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  1. Alaric

    Welcome to draynor alaric! whenever u need help let me know either on forums or ingame.
  2. Prims, Tent, Torture

    I can sell prims
  3. Forgotten Pin

    @Mr Krabs help him out broooo
  4. Item bug

    @Mr Krabs check other god robes too just in case
  5. buying coal!

    ive always been around ;) now sell me coal
  6. little suggestion!

    Add smith x option If possible add runecrafting pet- rift guardian( there is rift guardian for every rune so there might be a poll or something to actually know which one to add) Seed stall or master farmer to steal herb seeds Add cut speed boost to lumber jack armour(must have full lumber jack armour for this to take effect)
  7. Buying 7k coal pm me on forums or in-game if you see me and wish to sell!

  8. buying coal!

    buying 4k coal!
  9. Server Status

    glad to hear this
  10. Fog walkers Vet rank app

    if u scroll down on forum main page ull see list of all the accounts made starting from the bottom in chronological order, u might want to check that to see if any of them seem familiar too you and might be your account, if not then u just have to be active and wait couple months.
  11. Be back shortly!

    in that short period i dont see why u should resign just take ur time and sort everything out and if it takes longer or something then think about resigning. take care ;)
  12. Dad's helper application.

    You know u got my support ;)
  13. Max/comp cape perks

    i believe max capes are good enogh as they are right now because they are really not that hard to achive, but comp cape definitly needs perks, it has been mentioned to krabs numerous times and i believe he has started on working on them over the months or atleast they are on hes to do list :) This is what was suggested to each skill cape, and all of them to comp cape before, way back when comp cape got added :)
  14. Snickers Staff Application

    @Aeon @TheMac can u please close this thread for now my activity wont get any better for now, i will help out as much as i can as regular player for now and revisit applying to staff team in autumn. Best of luck to you guys :)
  15. Snickers Staff Application

    Username: Snickers Date joined: 30th Nov Time zone: GMT+2 Average hours played per day: varies alot over summer i can be gone for days sometimes because i do have a life outside of home :) Do you have skype? Staff team has my skype and im part of staff chat. Have you read the entire staff application thread to see what we look for and the reasons your application may be denied? Used to be admin/staff manager here so i think i know exactly what you guys look from staff Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain. i havent, and i never abused my powers as staff What have you done within the community to prove that you are a good candidate? There are so many things ive done and almost everyone is familiar with my work. Are you reliable in activity? If you are not, this is a major reason for an application to be denied. As i mentioned before my activity can be an issue over summer and i do understand if i might get denied but im sure the time i can be online will be productive in helping, dealing with issues and punishing if needed. Anything else you would like to tell us: I am reapplying because there isnt much staff team to go around and i would like to contribute some of my time to help out again, of course i will continue helping as much as i can without actual staff powers. Also i would like to say that i am applying for moderator position because well i think i have experience enough to skip helper rank

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