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  1. Obsusssive trolling and herassment report

    100% serious @chubs
  2. Username: Fog WalkerUsername of player being reported: Mr Ironman and SaltyReason player is being reported: Obsessive trolling and herassmentDate & time of the incident: September 04 2017Evidence of rule being broken: Her is a pic of them trolling the herassment i don't have a pic of as i put them on ignore immedieatly. https://imgur.com/a/GQ1Cx https://imgur.com/a/g2eOA https://imgur.com/a/ZAwTU Here is the pic proving they ar5e on my ignore list https://imgur.com/a/XSfbg Pleas deal with these players as this is getting annoying as hell and i am srsly about to flame the hell outta them!

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