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  1. Key register bug

    The typing issue is most likely a client issue. I'd suggest @Mr Krabs to try out another client with the source/base and see if it still occurs, if it works perfectly with another client you can be sure it is your client :)
  2. Beer the adventurer <3

    1. Beer


      I like to explore :biggrin:

  3. I guess I'm back!!!

    Welcome back :]
  4. 02/09/17 Official Dharok PK Event

    I might be busy, but sign me up incase i have time :)
  5. 1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    Ill see what i can do ;)
  6. 1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    I shorten it from 1,5h to 30 minutes, i felt i couldnt short it down even more because of all the content. But i will try on next opening. Ty for feedback :)
  7. 1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    I appreciate the feedback, it is hard to get 1k loots in a short video, so this one got a bit long :P
  8. 1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    I dont like you either but, i must say thank you :)
  9. 1000 Hard Clue Rewards

    Enjoy babes
  10. Ben's helper application

  11. Ironman Updates

    This is cool for iron man lovers! Would love to see this added
  12. i am iron autism

    Welcome iron friend:)
  13. I was bored v.2 cx

    2 subs? noob Lol
  14. Few Suggestions

    Well if loyalty system is being added, id have an auto kick after 5 minutes of inactivity. This way we would know Whos online instead of having like 10 People afk 24/7

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