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  1. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    I don think so I tried with fog walker and didn't work.
  2. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    what about duo slayer can it be for bosses too?
  3. First off i would like to discuss and suggest that inferno cave is pretty hard to players who arent that good/rich to be able to conquer that cave to obtain the cape, so i came up with an idea suitable for low/med wealth players to obtain the cape. if someone dies on a certain wave like for instance wave 49 and they have to restart all over it gets fustrating so maybe if a player has to pay a firecape to be able to recontinue on that same wave would be a great deal. For the row (i) instead of donating just to get this ring could there be a way to make the ring like maybe have 99mage and 99 crafting and 99 smithing to make it or as a drop from a boss. let me know what you guys think of these two suggestions for the game.
  4. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    thats how your suppose to make it lol right? and i think after you die in inferno youd have to pay another firecape to that specific wave that you died at because it makes it harder for people that cant afford max mage and range gear to fully attempt it. you know for the low class players
  5. Potion store

    maybe add ranging potion but not prayer or super potions ya know.
  6. Server Status

    thanks krabs for this post hope everyone reads this
  7. That was fun..

    thank you so much man I appreciate that
  8. That was fun..

    im kinda good at prayer flicking but i just need to know the names of each monster and what attack styles they use. im ready for 3 jads i know i can take em on. but these little shits will kill me haha
  9. That was fun..

    okay what about the bats? what do i pray for those? when the big blob comes idk what to pray for him aswell and when he dies he made 2 little ones who kill me.
  10. That was fun..

    man can yall make the guide please. all i need to know which monsters to pray. like when you kill the little jal ak's do they mage you or range you?
  11. That was fun..

  12. Inferno game is out!

    yes!!!! i cant wait to try this out. i actually grinded 6 firecapes but glad to see it takes one.
  13. I do like the idea of the "previous task" option and also I would like krabs to add the back button to the ironman guy aswell for us ironmans.
  14. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    FUCK GWD MINIONS WAIT NO!!! I hate bandos minions fuck those little shits.
  15. Raid store.


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