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  1. Rev caves

    plus 1
  2. Hunt for all Pets

    Damn I just noticed the KC, you savage lol Keep it up!
  3. Catacombs Map

  4. Suh dudes

    Welcome!! Enjoy your stay sir
  5. Mr Billz

    I have a lot of questions, but I'll hold off lol. Welcome to Draynor, Enjoy your stay!
  6. THOSE DECORATIVE LEGS~!!!! I want!+ Very nice box opening! :D
  7. pls can i have the dragon items and buy the tiers :)
  8. ''cheat ironmen'' explained

    ya'll are wild ffs fucks sake
  9. Official skilling pet rates

    First person to get ALL rift guardians possible gets my account/bank. Good luck. EDIT: No, I'm not serious, but if you do this you're actually a legend.
  10. Farewell for a little while

    Hi everyone, I will be checking out for a while unfortunately. My work/life balance has gotten rather tough to balance. I will continue to vote daily if I think of it (I'll set a reminder ), and occasionally get online. Right now, my plan is to re-join in June! I hope to see you all then!
  11. SploogeBob road to 200ms

    Damn this about a year old :D
  12. Official skilling pet rates

    damn bout to do 1000 agility laps, RIP
  13. Draynor Price Guide

    I think that's fair. There are a few changes that could be made! These prices are so dynamic so its kind of hard, perhaps if one of the staff members was incharge of the price guide :P

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