op in my opinion -1
  15. suggestion: inferno cave & row (i)

    No support The inferno isn't meant to be too easy and at the moment it's not too hard it just requires patience and time, even with bad gear it's doable it'd just take a little longer than somebody in maxed gear :) Also, ring of wealth (i) is meant to be a donator only item and only that :)

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