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  1. ive donated for 100$ and need new donor rank for titans here on forums :D
  2. Looting bag & Rune pouch???

    i been suggested this an never a word an rune pouch is more than 3 types of runes btw lets try 5 diff runes
  3. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    you don't have my support at all. sorry not sorry
  4. corp beast easy kill

    my best way to kill corp if anyone doesn't know how to or is scared to go after the great beast. have a friend or another account spec him out with another dragonwar hammer to lower his defence. after I found this out I can kill him only in 2 trips so I'm really happy.
  5. cannon.

    i think we need to have a cannon ingame maybe in range shop for 50m and make it real good. :) cuz who doesnt have cannonballs already i know i do so lets get to adding a darn cannon ingame @Mr Krabs
  6. Vetrooooon rank

    you wish bub. ill use my jujitsu on yall.
  7. Winter's Introduction

    yeah i said it. literally RUN wild in the wildy. cuz noone would pk me or even try to kill me
  8. Winter's Introduction

    welcome winter glad to have some pkers online now. back then i used to run wild and got boring because noone killed the wildy bosses or went to wildy agilitycourses. but yea welcome
  9. Vetrooooon rank

    take it away from him. he doesnr deserve it
  10. Vetrooooon rank

    take it away from him. he doesnr deserve it
  11. Buying 140k scales

    lemme fet a kilo of uncut onyx please
  12. Brave's introduction

    yea noone cares lol jk
  13. Server Updates 10/1/17 - 10/31/17

    yes boys we got some more cool updates
  14. I have some weird luck

    wow luck with this one is real

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