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  1. Eternal glory

    This has been added
  2. Deeming clue hunter outfit valuable and viable

    This has finally been added
  3. Let us just pick what task reset scroll gives us

    This has been added and the form now costs 1250 points. It really doesn't have an impact besides making it less tedious
  4. Ironman highscores

    This has been added
  5. Imbued heart

    This has been added
  6. Forgotten PIN Number

    Welcome back Stan, please check your inbox
  7. Honestly idk

    I can help with the prestiges, however any items that were given out are up to the player that received them as it is your responsibility to secure your account which is why we always heavily recommend using an account pin as well and we can't force them to give them back.
  8. Lumberjack bug

    Thank you for the report, this has been fixed a while ago.
  9. wilderness resource

    Thank you for the report, this has been fixed a while ago.
  10. Outdated trivia question

    Updated a little while ago
  11. Password

    Welcome back Please check your inbox
  12. little suggestion!

    Master farmer has been added as well as all rift guardian pets.
  13. Gmaul fix

  14. Player Owned Shops

    Added more slots for all donator ranks
  15. Server Updates 11/1/17 - 11/30/17

    Pet drops will be sent to your inventory on default and will go to your bank instead if its full.

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