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  1. Twisted bow for bonds

    i'd be willing to buy $70 worth of bonds for cash if you're interested
  2. Gem Rock

    would be a nice alternative to thieving for gems
  3. Alaric

    Welcome to draynor bud :)
  4. Server Status

    Also cheeky bump, Draynor all the way
  5. HCIM

    Congrats man. Seems like everyone gets harambes except @Tatskaaa
  6. I'm Back Finally

    Welcome back, glad to hear you've recovered.
  7. 02/09/17 Official Dharok PK Event

    Sign my ass up i want that title
  8. i am iron autism

    Welcome to draynor and goodluck :)
  9. Intro for Draynor series

    Pretty good man :) i like it
  10. Zach W Helper Application

    Zach, you have my support on your app, Just would like to see you more in game :) Granted I haven't been playing so much due to my internet acting up, but i'd also like to see you helping around more often :) Best of luck man
  11. No Torva's Staff Application

    I don't think i can have as much insight as the older players who've known you long, since i've only known you for a few days So ill remain neutral :) Best of luck!
  12. Titans staff application

    Only seen you on in the past few days so i'll remain neutral. Best of luck on your app!
  13. 100$ dh tournament

    That would be cool to see. Count me in
  14. Hide/feed your women.

    We're coming for you?

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