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      Be sure to vote daily to increase server population. ::Vote in-game to activate the voting page. Vote on all links to claim your vote tickets for double experience and more. Thankyou.   - Draynor team

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  2. Song Of The Day

  3. Song Of The Day

    Music helps free my mind and Relax my soul, I enjoy posting music here even if nobody listens to them, it's just my way of expressing how I feel on a certain bad day. Therapeutic for myself
  4. Song Of The Day

    Already do g, Red roses is safe as xx
  5. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thank you
  6. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    I know we had some discussions a few weeks ago but i do still support you. Goodluck man.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thanks man
  9. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    I’ll always support you, judging off everyone else’s comments you’ve matured 100x more than few months ago. Wish you the best of luck!
  10. Song Of The Day

    You sure do listen to a lot of music, @Beer
  11. My suggestions to Draynor

    Hope to see some of these in the future. The nightmarezone would pretty cool.
  12. Song Of The Day

    @Sleds you'll like this guy
  13. Last week
  14. Buying Twisted Bow

    Best way to get in contact with me would be on forums. I will start the price at 6b and we can negotiate. IGN: Sploogebob
  15. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thank you for the support :)
  16. My suggestions to Draynor

    You seem to be mainly asking for quality of life updates, of which I agree with pretty much all, since they are not big game-changers. Like the ones where you can disable yell/trivia shouldn't be too hard to add. The client sided f-keys for ::bank and ::recharge are cool too. Would like to see those being implemented. The account pin I can get into, but we've also seen some cases where brothers/sisters went on the account of their sibling and dropped/traded the items. This is being prevented by this pin. It is not too much of a hastle to fill it in and might cost quite some time to implement. For me this is not a something that has high priority. In my opinion the slayer store is already quite overpowered and with the imbued heart being new to the game I think slayer has been reworked enough. The 50th and 100th task thing would be cool though. Nightmarezone is something I don't think we would need. Imbueing rings is something that should just be done via PvP. We still need content that makes us have to go to the Wilderness. Furthermore Nightmarezone would be a really big project to add, where we already have a lot of content to train your cb stats and the rewards you suggested don't seem suitable for it anyways, imo. The golden tinderbox is also something I don't want to see, since Firemaking is already way faster than woodcutting. The skills are already quite out of balance in osrs and implementing this would only increase this imbalance.
  17. Account pin - your personal account pin should be saved to your IP. However for those who wish to enter it everytime upon login we should have an option to toggle it on/off Client binds - i have played on another server where F6 was binded ::bank so you won't have to use other programs - we could have ::bank and ::recharge binds. Better drop information - Sometimes when i'm pvming it says in my chat "You discover a loop half of a key" but it dosen't say "You discover a tooth half of a key" this should either be removed or fixed to show clues,teeth halves and loop halves EVERY time. Yell - should be able to enable/disable yell Trivia - you should be able to disable trivia showing in ur chatbox constantly if you're not interested in it. Golden tinderbox added to vote shop for 30 vote points that will give x2 firemaking xp. More items added to slayer shop - its simply boring and useless items the bonecrusher can't be used anywhere because everything drops ashes. Hard and easy clues added to vote shop because medium is already in there. Max cape should have proper teleports and features as seen when you right click it. NIGHTMAREZONE - this should be added because why not. You could imbue rings and buy dyes to ur slay helm or shadow sword. Slayer - when completing a slayer task you should be informed how many you've completed and get extra points for every 50 and 100 task completed. Skotizo should drop ancient shards which will be used for arclight charges.
  18. My car is finished plus car show

    Must admit cars aren't really my thing, but I like the theme's you guys got going on there lol. Would be a cool thing to keep upgrading I assume. Keep it up
  19. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    i support. goodluck
  20. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thanks for the support :)
  21. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    I support this.
  22. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Thanks for the support guys =D
  23. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    I know I haven't been around much lately due to my accident(all is good now!!) but you have my support!
  24. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    +1 for the second time
  25. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    Sorry for what?
  26. Cjtigger's Staff Application

    you don't have my support at all. sorry not sorry
  27. Server Updates 11/1/17 - 11/30/17

    The updates this month are actually insane, amazing work Krabs!
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