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  1. Haven't added me on osrs? fuckbait. Username: Surge Spells don't be a dick
  2. Hunt for all Pets

    I've had so many accounts on Draynor and all my pets on different accounts. I'm going to comp My Karbs today so I'll be doing the remainder of the pets on there.
  3. Emblem selector

    Tough titties dammit.
  4. SploogeBob road to 200ms

    update: 200m prayer achieved
  5. Hunt for all Pets

    Once I comp on My Karbs, then I will be pet hunting again. I have all of these guy scattered on all of my accounts haha. Not all on one account.
  6. Hunt for all Pets

    Would you guys like screenshots of the drops as well? or just pets?
  7. Hunt for all Pets

    This was before they got nerfed, now it takes forever!
  8. Hunt for all Pets

    Should I keep updating this list, or let it die?
  9. Buying Bones

    SELLING IN BULK AND ILL UP THE PRICE Dragon bones - 250k ea Wyvern Bones - 275k ea Dagannoth Bones - 300k ea Ourg Bones - 315k ea Lava Dragon Bones - 350k ea
  10. SploogeBob road to 200ms

    Sorry guys, been distracted a bit, will be on tonight and will finish the 3k dag kings and pictures to come!
  11. SploogeBob road to 200ms

    I haven't been playing that often, but it's different now, ill post some screenshots and suchhhh
  12. SploogeBob road to 200ms

    Bouta see some fun stuff
  13. Cyrex/Trevor's Staff Application

    So there are a few things I like about your application. I like the fact that you're active and PLAY the server. I think it's very important that the staff members play the server and not just sit around at home and occasionally do something. Another thing that I like is the time zone that you're in. It seems like we have a lack of staff members on at this time and it's always needed. Yes, I know you are younger and I know we had our differences in the past, but I give my support to you as staff because you do help people when it's needed. +1
  14. Boss Slayer Exp Rates (Complete!)

    Does this include double exp?

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