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  1. full ancestrial and kodai wand.

    everything i listed for full anc and kodai. c:
  2. full ancestrial and kodai wand.

  3. Trailerish by Elseve

    lets start a petition to make tatskaa leave. +1 (to agree with the petition reply +1 or -1 for the scrub to stay.)
  4. Selling Bonds

    scammer..... taking advantage of the newer community members... smh
  5. full ancestrial and kodai wand.

    im buying full ancestrial and kodai wand, im offering shadow swords, 850m cash, bandos tassets. pm me on forums or ign
  6. Poll for Gambling

    this made me lol xd
  7. Poll for Gambling

    i bet you got cleaned on rs back in 2011 #stillsalty.
  8. Skilling Guides

    goodluck, maybe do something for construction ( making the staff implement the damn player owned houses.)
  9. Poll for Gambling

    +1 and lets be honest, my opinion is the only one here that really matters. vote yes! for both!
  10. Twisted bow for bonds

    id straight up give u a tbow for like 125$ worth :)
  11. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    -1 most of us would quit.
  12. slayer tab started 13th september 17

    im starting at level 85 with no prestiges and chubs try 3 zenytes in 170kc and 5 monkey tails
  13. buying arcane =)

    as the title states, im buying an arcane, tell me how much u want for it below :) (be realistic)
  14. slayer tab started 13th september 17

    hey everyone i started a slayer tab yesterday and since i have almost everything i want, i wont be selling any of it untill i hit p5200m :P heres 1 days worth of slayer :) at the moment im only focussed on 2 tasks, demonic gorillas and corp :P [i will be picking up everything from rune items, dragon items, ckey parts, clues, rare drops] http://prntscr.com/gl447d ONE THING TO NOTE IS I GOT EXTREMELY LUCKY WITH THE ZENYTES 2 BEING WITHIN 13 KILLS OF EACHOVER :)
  15. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    as i said before i would be mad if there was a reset and i personally would probably move on from the server if this happend, along with a few others making are current player base of 5 like 1, i see why this is suggested as to a new player logging in and seeing all these items can be intimidating.

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