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  1. Item bug

    OK ty for the up date Mr Krabs keep up the strong work boss man <3
  2. Item bug

    Great idea Snickers as this was the only one I had that i could check.
  3. Boss idea

    Well CJ tbh y i have it just laying around i have no idea but then again i am also half Japanese so i guess it was probably something i forgot about and when i was think up of boss ideas and such as books give me a lot of my ideas i came across it and figured y not put it out there.
  4. Boss idea

    Yes i know exactly what u mean but tbh i have herd so many players complaining that we need more content so weather he like to add stuff that is not osrs related or not the fact that we need more content Doesn't change, and that is what is causing less and less players to play every day as i have noticed in the last week we have went from having 9 on at all times to less than 5 online at all times. So weather it is osrs related or not maybe it would be a good idea to add so rs3 content to get more players as at the rate things are going i am sorry to say it but i don't see us getting big again anytime soon unless some changes are made.
  5. Boss idea

    Bruh hate to tell u but this isn't from anything even remotely close to Tekken or Skyrim this is actually an illustration taken strait out of my history textbook from when i took Japanese history in university and he was a half demonic effigy that lived back in 207 A.D.
  6. Boss idea

    Well cj thats y i made this topic so we could maybe get some suggestions on what the boss should drop also ofc i don't expect the boss to be this detailed as i posted the pic so people could see roughly what the boss would be. Also I wanted a detailed pic so everything was seen from the beads to the talons for hands he has so if it is added there is a general guideline for it's design. Ofc I agree 100% with you something this detailed isn't osrs but i also done expect this much detail to be there, also should this be a group boss considering the 10k hp or a solo boss? So feel free to post some suggestions as i am intrested to see what the community thinks and what they can come up with.
  7. Boss idea

    well cj i see what u mean but then explain the wild krab that isn't osrs so i don't see a problem with the boss maybe just change the drops.
  8. Item bug

    Ok so the bug i found involves the ancient robe top would like to thank Snickers for helping me find out if it was an items bug or if it was just bugged on a female character and unfortunately it is the item that is bugged below is a screen shot showing how it is bugged. As you can see in the pic the arms don't show.
  9. looting bag suggestion

    I agree that y i suggest a new boss just recently need help tho on it so feel free to comment.
  10. Boss idea

    Ok so I have herd alot of people talking about needing new content and i thought why not a new boss. Some possible stats for the boss: Hp- 10,000 Atk accuracy 75% hit rate Str power max hit between 20-40 throught protect 70 without prayers Def power 40-50% blocking rate Of course these are just rough stats and are open to suggestions however we don't want anything to easy. Also I could use some idea for the drops as i can only think of a few atm and i know not to many players like customs. However if it were to drop any customs the 2 I would like to see would be the weapon and and amulet maybe have the amulet give a nice prayer bonus of like +15 or so. Also could make this boss drop the Tetsu Armor. Tell me what u guys think her is a pic of what the boss would look like.
  11. looting bag suggestion

    i agree but all development takes time so either way u will be waiting on the development whatever the case may be.
  12. looting bag suggestion

    I agree but y waste food or bank to get more when u don't have to?
  13. Server Status

    Ty for this post Mr. Krabs and if u need help with anything just pm me when i am online m8 i'll do what ever i can.
  14. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    Lmfao Sounds like someone need to fap to pixels cuz they can't get the real thing so go sploog on ur belly some more u sad little kid.
  15. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    Torva your a funny guy I just looked u up on high scores and it says no results found for your user name also your not even ranked in the top 20 for hardcore so of course u wouldn't mind after all your not losing anything. P.S. I also checked regular high scores and your not even ranked in the top 20 there so where are the 3 ranked #1's u speak of because according to the high scores you don't even exist

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