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  1. Expert Mode

    Did you come back from the grave?
  2. Buying Twisted Bow

    Best way to get in contact with me would be on forums. I will start the price at 6b and we can negotiate. IGN: Sploogebob
  3. Selling Bonds

    Yeah I'll never risk fight you again as you eat at 80 hp so no point in doing that. 300m per $5 if anyone is interested.
  4. Selling Bonds

    Legit hate this community, no joke.
  5. Selling Bonds

    I am selling any amount of bonds for 300m for $5. 300m wtf?! Yes 300m. There is a lot of money in eco, not a lot of bonds. Oh well. Please don't comment "outrageous" "scammer" "nonsense"
  6. Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    What made you want to come back to play?
  7. Prayer Update

    I mean, there is always the option to slay for your bones like Snickers did. I don't get why people want to make skilling easier. You chose to be a hardcore for a reason man, stick it out I know you can do it.
  8. Prayer Update

    8 and a half hours isn't anything man. Hardcore isn't supposed to be easy. By what you suggested, it makes it so much easier to train it. Even though I don't play anymore, I still don't support this suggestion.
  9. buying coal!

    Look who is back :o
  10. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    ding ding ding
  11. Server Status

    No one really understood that the reset and economy thing was a SUGGESTION. I would love to see t he server where it once was, or at least 30+ base players at once even though I don't play as much. I've been playing since almost the beginning and want it to keep thriving no matter what happens. Stay positive everyone, and I'll try and do the same.
  12. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    Actually resetting the highscores was a brilliant idea.. I didn't think of that at all. And I am Sploogebob. Careful Frog Walker, I'll go sploogebob all over your pixel face!
  13. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    Once again, I wouldn't mind at all. Santora and Snickers and Tyder all had double exp rings and that's how they got 4.4b exp, same with max prestige on hardcore. I don't mind getting stats reset or else I wouldn't suggest something like this. I already have x3 200m prestige 5 skills on hardcore I'll be perma rank 1 in those. Bottom line, I don't care about losing exp even if I was max. lo 3;l
  14. That was fun..

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