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  1. Suh dudes

    Late welcome bud, enjoy your time here!
  2. Zulrah Guide (REVAMPED)

    Great guide, love the effort youre putting in to help players of Draynor, we're lucky to have you around
  3. Staff app

    I know what is required for an application to be accepted, you should also seeing as you were a support for 4 days :). Anyways my opinion and advice is valid anyone else has an issue with me not getting this inside joke feel free to slide in the dms
  4. My drop log

    Looking forward to this log bro, best of luck

  6. Cleaned up the market section by closing old posts, if your thread is still active reach out to me and ill reopen it :)

  7. Suggestions I

    Moved to suggestions
  8. PVP | Ghostly Pkers

    Awesome to see some PK clans, what are the hot spots at the moment? :P
  9. Staff app

    Well expect this application to be denied
  10. Staff app

    Maturity is Key. Your application will be denied by using the format like a child. If you want your application to be taken seriously you would have left this out of your staff application. That being said, weak application regardless of the irrelevant joke towards CJ. My advice delete this, show some maturity in the next few weeks on the forum, keep the chat logs in game clean as they will be checked before any application gets approved. Hope you understand my criticism and don't take it to hard :).
  11. Server Updates 2/1/18 - 2/28/18

    Awesome to see the safe zone pvp added at home after discussing it a month or two ago
  12. Cerberus Guide

    Your guides recently are catching my eye and probably other staff members eyes to, keep up the great work Cloud. Very informative, the guides are a great addition to our forum to help the newer player base and amature pvmers. much love xx
  13. PvM/PvP The Untamed

    Best of the luck with the clan
  14. Saradomin guide (SOLO)

    Nice work bud

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