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  1. Alaric

    Welcome Alaric If you need any help getting around there are plenty of guides on here, we have help chat in-game, and you can also send me a message.
  2. Forgotten Pin

    Please check your inbox
  3. Item bug

    I made it so any item that has "robe top" in it is automatically defined as a full body but I still have to restart the server for it to take effect
  4. Item bug

    It just needs to be classified as a full body, next update it will be fixed. Thank you for the report
  5. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    It works for bosses as well - you have to meet the conditions to get the task. I think boss tasks themselves require 85 combat. Both players need to have no current task, then one needs to talk to vannaka and assign a slayer partner, and then talk to nieve to get a boss task.
  6. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    Inferno is not made for low class players
  7. Server Status

    Hey everyone, Inferno & Duo-slayer are now out and you can find the details in the server update archives. @Tatskaaa, @Cjtigger, and @Range have already gotten the cape, well done! I am doing my best to build the player base back up so I would really appreciate it if everyone could make sure they are voting. I would also like to thank everyone who has not given up on the server and sticking through what has been a very rough month with our votes being reset at a record low number of players. I'm trying to focus on updates that improve the health of the server overall. Not many players want to be online when the population is low, which makes it that much worse. The server is not shutting down and a reset is not even in consideration until I have exhausted every other option possible. I rather address the underlying issues that cause the desire for a reset in the first place. I have cleared all highscore entries so at least only the active players are on them now. I am not giving up on Draynor and I hope you aren't either. If you would like to help us get back up, you can show your support by simply being online and voting on a daily basis - it really makes all the difference. Thank you, Mr Krabs
  8. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    I deleted all highscore entries to clean up the entries of players who no longer play, have converted game modes, and made it a 500+ total level requirement to be entered on the highscores. All players have to do is log back into their account and they are back on the highscores. @Tw0 usernames should only be on the highscores of their current game mode otherwise it creates unneeded entries, especially at the top of the list
  9. Inferno game is out!

    All 69 waves as per OSRS wiki 1 time fee of a fire cape for unlimited access 1/20 chance of receiving pet on completion It saves your progress so if you get disconnected you won't have to start back at wave 1. When you log back in it will give you a few seconds and then resume the wave. Cannot use ::recharge inside Blobs will split into their 3 versions of the combat triangle The 2nd to last wave are 3 jads The final boss has a max hit of 49 and uses both ranged and magic attacks.
  10. forgotten password

    Please check your inbox
  11. Zach W Helper Application

  12. Suggestion: Server Reset and Prestige

    I see a reset as more of a band-aid for underlying issues that need to be resolved, otherwise we will have the same problem soon enough. I need to focus on the core aspects of the server (PvP/PvM/Skilling tweaks/improvements) that improve the overall health/longevity of server and its players so that people always have something fun to do.
  13. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    There aren't any refunds on dxp time that went down on weekends, this is simply a new perk for future ones.
  14. Account recovery

    Handled, please check your inbox
  15. Obsusssive trolling and herassment report

    They aren't doing any harm or breaking any rules lol, just ignore them? I checked chat logs they aren't saying anything bad either.

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