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  1. Bank Space and more?

    Relatively the same, both are games of chance
  2. Bank Space and more?

    1. Bank space has been talked about since the server came out, and trust me, Krabs wants more too it's just difficult to code 2. Rev caves I wouldn't mind seeing added, but I don't think they're essential 3. I don't think this would be beneficial for the server 4. Gambling was taken away for numerous reasons, it did way more harm than good, I doubt it'll be coming back in the near future, my opinion on it is a definite NO
  3. PVP | Ghostly Pkers

    I'm new to pking, but I could be the meat-shield, I would love to join :)
  4. HCIM and the purple donor

    @Zach W @Mr Krabs
  5. Suh dudes

    Welcome to the server
  6. Mr Billz

  7. PvM/PvP The Untamed

    I would join but I have to be in help cc 100% of the time I wish you the best of luck with your clan though, glad someone's doing this
  8. Hunt for all Pets

    Sure! Screenshots are pretty cool! Would love to see how lucky (or unlucky like me) you are when getting all your pets :)
  9. Hunt for all Pets

    Dang, lucky duck Goodluck lad
  10. ''cheat ironmen'' explained

    Smh my head.
  11. Farewell for a little while

  12. good content #1

    Good content, pls more
  13. PK Event

    Was fun! Thanks for hosting @Zach W, shame you couldn't make it @DONNIE COLA you are by far the best bridder on the server (in my opinion) would've definitely taken home the title
  14. Draynor Price Guide

    Us staff can't decide all the prices, we need some community input too! Feel free to let us know what you'd like to have changed

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