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  1. Demonic Gorillas Guide

    Not just new players lol im a noob in pvm and these guides are major help for me too :)
  2. Bank Space and more?

    You guys werent here when gambling was allowed. Trust me it wont come back, i dont know why you still try to push it trough, the harm it did wasnt worth those couple players that came then gambled and left. Also it had huge effect on economy when like 3 players held most of the economy noone selling anything like ever. Now the dxp well affects market but also cleans eco so its balanced.
  3. Staff app

    I have to agree with @Beer on this one. I do get the humor part but still staff application isnt a place for that. I personally suggest that you make a new one that shows mature side of you.
  4. PVP | Ghostly Pkers

    @Beer wildy resource wildy barrows chaos altar in wild are hotspots where players mostly get killed
  5. Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    Updates: Reached 200m herblore udated that skill added strength added hitpoints added slayer
  6. Cerberus Guide

    Keep up the good work with guides loving them.
  7. in need of forum rankk

  8. Zamorak Guide (SOLO)

    these solo guides going to help me out so much good job making them keep them coming.
  9. Veteran

    Handled on forums.
  10. Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    Updates: •Herblore skill/added some potions i have finished. •Mbox count
  11. Voting guide

    Very nice guide, good job! Pinned it.
  12. Bandos guide (SOLO)

    Wow so much detail was a fun read. Good job!
  13. Suh dudes

    Welcome, enjoy your stay here, hit me up if u need any assistance/help.
  14. Items/places that give xp boost.

  15. Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    Updated: Mbox count/added link to 500 opening i did Added (completed) text separeted combat and non combat skills Added crafting, runecrafting, prayer skills (200m in those) Added herblore skill to finish non combat skills column Updated cash/loot made from skilling/ xp

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