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  1. Draynor Price Guide

    ~ Updated 25/01/2018
  2. Sled's Drop log

    Please cj, im reformed
  3. Sled's Drop log

    Dude you just told everybody i used to be toxic, ffs.
  4. Suggestions: Part III

    I like the ideas, aslong as the ironmen part doesn't affect transfering aspects or anything. +1 on the golden items
  5. Boss Slayer Exp Rates (Complete!)

    That's pretty sweet, should have it added to ::threads :D
  6. Sleds' ReApplication

    +1 just because you basically called me immature along with you in that application <3

    Are you drunk?
  8. Tw0 Staff Application

    Definitely a good candidate, best of luck mate. +1 from me
  9. Started recently, going to get as many (if not all) of the boss/miniboss drops that i can manage. (Thanks to @Horizon for the template) Screenshots will be attached (Please note i've gotten many of the drops in the past, just starting from scratch, which explains the very high killcounts for some of the bosses) Last updated: 1/22/2018 OBTAINED NOT OBTAINED Zamorak: Staff of the Dead Zamorakian Spear Zamorak Hilt Kril'Tutsaroth Pet Armadyl: Armadyl Chainskirt Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Hilt Kree'Arra Pet Bandos: Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Bandos Boots Bandos Hilt Graardor Pet Saradomin: Saradomin sword Armadyl Crossbow Saradomin Hilt Zilyana Pet King Black Dragon: Draconic Visage Dragon Pickaxe KBD Pet KBD Head DKS: Seers Ring Archers Ring Berserker Ring Warrior Ring Dragon Axe Prime Pet Supreme Pet Rex Pet Wilderness Bosses: Odium Ward Malediction Ward Treaseanous Ring Tyrannical Ring Ring of the Gods Chaos Elemental Pet Vet'ion Pet Callisto Pet Scorpia Pet Venenatis Pet Demonic Gorillas: Zenyte Shard Unstrung Heavy Ballista Monkey Tail Harambe Pet Monarchs/Abyssal Nexus: Abyssal Bludgeon Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Demon Pet Kalphite Queen: Kalphite Queen Princess Kalphite Head Dragon chainbody Skotizo: Arclight Dark Claw Skotizo Pet Cerberus: Primordial Crystal Pegasian Crystal Eternal Crystal Hellpuppy Zulrah: Magic Fang Tanzanite Fang Serpentine Visage Uncut Onyx Tanzanite Mutagen Magma Mutagen Snakeling Pet Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: Occult Necklace Smoke Devil Pet Kraken: Kraken Tentacle Trident of the Seas Kraken Pet Lizardman Shaman: Dragon Warhammer Corporeal Beast: Elysian Sigil Arcane Sigil Spectral Sigil Spirit Shield Holy Elixir Core Pet Raids: Twisted Buckler Rigour Scroll Augury Scroll Kodai Wand Dinh's Bulwark Twisted Bow Ancestral Hat Ancestral Top Ancestral Bottoms Dragon Claws Elder Maul Misc: Imbued Heart
  10. Boss Pet Event

    nice tassets lul
  11. ironmeme hello

    Welcome to D r a y n o r
  12. Never liked a suggestion more, aslong as we have a way to switch between the unlocked titles ourselves. Goodjob !
  13. Road To All Drops!

    Goodluck mate :)
  14. My stuff

    Looks sweet :)
  15. Hi Tech: an Introduction

    Welcome to draynor , Chef

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