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  1. Suh dudes

    Welcome to the server dude! :D
  2. Mr Billz

    Welcome dude :D!
  3. Tw0 Staff Application

    Thanks everybody!
  4. This is me

    Welcome to the forums dude! :D
  5. Tw0 Staff Application

    Thanks for the support everyone!!! :)
  6. PK Event

    I'll be coming to the event :D
  7. Tw0 Staff Application

    Username: Tw0/2Sic Date joined: Early July 2017 Time zone: Mountain Time Zone UTC-07:00 Average hours played per day: 5-10 Hours a day. (Depends on if it's a weekday or not) Do you have skype? Yup :D Have you read the entire staff application thread to see what we look for and the reasons your application may be denied? Yeah, I read the entire post :) Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain. Never What have you done within the community to make yourself stand out as a potential staff candidate? Well ever since I joined I've always been looking to help other players out. Whenever somebody needs help I'm always there. However, I don't think this is the reason I could be staff. I find that all applications follow the line of "I help out", but honestly most people do. I think my biggest strength for the server isn't that I just help out, but that I'm known by the community for being helpful to others and of course playing a lot. As far as I can tell, the community seems to respect me as a player and I think that is one of my stand out qualities. To be completely honest I applied to join the staff not solely because I think I could be a good fit, but because other people have been telling me I would be as well. Are you reliable in activity? If you are not, this is a major reason for an application to be denied. Yeah, I'm usually on everyday unless I'm super busy (I'm never really busy). Well over the past 6 months I've gotten 1000+ hours playtime on Tw0, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Anything else you would like to tell us: Thanks for taking the time to read my application :D!!! Feel free to reply or talk to me in-game about it :P
  8. Road to hardcore comp!

  9. Corp

  10. 2sic Veteran Rank

    Username: 2sic Date Joined: July 5th, 2016 Could I get the veteran rank in-game for just "2sic"? I like the HCIM Rank on "Tw0" :D
  11. Raids Suggestion

    We need to get more people in raids! Best way to get people in there would be to add a couple of updates. Right now, many players are complaining about raids. Some talk about the drop rate, others talk about how teammates dying ruins their chance of a drop. While others talk about the prices in the raids store being too high... So I have a couple of suggestions to possibly fix this. Drop rate Suggestion (http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Chambers_of_Xeric#Unique_drop_table) I think that two things should change about the drop rates at raids, one being different drop rates per item, and the other being replacing the death reduction (See Teammates Suggestion). However, I think that deaths should NOT affect anything when in a 1-4 player raid. This is because it is near impossible to do a solo or duo raid without dying. The drop rate seems to be way too high, you rarely see a drop from raids nowadays. It took me over 60 raids on 2sic to get a drop, and on Tw0 I'm currently 40+ dry. I think the drop rate of items should be changed around. All items currently have the same drop rate, and this seems unfair. Obviously end game items such as a twisted bow should be harder to get, and I would suggest making the drop rate for 2 weighting items (Refer to Link) harder to obtain. Keep 3 and 4 weight items the same. 5 weight items slightly easier to get, and 20 weight items easier to get. Teammates Suggestion Currently who gets the drop in a raid is picked like a random game generator. It's like pulling a name from a hat with the usernames of all the players, and whoever is pulled gets the loot. As previously stated, people aren't the biggest fan of teammates dying making their chance of a drop harder. I think it's time to get rid of that system. Let's take the pulling a name from a hat example, how about at the start of a raid every player has their name in the hat 3 times, and each death they get, they lose one of those names. So if you're doing a 10 man raid your chances went from 3/30, to 2/30. Then after 3 deaths, it's impossible for you to get the drop. Raids Store/Tokens First of I want to talk about the items in the Raids Store, currently we only have the prayer scrolls, buckler and totem. I think that the ancestral set, kodai wand, and dinh's bulwark should be added as well. Prices being 500 for dinh and ancestral pieces, and 1000 for the kodai wand (Prices can be up to staff, this is just my suggestion). Secondly I think the torn prayer scroll should be reduced from 500 to 250, considering it's usefulness to the other scrolls. Another thing would be that a lot of players are talking about how expensive the Raids Store currently is, and would like to see the prices changed. However, I think the prices would be just right as long as there is a better way to get tokens. Currently you can only get tokens at the end of a raid, and the rates are not 100%. I would like to see the demi-bosses in the raids dropping tokens as well. 100% drop rate ranging from 1 token to 3 tokens. Currently nobody has brought anything from the raids store so not only would this allow for the first purcahse to be before next year, this would also reward the players who are doing the most damage for the team. The tokens would only drop for the player who got the kill, and not for every player in the raid. Currently there are 12 demi-bosses in raids, this would mean that if you did a raid where you got all the kills you would get an additional 12-36 tokens per raid. I personally think this is very fair, if you got 3 tokens every kill it would take you near 30 raids just to get a raids totem. The only raids where I get all the kills are when I solo, and those can take up to 45 minutes. And considering you won't be getting 3 tokens every kill it would take way more than 30 raids to get a raids totem, and with the current times to finish a raid that seems pretty fair. Thanks for reading, and let's hope to see these added in! ~Tw0/2sic
  12. Server Updates 12/1/17 - 12/31/17

    Love this new Zulrah update! Couple of start up glitches, but it's nothing I'm sure you guys can't fix. Keep it up :D!!!
  13. Looting bag & Rune pouch???

    Add this please :d
  14. Arrow Shaft/BGS Update

    Recent update on OSRS allows for easier arrow shaft collecting. Currently we only have the old way of 15 per regular log, I think it'd be nice to have the updated ones from OSRS too. Level Log Shafts made 1 Logs 15 15 Oak logs 30 30 Willow logs 45 45 Maple logs 60 60 Yew logs 75 75 Magic logs 90 90 Redwood logs 105 Another thing would be the BGS spec. On OSRS it got updated to 50% instead of 65%, I would like to see that on here too :D
  15. Holy... Now this was a grind

    W0w the pleb got it. Congrats dude! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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