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  1. Blessed Spirit Shields

    The drop rates for sigils and elixirs were shifted about two or three days ago, making elixirs easier to obtain.
  2. 2/20/18 -Fixed water runes consuming air runes for the water rune requirement. -Planted crops will now check you have the farming level for them, as players were able to harvest crops they planted before prestiging. The patch can be cleared using a spade. -Holy elixir is now easier to obtain, counterbalanced by sigils being harder to obtain 2/19/18 -If players attempt to use a special attack with insufficient energy then they'll find that instead of a special attack failing and no attack occurring, a regular attack will instead be performed. -Saved presets for gear+inventory are currently being tested by the staff team -You can now disable level up dialogue from popping up with the toggle npc at home (the level up messages that pop up and prevent you from typing). -You can now toggle account pin to only be required when logging in from a new IP. -Added a PvP area at home (items are safe on death) -Toggles are now a darker green so they are easier on the eyes -Mac will now also give you a completionist cape when purchasing a max cape from him if you meet the requirements. 2/10/18 -Corrected saradomin gwd stats (some npc skills buffed, but most bonuses nerfed overall) -You can now note bars, bronze-rune with piles in wilderness resource. -Duo slayer partners will no longer be reset upon task completion -General duo slayer bug fixes -Trees will now have a slightly higher chance of not being cut down -Fixed an issue with bonecrusher causing it to remove constant drops, such as lava scales. -Firemaking is now much smoother -Raid lobby timer now resets when a raid is completed. Sometimes the next lobby would start only seconds after the raid had just been completed, causing some players to be left behind. -Level 90 home thieving stall will now give white scimitars instead, which are notable 2/9/18 -Iron, steel, mithril crossbow are now functional. Please let me know if you notice anything small that should work because things like this are easily overlooked unless brought to my attention 2/8/18 -Blue dragons will now count if killed on a baby dragon task -Fixed twiggy not giving achievement cape to players with 76 achievements completed -Added bank chest at woodcutting guild near lower tier trees -Added trivia and skilling message toggles, talk to Sir Gawain at home to manage these toggles. -You will now receive 2 raid tokens 100% of the time in addition to these chances 2-5 Raid tokens = 1/2 chance 8-15 Raid tokens = 1/6 chance 19-30 Raid tokens = 1/15 chance 2/7/18 -Fixed kraken not respawning 2/2/18 -Seers rooftop will now give a mark of grace on course completion & chance of agility pet -Corrected dagannoth king stats to OSRS stats (some stats were nerfed, others buffed) -Fixed appearance of dagannoth king pets -Can no longer autocast ancient magics with ahrim staff, (toxic) staff of the dead. When amulet of the damned gets added, the ahrim staff will be able to again. -Fixed magic attacks from npcs hitting 100% of the time (should be noticeable in various areas, such as armadyl room, demonic gorillas, cerberus, etc) -Void, fire capes, infernal capes, fighter torso, and defenders will now break on death inside the wilderness only if both requirements are met: skulled and in the wilderness (any level). -These items can be repaired at home with Perdu (located near the slayer masters, genie, make-over mage) -Angler, lumberjack, prospector outfit XP boost buffed from 2.5% to 10% 2/1/18 -Added golden chef hat to voting store (50% chance to cook two items at once) -Added golden apron to voting store (50% chance of crafting two items at once) -Voting event now active this weekend : 2x points
  3. Suggestions: Part III

    Buy back is disabled to prevent xfering items to irons, firemaking bug has been fixed, and the golden hat+apron have been added
  4. Game Filter

    This has been added as a toggle
  5. Saradomin guide (SOLO)

    Great job on the new guides
  6. Bandos guide (SOLO)

    Great job with the guide It is actually 10 killcount to enter without ecumenical keys/donator and I updated it in your post - I'm sure players will love the step by step directions because a lot of people do need help finding things on Draynor
  7. HCIM and the purple donor

  8. Sesh - Veteran Rank

    Welcome back
  9. Skilling outfits Rejuvination

    They have been moved from the uncommon to common drop table, and now give 10% exp boost.
  10. Void rework

    It will now break if you are skulled in the wilderness, along with defenders and fire capes.
  11. Server Updates 2/1/18 - 2/28/18

    It is the ones that really spam you repetitively. It doesn't block important messages like letting you know you got a mystery box, pet drops, or ones that aren't really spamming like "you swing your axe at the tree" since its only one line -You get some logs -You successfully catch a --- -You successfully cook the --- -You light the logs and it starts to burn -You harvest the crop and get some herbs -You crack the safe
  12. Suh dudes

    Welcome to Draynor
  13. HC and legendary

  14. Mr Billz

    Welcome to Draynor
  15. Official Staff Team

    Updates: Zach W is now our community manager and has been promoted to moderator Sixty has resigned until his activity can be more consistent again Tw0 has been promoted to server support
  16. Official Staff Team

    Owner Mr Krabs Community Manager Zach W Developers Mr Krabs Elseve Administrators Tatskaaa Snickers Global Moderator Cjtigger Zach W Moderator Elseve Server Support Tw0 Forum Moderator Snickers Zach W
  17. Tw0 Staff Application

  18. Horizon Helper App

    As discussed privately, still looking for a little more community interaction but otherwise a very solid candidate Continue to work on that and I see you joining the staff team
  19. Cyrex/Trevor's Staff Application

    Friendly, active, and knowledgeable, however I think you still need to work on some of the maturity aspect to be a part of the staff team Still highly appreciate your input and all the suggestions you make!
  20. Hi Tech: Application for Staff

    You seem very helpful and friendly but I don't think I see you online enough at the moment :( Try to work on that and continue to get yourself known within the community
  21. Sleds' ReApplication

    Would love to have you back sleds but I would need to see more consistent activity as we need staff on daily for hours. Currently there is a big gap of no staff online which I am trying to address
  22. Matrix's Staff App :)

    Matrix You've been here for a very long time..always friendly and helpful and nothing but good things to say about you, however I don't think your activity is consistent enough at the moment
  23. Server Updates 2/1/18 - 2/28/18

    It's at 1.5m for the listed untradeables, just to discourage ragging in general as it will become very expensive having to repair all those items as a void set alone is 4 pieces = 6m per death.
  24. Server Updates 2/1/18 - 2/28/18

    It was a typo, should be ahrim's staff lol
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