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  1. Gem Rock

    Especially for any Hardcore Iron Men.
  2. Gem Rock

    Have been thinking about maybe adding a Gem rock into the game, maybe in the donator area? Let me know what you think..
  3. Alaric

    Welcome Alaric! If you need help, feel free to pm me on here or in-game! Have fun!! =]
  4. Buyin' fashionscape

    I'll sell ya fasionscape ;]
  5. Hello

    Hey guys, I know my activity has been low lately but this is because I have started back up teaching for a couple months and it just beats me to death so it's hard to come home and play draynor for 5 hours and sit in a computer chair not moving around when I am tired and sore. I promise I will play everyday, but there is no telling how long I will be on for but I will be on for a decent amount of time a day. Just a little update on my life! =]
  6. My Inferno Guide! - By Range

    Good guide, looking forward to trying to achieve the cape myself here soon! =]
  7. little suggestion!

    Add the smith 'x' option after I get p5 smithing and I will lose my mind.
  8. Boss idea

    Gives us a chance to kill one of @Mr Krabs kind because we can't kill him... =[
  9. Few server ideas

    We do not need to buff arma, but we do need to add catacombs =]
  10. suggestion: inferno cave & row (i)

    Inferno is meant to be hard. I haven't completed it yet either, [until tats gimme that tbow] you will get there!
  11. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    That is how it works, I found the idea from a youtube video
  12. Potion store

    Dying irl atm..
  13. Server Status

    Keep up the work Krabs, I have faith in you and the server! =]
  14. slayer tab started 13th september 17

    Awesome man, looking forward to seeing how much you make! =]
  15. 500 Gold keys loot tab

    I'm looking at the long run here ;P

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