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  1. Buying amulet of torture and a slayer reset task form, over paying
  2. Buying both of these within reasonable price
  3. Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    Holy shit go snicks tearing it
  4. Iron Man stuff

    What could these items be though
  5. Farming

    A little suggestion to make the server feel nice and clean is to fix the farming graphics dunno what to call them. So when you rake the weeds it actually disappears and when you plant the seed the herb appears and vanishes when it gets fully picked. Yeah you get the vibes just think it’ll be much less confusing for new players :)
  6. Hunt for all Pets

    Goodluck sugar tits I know you can do it <3 you doing it on No Torva acc or any acc??
  7. Suh dudes

    Welcome dude! If you need anything throw me a pm or just ask ingame we’re all friendly :)
  8. Ironman Bank Goals & Checklist

    DFS on current target need one anyway :)
  9. Emblem selector

    Bring it bitch
  10. Emblem selector

    Quick suggestion of a command or an NPC that changes our emblem because currently I’m in a predicament I don’t want the donor emblem id prefer the HCIM as I have a title so no one knows I’m an Ironman
  11. Ironman Bank Goals & Checklist

    Happy to say I’ll be continuing this after a break. Still ironing few things out but should be back to grinding within few weeks!
  12. Mr Billz

    Welcome ma dood
  13. Kodai

    I gotchu. Most likely be on tomorrow :)
  14. Cyrex/Trevor's Staff Application

    I haven’t been on much but I know for a fact when I first joined I was pming you about everything lmao you also hooked me up with a little starter kit, get my +1 anytime of the week! Goodluck trev
  15. Void rework

    Don’t like the idea of losing it. But I love the idea of it becoming a broken state like barrows does. 5-10m to fix per piece

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