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  1. sph

    cant find you
  2. sph

    ye man drop me your gtag, ill add you
  3. sph

    gta5 ,r6 siege, forza horizon, fifa17 , division, black ops 2
  4. sph

    I've been inactive a lot lately, having problems with my laptop, fixing it slowly as im more intrested in xbox one atm but ill be back real soon hope your not missing me!
  5. Epitaph

    Username: sph /im trumpUsername of player being reported: epitaphReason player is being reported: admitting to flamebatingDate & time of the incident: 24/08/2017Evidence of rule being broken: i've been warned in the past for arguing in cc, and causing a scene on the server but heres one of the people admitting he targets me cause im an easy person to wind up now i understand i shouldnt react to this kind of stuff but hes targetting me it kinda makes it unfair for me to sit there and take it ps i edited the [picture wrong bottom part is the first picture
  6. massive giveaway!

    gonna be giving away all my bank on (sph) dw im not quitting im starting out on my ironman new name new start so noone is going to be given my new name (or maby you already have spoke to me on it ;) giveaway is gonna be hns / lucky bag have a bit of fun before im no longer able to trade event start in 2 hours 49 minuites 9pm gmt be there! (there will be more cash currently liquidising) didnt wanna use imgure but cant find a site that isnt broken atm to upload a picture http://imgur.com/a/Or60m
  7. This or that?

    pvm sparc mac or b0aty
  8. was a suggestion purely based on fashionscape the ardy cloak variant is useless giving it strength would make it useful for pvm + added a few more suggestions
  9. just gonna throw a few off the top of my head Ardougne cloak 4 max cape its purple for the match up with the slayer helm ++ suggestion add +4 str to it? because it should have +6mage offence/defence but that is semi useless compared to other max cape variants potential buff to corp drops?? when zulrah can drop grapes that shop for 10k.. having 400 cannon balls drop from corp that vendor for 3gp kinda seems unjust as this a bank drop on 07 tzhaar task (mostly for jad) as i understand not many players are a fan of jad and that is fine each to there own.. but a tzhaar task would make jad an option and the lesser tzhaars outside an option (good news for everyone) a counter in the quest tab to potentially show people what there current drop rate bonus is (adding up ring cape status etc) added a few more 12/08/2017 mining pet colour change motherlode mining set, give more xp on 07 possibly the same on draynor?? obsidian armour with set bonus thieving stalls inside resource area (could attract people for money bonus xp) also good for pkers looking for that cash reward piles in resource able to unnote for same price, (so people bring stacks of materials in hopes of better xp but for also a pk oppurtunity for bank loots)
  10. Draynor Price Guide

    agree with all the updated prices except Elysian ts been pulling as much as 800m lately *last 2 trades*
  11. Im back

    welcome back main
  12. Monthly top voter

    problem is now, the new voteing system is every 24 hours, meaning aslong as 2-3 players always vote once a day your never gonna have a clear cut winner + whoever was online for vote releases now have a technical advantage
  13. Hardcore Ironman

    seems like a good enough challenge for me. +1 support
  14. Raid event!!

    9pm MST is like 3am for me so prob wont be on and if i am i doubt ill stay up till 6am..
  15. sph here!

    thanks for the warm welcome guys, @rangers its FPS Ipredator

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