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  1. Krabs reset the highscores, it's a simple solution to the problem of competition. I agree that a lot of the competition goes away when tons of players who don't play anymore are at the top however, it's pointless to just reset every bodies exp. Krabs could just continue to do this high score resets maybe once a month, this way old players are not on the high scores anymore, but they would still have their account the same way they left it. For everybody who thinks we need an eco reset simply because "I have tons of money, but nobody sells anything" need to stop complaining. People don't want to sell you something they need, just because you are too lazy to pvm for it. Even then if somebody doesn't need an item they have, what reason should they have to sell it if they don't want to. However I am a little sad my account isn't on the regular high scores anymore. Senor Krabbie if you see this, could you add my account back with p5 in everything and lvl 1. I just want to be the first player to have comp on both regular and hardcore, under the same username :d. And Like I said before, Krabs reset the highscores. To get back on them you need to log on, he hasn't done that on "No Torva" yet. Also he is Sploogebob http://www.draynorps.com/hardcore/?user=Sploogebob
  2. .

    Don't quit because of a shitty Iron Killer :(
  3. Demonic Gorillas - Add overheads (Changing between range and melee every few seconds) This would make Demonic Gorillas a little more challenging. Zulrah - 1. During the Melee phase, add high range defence. This would make Magic more useful, as well as zulrah a little harder. 2. Instant hit after changing forms. Zulrah has a few second delay period of when you can hit it, this makes kills slower and it's a little annoying. Armadyl - 1. Faster boss respawn time / Slower minion respawn time. (This is how the other GWD rooms are) 2. Decrease Boss Defence. Currently Armadyl is dead content, not many players go there after trying it once. I personally like how Armadyl requires more tankish gear, so I would like to keep its hits high damage. However if we made it easier to hit, people would be able to get more kills per trip. Kalphite Queen - Have it hit through prayer slightly, currently you just pray mage and AFK til it's dead. On top of that it has agro, so you can stay there without doing anything until your prayer runs out. Barrows Chest - Have the last tomb you click on send you to the chest, this way you wouldn't waste time going to a tomb to find out you can't do it yet. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - Add another one next to it in the room. Tztok-Jad - Add an option where you can talk to Nieve to be assigned once every 2 hours. The amount would be 1 per task giving 300k Exp for Regular accounts, and 100k Exp for Hardcore accounts. Inadequacy - Increase drops, currently dead content. Crazy Archeologist, Chaos Fanatic, Scorpia - 1. Increase Drop Rate of shards, currently dead content, and it 1/200 per shard when you need atleast 6 for them all is pretty annoying. 2. Faster respawn times, the current respawn times are way too long.
  4. Raid store.

    I only thought about this an Ironman, but now thinking about it with a reg account. This would be so overpowered if you could choose what item you get, I like Cj's suggestion about getting a random item.
  5. Raid store.

    I like the idea of this, but 100 each raid could be a little over powered in groups of raids. I've seen 10 minute raids a couple of times, and if this was added, the community would do tons of raids together. With 10+ players all doing raids (which is probably will be on the day on release), this would mean that doing 200 raids would take less than 50 hours. On top of that it won't be 1 or 2 Twisted Bows that were added it could potentially be 10. To combat this, how about making how many points per raid depend on the player count. Perhaps 1-4 players = 100, 5-6 players = 75, 7-8 players = 50, and 9+ players = 50 and no extra points (-5 Per death would still be in affect, while +50 will not).
  6. Finally...

    It was less than an hour after lol
  7. Took me 182 Medium Clues, 161 Hard Clues, and 100+ Golden Keys Update : This just happened Ty for 2 Ranger Boots in 4 Clues
  8. looting bag suggestion

    This has already been suggested with my Ultimate Ironman suggestion. The reason it is in there is because the looting bag is used mostly for Ultimate Ironmen. The only purpose it would have on here is camping Wilderness Barrows, however considering how easy it is to bank and teleport back it's not worth adding just yet. If anything Mr Krabs should only add this in if he ever adds the Ultimate Ironman game mode.
  9. Road to Comp!... Part 2?

    Three weeks and three days in, and I'm half way there :P.
  10. Monthly top voter

    So.... who won? @Mr Krabs @Beer
  11. PVM

    Sign me up dude!
  12. Lucky implings

    I like the idea of having this in-game, however making it like the other implings (catch without finding them) would make them dead content. Perhaps making them similar to how they are on OSRS. This be be something like a HNS for it, once every 15 minutes (Same time as trivia) it will spawn with a hint to its location (Example : Hint - O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Location - Varrock square.) Wherever it spawns, 5 butterfly nets, and 5 impling jars will spawn around it in a circle. The impling would give either an easy, medium, or hard clue casket. (Elite and Master clues as well if they were added in-game) The impling would require 95 Hunter to catch and will despawn after 1 minute if nobody catches it.
  13. Cj wanna explain this?

    I think it might mean that Cj is gay, can't be sure though.
  14. Raid #12 on HCIM

    Special Thanks to @iron autism, @Cjtigger, @HC Nights End, and @scone8116 Papa Bless <3
  15. Maxi

    Welcome to the server mate :D!

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