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  1. 3rd age range top

    Topic can be closed now :)
  2. Raid store.

    I'd personally increase these amount of raids by about 20%. This would make dedicated players gain more items rather than a day worth of raids. I love the idea tho 100000% support
  3. Points

    I like the cosmetics idea mate
  4. Cj wanna explain this?

    CJ is gay
  5. Points

    Only isssue is compiling a list of what to add, there's been huge debate in the community for months on what to change in the slayer/trivia/vote store. There's also many good drops in game already so it'll be like spoiling the eco, the whole fun of them 1k kc's is when you finally get the drop!
  6. Fog walkers staff app

    Very helpful and active user, I'd consider supporting you in a few weeks seeing your activity being a consistent thing. Try get back to old routine of being a 24/7 user, then reopen your staff app :) best of luck and welcome back
  7. I'm Back Finally

    Welcome back Megan :)
  8. Bye demonic gorillas

    Shadow sword - 700-900m or $50 donor store
  9. Few Suggestions

    Seabear and revelant would be richest ig lmao
  10. Bye demonic gorillas

    Get to fuck no you didn't... :O BET you used cheats
  11. Few Suggestions

    I like them all except the loyalty one, why should players be rewarded for AFKing? Also I dislike titles being dished out, I prefer them being a donator only item. Good suggestions though I think these would be nice little additions, good job
  12. No Torva's Staff Application

    Key word there though is WERE. I've saw a vast improvement from you over the past few months/weeks when you've been on. If you can get back to being as active as you were I don't see anything holding you back. Although your past was iffy that's why we call it the past
  13. Titans staff application

    Try building a bit More community rep ingame as I've seen very little of you. Other than that I wish you the best of luck
  14. 2nd kc raids?!@

  15. Be back shortly!

    Ty fella have fun running the show ;)

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