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  2. Some items.

    Zulrah scales-3k ea Magic fangs- 35m ea Mutagens- 50m ea
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  5. ~Snickers~ 200m Slayer drop log.

    That's awesome progress mate those berserker ring drops one after another though.
  6. Penance Queen Guide

    The penance queen is A boss that uses two of the three combat styles range and melee and can hit 30+ with each different attack style. With this method I am providing you with in this guide you will wanna pray (Eagle Eye) You will not be using any food only prayer potions and range potions since you will be safespotting The gear you will want to use should be any range setup pretty much whatever you've available best bolts to use are ruby (e)'s just make sure to bring food if you use them on the penance queen it's very away from keyboard if you wanna chill and relax, here's A few example's of what I used and tested. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Penance queens location & how to get there: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Official drop rates of the rare and very rare item categories) Penance Queen Pet | 1:1000
  7. ~Snickers~ 200m Slayer drop log.

    Updates: Added Abyssal Demons Added Dagannoth Prime Added Dagannoth Rex
  8. Snickers Road To 4.4B Xp

    Updates: Range skill - reached 200m on it Defence skill - reached 200m on it Slayer skill - updated total boss tasks done
  9. Buying elder wand!

    Got it.
  10. Quick suggestion about ahrim staff

    Great news, topic locked.
  11. Quick suggestion about ahrim staff

    It is now one-handed and the 5% damage boost will be effective next restart
  12. Last week
  13. Buying some items

    Edited, since i bought some items and need other items now.
  14. Couple Suggestions

    6. I believe he is working on the noting and unnoting of items at a bank, it is needed for ultimate ironman which is in the works :) I like the suggestions though :) the more the merrier
  15. Couple Suggestions

    very good didnt know any of these thank you! will remove
  16. Couple Suggestions

    6. There is a dxp weekend, it's the last weekend of the month, the rest of the weekends are 1st weekend of the month: double votes 2nd weekend of the month: double raid tokens 3rd weekend of the month: double slayer points 4th weekend of the month: double exp 7. There already is a well, near the thieving stalls west of home, gives everyone online double experience (does not stack with dxp tickets) you can only give items to the well, the list for the items can be found Here 8. Skills are already easy at it is with dxp tickets/the well, all the double experience items (gloves of silence, golden hammer, and more) as well as all the skilling sets, I just simply don't see a need for this.
  17. Couple Suggestions

    added a couple more suggestions.
  18. Quick suggestion about ahrim staff

    Hella support.
  19. Quick suggestion about ahrim staff

    Could the ahrim's staff get the same buffs as on osrs, and also become a one-handed weapon? Would be dope for pking
  20. Ultimate Ironman.

    Let me play around my source and client in adding the looting bag. I will only post if I can put items in and take out. I’ll post back if successful.
  21. Couple Suggestions

    For the bank problem why not add some spots around areas that can hold items for you like osrs has? Would be a fun thing to do. At least I think it would
  22. Couple Suggestions

    The placeholders revolves around the client that we use which limits certain things.
  23. Couple Suggestions

    3. It could be added my rsps have it just takes time and patience. 5. True that you can check there but it would be nice to just see the points when your there. Not have to go into profile and view. But like I said there just suggestions. thank you for your feedback.
  24. Draynor Price Guide

    Added in elder wand and also checked in to it with others that own it they said around 1-1.5b so for now I'm putting it as that thank you.
  25. Draynor Price Guide

    Maybe add Elder Wand aswell, should be slightly more expensive than Shadow Sword since there are less ingame than the Shadow Sword
  26. Couple Suggestions

    Yeah true but u can simply buy more what vials at general shop so the empty ones have no use. But also it should be a toggle Incase you want to use the vials for remembering a spot when killing bosses
  27. Buying elder wand!

    Buying elder wand, price i offer is 1.4B but its not written in stone looking over all offers. Note to forum mods: i will lock and move this topic myself when i have the desired item!
  28. Server Updates 3/1/18 - 3/31/18

    Awesome updates! Thank goodness for the ppots :p
  29. Couple Suggestions

    1. Make it toggleable in case some people don't want that, but would be neat 2. Maybe, but I think other stuff is more important as you can do ::drops 3. Support, has popped up before but is hard to code and not sure if it can be added 4. Don't see why not if it's not already on there 5. Would be nice, but not needed as you can check in your profile which is quick and easy
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