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  1. For highschores

    This has been added
  2. Raid Pets

    I'll have to see if there are other npc ids I can use to create a smaller version of them
  3. minions

    They were actually removed from the drop tables as players were just farming minions for pieces rather than trying to kill the boss so I just improved the rate of the boss drop them.
  4. Weekly Events

    This is on the to-do list to have a server event like these every weekend rather than just at the end of the month
  5. Clue Scroll revamp?

    Perhaps in the master clues that are planned
  6. Fight Caves

    A revamp is on the to-do list to make it less afk than it currently is
  7. Game Filter

    This is planned as a skilling messages toggle option
  8. Max Hit Topics

    If it were to be added I would put it in a higher tier zone which is planned
  9. Instance donator boss

    I think I will put more of them in a higher tier zone

    I added the dwh, arcane, spectral, and updated most of the times suggested in the main list
  11. clue

    On the to-do list
  12. More ironman modes?

    On the to-do list
  13. Ultimate ironman

    On the to-do list
  14. Goldsmith Gauntlets

    This will be added to the 2nd vote shop next restart

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