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    I love bowling, soccer, and Runescape (of course)
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    The Wilderness =D

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  1. This or that?

    Krabs Apple or Banana
  2. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thanks man
  3. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thank you for the support :)
  4. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thanks for the support :)
  5. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thanks for the support guys =D
  6. Server Updates 11/1/17 - 11/30/17

    The updates this month are actually insane, amazing work Krabs!
  7. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    <3 Thanks for the support guys!
  8. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thanks for the support guys <3 Also thanks for the kind words snickers :)
  9. Username: Cjtigger Date joined: Beginning of April Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (-7) Average hours played per day: 10+ Do you have skype? Yes I do Have you read the entire staff application thread to see what we look for and the reasons your application may be denied? Yes and I fully understand if I am denied Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain. None ingame although, not meaning to, spammed a thread a couple months ago and received a warning from Beer. What have you done within the community to make yourself stand out as a potential staff candidate? Ever since I have joined, I have tried my hardest to help my fellow members in any way possible. I help with any questions anyone may have whether its prices, the trivia, how to start out making money, just to name a few. I contribute to the forums every day, I have even made a few guides and I am planning to make plenty more of them. I will continue to help out in any way possible throughout my time of playing draynor. Are you reliable in activity? If you are not, this is a major reason for an application to be denied. I am reliable in activity unless something huge happens irl, I believe irl should always come first. Anything else you would like to tell us: Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application, I appreciate all feedback negative and positive whichever it may be. If you'd like to chat or have any further questions about my staff application, feel free to pm me ingame :)
  10. Rip beard

    You've got my snapchat
  11. Rip beard

    Show me all the pictures of these "birds" Your sisters don't count, you're not Torvesta
  12. Rip beard

    You were always at home alone. It was all a dream
  13. my harcore luck

    You're purely the reason I don't and probably never will play my hcim again
  14. Deeming clue hunter outfit valuable and viable

    What is the drop rate increase and is it individual pieces or the full set? nevermind I didn't see the post

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