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  1. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    You have my support this time around, improved in all ways which is decent. Best of luck +1
  2. Brave's helper application

    I've seen you work to being a fit staff member, and i don't see anything you wrote as untrue. Your activity is pretty good aswell and you're an all-round nice lad. You have my support. +1
  3. my hardcore iron bank

    That's very decent man :) Keep going it's nice to see!
  4. New vid :) Much love (in Swenglish only)

    I would like to formally apologise to @Snickers for that message in the chatbox in one of the clips. Love your accent @Elseve Keep up the vidmovies lad
  5. Suggestion for other skill perks.

    Love the thought put into this, definite +1
  6. Implings

    Quick suggestion. - Add medium cluescrolls from implings, 1/200 or so? - Change nature impling drop table to seeds instead of coins, as a diversity to thieving them.
  7. Spooky skeleton pet

    @Mr Krabs Vouch.
  8. Vetrooooon rank

    Back off my roommate noobs
  9. Winter's Introduction

    Welcome to draynor :)
  10. nEveR fOrGeT

    I am pretty.
  11. Vetrooooon rank

    requesting this to be denied <3
  12. A good Mod = Sixty.

    1. Sleds


      couldnt agree more

  13. Brave's introduction

    Stay away from my girlfriend you sneaky little... i mean welcome good to meet you!

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