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  1. Song Of The Day

    Thx for sharing your soundcloud playlist with us
  2. Expert Mode

    Cool beans me likey
  3. Cerberus

    Thank you for the report :)
  4. Song Of The Day

  5. Song Of The Day

    Music helps free my mind and Relax my soul, I enjoy posting music here even if nobody listens to them, it's just my way of expressing how I feel on a certain bad day. Therapeutic for myself
  6. Song Of The Day

    @Sleds you'll like this guy
  7. Song Of The Day

    RIP Love u peep x RIP
  8. my harcore luck

    very nice work homeboi
  9. Rip beard

    lol fake and gay
  10. Brave's helper application

    Well thought out application, good details. I like to see at least 8+ weeks of activity before I show any support, but my opinion is irrelevant I'm only active via the forum, best of luck bud.
  11. Closed markets

    Staff may close your topic on buying and selling If the thread is several weeks old, keeps the market section more clean and better for players to use. If a thread was closed but the market was still active just rewrite the topic back up, sorry for and inconveniences.
  12. Arma legs


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