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  1. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    I support this.
  2. sph here!

    Welcome to the forum and to Draynor! I know I've spoken with you in game and you seem to be getting a good grasp on everything! Lemme know if you wanna pvm or have any questions :D
  3. Scorpia

    hey! I didn't suggest it ! lol.
  4. Upgraded Slayer Reset Scroll

    I like the task blocking idea! Block Vetion, Kalphites, and Zulrah for me por favor!
  5. Dwarf Multicannon

    I am pretty indifferent, I agree with Aeon in the moneysink/cannonball market! I would love to hear krabs input on actually adding a cannon and its possibilities with coding
  6. Scorpia

    Hey @Zach W would you mind literally timing the time to spawn after you kill it for me? :D That way we can compare it to say skotizo, callisto, etc
  7. Raid Pets

    This would be fun! Are these pets in osrs or would krabs have to create them?

    Really good to see @cjtigger and @beer back on Draynor!
  9. Scorpia

    Totally agree on a quicker respawn, I've wondered about a few monsters' spawn rates actually
  10. PVM Challenge

    Yes it sort of was haha. I remember being up really late. I have attempted this a ton, especially at the Thermonuclear Dust Devil, but haven't been able to pull it off.
  11. Well, I did it !

  12. Well, I did it !

    COngrats!! I am still slowly working on this myself.. l0l
  13. Revival of weekly events.

  14. My Idea to help the server grow!

    I've hit 80's using DH on this server. I think it was at the Giant Mole. I like your suggestions, I really do think we need to revamp the voting store every few months or so. I also think it would be cool if a ton of us had zerker pures to have some fun pking on. I made one or two of them actually lol.
  15. Tab making

    I agree with this in the case of Iron man accounts. Using cash for those is probably not what you wanna spend cash on. However I am not an iron so I don't know what you spend cash on haha

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