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  1. Cerberus

    It's a little bugged right now because I tried changing it to get people their old killcounts back, I just changed it so cerb should be doable as a task again, but if you get hellhounds cerb won't count until I have time to fix it properly.
  2. 11/18/17 -Imbued heart is now tradeable 11/16/17 -Trident of the swamp & seas now attack 20% faster than regular combat spells. -It will also tell you exactly what you need to charge it now, as some players believed they had everything and were confused when it wouldn't charge. -The trident of the swamp would let you use it past 0 charges, this has been fixed. -Fixed the orientation of redwoods when they respawn. -Super anti-fire's now provide 12 minutes of immunity from dragon breath. 11/15/17 -Updated Tokkul store: added all of the obsidian weapons as well as obsidian armor. Obsidian armor has +10% damage and +10% accuracy when wearing the full set. -Cannonballs now sell to shop for 4k each -Fixed some npcs counting as boss task when they shouldn't be, ex: hellhound/cerberus, cave kraken/kraken. Special thanks to @Elseve for helping with it. -Full clue hunter will now increase chance of receiving rare loot by 3x from clues, such as 3rd age, robin hat, rangers, wizard boots, clue hunter pieces, flared trouser, sleeping cap, powdered wig. -Eternal glory will now provide unlimited zulrah and cerberus teleports. 11/14/17 -Fixed the iron farming store not opening for iron players -Added angler set, dropped by river troll random event 2.5% fishing XP boost when wearing full set -Added prospector set, dropped by rock golem random event 2.5% mining XP boost when wearing full set -Magic accuracy buffed again in PvM -Added bonecrusher to slayer store (just need to have in inventory when killing npcs that drop bones, it will automatically grant you the burying XP of the bone) 500 points -Buffed cash bonus on task completion slightly -Slayer helmet costs 200 points, slayer helmet (i) costs 300 points. Task reset form costs 1250 points. The form is incredibly overpowered and should have been a lot more expensive/rare than it was. Not only can you get slayer XP for something you want to kill anyways, but you also get the damage boost of the slayer helmet on top of it. -Added imbued heart Players can use the Invigorate option on the heart to temporarily raise their Magic level by 2 to 10 levels (1 + 10% of the player's level, rounded down). Restriction : Can only be activated every 7 minutes. Chance of receiving on completion of task 1/250 Easy 1/200 Medium 1/150 Hard 1/100 Boss -Updated slayer task reset form to pick your task in a menu. Special thanks to @Elseve for helping with it. 11/11/17 -Better way to customize your completionist cape 11/10/17 -Added 4 prayer bonus to twisted bow -Twisted bow now effective on Wild Krab -Added feathers, tinderbox, chisel, to general store, archer helm in archer store, and regular amulet of glory (uncharged) to the armour store. Added dragon gloves to armour store, as well as some individual rune armour pieces. Just little things I noticed since these are items you'd expect to be in those specific shops. -Buffed granite maul special accuracy -Reduced blowpipe strength from 40 to 30. It was originally at 20, raised to 40 but a bit too strong, 30 should be a good midpoint. -Reduced max hit of DDS, abby dagger a tiny bit and increased accuracy a tiny bit. -Mboxes from woodcutting will now be sent to your bank rather than inventory -DXP is now counted in minutes rather than seconds. -Complete 100 barb courses changed to 100 wild courses. Any progress will not be affected. -Impling catching time from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds. -Added "View shops" option for the iron store. -Forced client update because there have been many changes since the last force update and many were still using older versions. -Fixed achievement tab: now shows the achievements that were hidden, and also added a new one. Now matches the total achievements of 76 it says. Kill 100 callisto Open a zul-andra totem Sacrifice 500 bones Reach P5 in a skill (new) If you have already done this please let me know and I will adjust it for you as it only counts from now on. Visit the D Zone 11/5/17 -Fixed autocasts being canceled when switching shields -Added HCIM & Iron scores. Wiped all hiscores to make sure all irons/hcims will be on the correct hiscores now. (Your hiscore entry gets updated once you log out). 11/4/17 -Preserve prayer drain rate reduced to 3 points per minute and boosted stats now last 50% longer, from 20%. -Client will now store more messages before overwriting old ones. (Please redownload the client for latest update). -10% chance of double fish, ore, logs, runes (from runecrafting) for completionist cape or ultimate donator, 15% chance for platinum donator. -Task reset form price increased from 200 to 400 points (little too common for how overpowered it really is). -Added all rift guardian pets (1/1000 chance). The pet you get is respective to altar and cannot be changed. -More player owned shop slots as a donator perk Regular - 17 slots Super - 18 slots Extreme - 19 slots Legendary - 21 slots Ultimate - 26 slots Platinum - 36 slots 11/2/17 -Reduced Jal-Xil range by 1 tile -Abyssal scions have been added as a hard task and the monarch as a boss task. 11/1/17 -Attack timer no longer completely resets when switching weapons, it will now only add a 1 tick delay which improves PvP interactions when doing weapon combos. -Pets drops will now be sent to your inventory.
  3. Eternal glory

    This has been added
  4. Deeming clue hunter outfit valuable and viable

    This has finally been added
  5. Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

    This has been added and the form now costs 1250 points. It really doesn't have an impact besides making it less tedious
  6. Ironman highscores

    This has been added
  7. Imbued heart

    This has been added
  8. Forgotten PIN Number

    Welcome back Stan, please check your inbox
  9. Honestly idk

    I can help with the prestiges, however any items that were given out are up to the player that received them as it is your responsibility to secure your account which is why we always heavily recommend using an account pin as well and we can't force them to give them back.
  10. Hey everyone, so I'm going to be giving out bonds whenever we reach our next player goal. Once the goal is reached, everyone is welcome to post their username below and they will be entered into a random name selector and the user(s) will be rewarded. When we reach 75 players online, it will be a $25 bond. When we reach 100 players, it will be two $25 bonds. Best of luck and please keep voting! -Mr Krabs
  11. Lumberjack bug

    Thank you for the report, this has been fixed a while ago.
  12. wilderness resource

    Thank you for the report, this has been fixed a while ago.
  13. Outdated trivia question

    Updated a little while ago
  14. Password

    Welcome back Please check your inbox
  15. little suggestion!

    Master farmer has been added as well as all rift guardian pets.
  16. Gmaul fix

  17. Player Owned Shops

    Added more slots for all donator ranks
  18. Official Staff Team

    Owner Mr Krabs Community Manager Website Developer Administrators Tatskaaa Snickers Global Moderator - Forum Moderator Beer Moderator Sixty Server Support Zach W Elseve
  19. Server Updates 11/1/17 - 11/30/17

    Pet drops will be sent to your inventory on default and will go to your bank instead if its full.
  20. 10/31/17 -Forums: Added a few extra reaction emojis -Buffed armadyl godsword special attack in both accuracy and damage -Increased wilderness barrows staircase timer from 2 seconds to 3.5 seconds to prevent abuse -Please download the client again for the latest version. Includes some item renames as well as npcs and turns off the item ids, object ids, coords, etc. Wasn't aware I uploaded the client version that showed all of that lol. -Modified DXP well timers as a lot of people are basically on permanent DXP while playing since it only while depletes logged in -Halloween event: Speak to the witch found north of home in the room with the cauldron. Possible rewards: Skeleton suit, anti-panties, jack lantern mask, spooky skeleton pet. 10/24/17 -Redwoods woodcutting XP increased by 26.67% -Changed requirements to enter raids: 99 hitpoints, 90 range, 90 strength, 43 prayer, 8 hours of in-game play time -Piles will now note every type of fish, raw or cooked. 10/23/17 -Agility teleport in spellbook will now give you 3 options: Gnome, Barbarian, Wilderness course. -Players should no longer get stuck inside of agility pipes/logs -Added crab helmet and crabclaw hook to Wild Krab drops, they are just cosmetic. -Added the Helm of raedwald as a clue reward, part of the clue hunter outfit. -Buffed blowpipe range strength by +20 so it should help in making the darts hit a little higher 10/21/17 -Veteran rank will now be retained when upgrading donator ranks -Fixed hits not showing when using ruby bolt special attack if you had hitmarks enabled as a client setting. If there is any other place hits don't show, please let me know. -Added chaos rune pack to slayer store, helpful for irons -Added master farmer at home to pickpocket for high tier seeds to make it easier for pure skillers to obtain them easier ((5/833)*X) + (17/49) is rate of success as pulled from OSRS wiki. So 57.5% chance of success at 38 thieving (level required to pickpocket), 94.1% at 99 thieving. If you wear any max cape, any completionist cape, a thieving cape (or thieving cape(t), along with 99 thieving, you will have 100% chance success rate. 10% chance of receiving double seeds if you are wearing a completionist cape or ultimate donator. 15% chance of receiving double seeds if you are a platinum donator. You can receive thieving pet, and mystery boxes while pick-pocketing the master farmer. Gloves of silence will give their XP boost as well. 10/10/17 - 10/20/17 -Fixed bugs in pos when sales went over max cash -Fixed players getting random farming mboxes/pet while using items on objects other than farming patches. -Toplists now have their correct timers -Weaker variant of evil chicken for <50 combat -Armadyl minions toned down slightly -Fixed infernal pickaxe not giving smithing XP when not equipped in the weapon slot. -Halloween themed voting page 10/9/17 -Please download client again for the latest version to enjoy the updates below. -Crazy archaeologist stats corrected and respawn time reduced to 30 seconds from 36 seconds. -Infernal max cape now has textures -Camelot roof tops fixed -Scales will now tell you the number rather than percent, as this is much more useful. -Magma blowpipe now functional and obtainable in-game (use magma mutagen on an empty regular toxic blowpipe). Can be dismantled to give back mutagen+regular blowpipe. -Ring of suffering(i) did not act as a recoil and has been brought to my attention. Next restart it will work properly. Thanks! 10/8/17 -RSPS-list not activating is fixed -Vote timers should update automatically now -Blowpipe special attack accuracy increased -Steel arrows now give correct fletching XP 10/3/17 -Chaos fanatic and Chaos elemental will no longer disarm you if you have a full inventory. -Added another set of doors inside the home bank, giving quicker access to the back area of home. In the future I will likely make this a PvP area, so kind of like the idea of bringing Edgeville wildy to Draynor.
  21. Spooky skeleton pet

    Sent to your inventory, please try and keep a slot open in general for pets until I fix this issue
  22. Scammed by Titans

    Hey Trihard, we'll see what he says when he logs on again as he has been a member for a very long time and pretty sure he knows he won't get away with that and he was already in a rush to get off as it was a last second trade. You will get what you paid for or a complete refund from him. Update: Put infernal pickaxe on your account and dragon axe back on his.
  23. Vetrooooon rank

  24. Elseve's helper application


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