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  1. Is water wet?

    Cheeky slut
  2. Is water wet?

    Draynor. Let’s discuss this. Is water wet?
  3. Daily tasks

    Mate. I love this. Possibly even weekly challenges which have to be extremely hard aka - kill 300 graardor - fish 50,000 lobster Daily/ weekly or even monthly challenges would be siiiiick
  4. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Finally!!! Congrats dude good luck on your journey
  5. Expert Mode

    Stop the pressure I didn’t think of that :’(
  6. Song Of The Day

    @Mr Krabs dis more like it
  7. Expert Mode

    Just a wee suggestion to add expert mode. Here’s a little more information - expert mode would be a mode where you get 1 life and 1 life only and if you die you can spectate the account but not do anything with it. This mode would also be a hardcore iron man basically with 1 life.
  8. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    I’ll always support you, judging off everyone else’s comments you’ve matured 100x more than few months ago. Wish you the best of luck!
  9. Skilling Tools

    Don’t really like the idea of MORE dxp items. Already have vote tickets, the well and multiple independent skilling tools. If anything I’d say remove the golden hammer and gloves of silence and add in something for agility and herblore
  10. Vetrooooon rank

    Bak me up bby @Sixty
  11. Vetrooooon rank

    message to all staff. I won’t stand for this nonsense, sort your players out or I will have to release my taekwondo skills on those bitches
  12. Winter's Introduction

    Welcome to draynor! Wildly is like an STD. Don’t go in if your not protected 😎
  13. Vetrooooon rank

    You back stabbah
  14. Vetrooooon rank

    Username: Cain Date joined: April 12, check it out bish

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