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  1. Potion store

    Ooh ye im dumb lol. just made extremes or w/e on rs3
  2. Potion store

    Maybe add the regular range potion to shop. Super ones only obtainable via herblore or buying from other players.
  3. suggestion: inferno cave & row (i)

    No support from me either. Inferno is supposed to be hard and row (i) is donation only.
  4. Inferno cave

    go grind dem capes ppls
  5. Inferno cave

    Method i've found best here is to go into corner like this: Then just try to kill monsters 1 by 1. I always kill Jal-Aks+3 small it spawns first. Inventory i'm using: Gear i'm using: Just use best magic bonus you got. But most wont be able to afford for twisted bow or pegasians so replace them with rune/arma crossbow or blowpipe and snakeskin boots. Monsters and what they attack with: Lvl Image Name HP Attack(s) Max Hit Notes 32 Jal-Nib 10 15 15 Melee (Crush) 4 Attacks the pillars in the room. If they manage to destroy them the pillar is useless for safespotting. 85 Jal-Mejrah 25 55 120 Ranged 19 Much like the Tz-Kih, but drains run energy and stats instead of prayer. 165 Jal-Ak 40 95 160 Magic, Ranged 29 Much like the Tz-Kek, but attacks with magic and ranged. The style is the opposite of the player's current prayer, but has a delay so switching before the projectile is launched provides full protection. Spawns three smaller versions of itself on death using each side of the combat triangle. 240 Jal-Imkot 75 120 120 Melee (Slash) 49 Performs high damage melee attacks. If unable to attack the player, it will burrow down and pop up near the player to attack them. 370 Jal-Xil 130 60 90 Ranged, Melee 46 Much like the Tok-Xil 490 Jal-Zek 220 260 300 Magic, Melee 70 Like a Ket-Zek, but can revive slain monsters in the current round they appear in. The revived monsters have half health and are only revived once. 900 JalTok-Jad 350 480 510 Magic, Melee, Ranged 113 A much stronger version of Tztok-Jad, and can summon healers when it reaches half health. 1400 Tzkal-Zuk 1200 260 150 Magic, Ranged 251 The final boss in the Inferno. You MUST know what to pray on jads attacks. I'd suggest using t bow in these: TzKal-Zuk, JalTok-Jad and Jal-Zek. Saves you alot of time and makes easier overall. Hope this gave you any hints+tips to what to do on cave. Let me know if you need any other tips for the cave :) enjoy the grinds.
  6. Official F2P PK Event 16/09/17

    sign me in :D
  7. British tele

    Spiders are cool
  8. Raid store.

    Still sounds as dope as earlier. Atleast with my raids rng
  9. HCIM

    6k kc and counting. Would just like a placeholder already
  10. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    What an awesome way to start the month
  11. Personal goals.

    Ppls gimme some challenges other than corp
  12. 02/09/17 Official Dharok PK Event

    sing me in
  13. Selling Tbow


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