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  2. Dragon Claws

    I like the claws the way they are, catch me in the wild HOW BOUT DAT?
  3. Dragon Claws

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  5. 32s hcim rank

    Please attach a picture of your rank in-game or log in to show me. Handled.
  6. 32s hcim rank

    Username: 32Rank applying for: hardcore ironmanIn-game screenshot of rank if applicable: n/a
  7. Dragon Claws

    I like it, thanks!
  8. Dragon Claws

    +1 to reduce max hit & buff accuracy.
  9. Dragon Claws

    nice opinion
  10. Dragon Claws

    So people said pking was not much rng-based, look at this, and no i'm not suggesting for gambling again. The claws basically hit 99+ sometimes, i have litterally oneshot people on 99 hp multiple times. But sometimes it hits all 0's. I thought it would be nice to see the dragon claws get a nerf and buff at the same time, with the nerf i mean reducing its max hit, it's just insane but beside that i would buff it with some more accuracy so people don't keep hitting 0's on robes while wearing max melee gear. btw: i was Always potted(supercombat)
  11. after 94 clue's dry

    Will you ban me?
  12. after 94 clue's dry

    Wait! havent seen this before, prepare to be banned nub :o!
  13. Boss Pet Event

    Never forget, 5656 :p Good luck everyone and good luck on pets
  14. Boss Pet Event

    Gonna go to penance queen so I can win
  15. Boss Pet Event

    Staff members can now compete on any account they have, we will test it and see if anyone complains when Cj wins.
  16. Boss Pet Event

    Why not let staff compete on theyre staff account? Not like theres any special treatments for staff we are just like every other player only diffrence is we help others and keep order. :D
  17. after 94 clue's dry

  18. after 94 clue's dry

    could this be moved to the general discussion that doesn't require donators to see @Mr Krabs skrrt
  19. Sort of i understand where you are coming from this one, its a really hefty price to pay 35k each for a potion made considering the potion prices varies around 15-25k each maybe ? Maybe a bit un-nessecary to have barrows degrade, but i think they should eitheir degrade faster or cost more to repair. on the other note i think it would be a bit stupid to make it cost like 2m(?) when the pieces them self cost roughly the same. Yes i think it should be bit less than the other two scrolls since its not AS USEFULL as the other ones :D, but still should be a decent price since i find it pretty usefull, considering it literally halfs the time till you need to re-pot while camping for an ex. boss. I quess if other ironman wants this sure why not :D im non iron so cant say much bout it. I personally dont think mage is 'dead content'. Yes Elder wand is atm the best in slot magic weapon for magic but lets say trident + trident of the swamp isnt really that much worst.. I mean now that tridents attack speed was fixed and mage overall buffed i think it really good way to actualy pvm. Not only the elder wand :p I personally use mage at, kq,cave krakens, Zammy gwds, donor boss and things like that for an example :) Overpowered, hmm. Yes it is actually really good to be used while youre bossing certain bosses but i myself use berserker ring (i) + seers (i) + archers (i) when ever im killing things like: abyssal demons, dark beast, pretty much all other hard tasks that i know dont drop that valuable 'rare' drops.. Donor boss, Raids, + things like that. Its not the most efficient thing in a world to use at certain places but i get your point :P Well i find it better to use bp :P i quess its a personal preferance. We had that blowpipe strength buff few months back? and it literally pretty much out dps'ed pretty much every other range wep :p not that it got lowered i think its pretty balaced. Maybe a small buff to the accuracy? but the damage you do is good atm. yes we all want this xD Krabs belive is trying to work on this, but its not as easy as you would think to add dem spaces :P All and all good suggestions/opinions even i didnt agree with all of em :) good to see people communicate and share their oppinions!
  20. Boss Pet Event

    Damn shame it's when I have a meeting for school! Good luck though, wilderness will be poppin'.
  21. Boss Pet Event

    Boss Pet Event Hello everyone please take the time to read this, I am sure you will be interested. =] I am hosting an event that will take place January 16, 2018 starting at 7:00 pm central standard time (USA) and running until someone gets a pet. (unless the time gets ridiculous) https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ [converter if needed]. I am paying out a $5 Draynor bond to the first person to get a boss pet. The rules are simple, you must get the pet whilst the event is active and it must be a boss pet. Below is a list of the allowed boss pets. Baby Mole Callisto Cub Hellpuppy Kalphite Princess Olmlet Chaos Elemental Dag Kings Dark core General Graardor K'ril tsutsaroth Kraken Kree'arra Smoke devil Snakeling Zilyana Prince Black Dragon Scorpia's offspring Skotos Venenatis Spiderling Vet'ion jr. Penance Queen If someone wins on Olmlet pet I'll throw in another $5 bond. Iron Men are welcome!! If you would like to participate, be logged on and ready to go, we will be starting on the hour so be ready to slay some bosses tomorrow! If we have a good turnout from this one there will be more events with even bigger prizes! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the best of luck! Thanks!! - Zach
  22. ONE Year Veteran status

    Only reason I added the part for the post count is to see if you've contributed to the server via forums as far as suggestions , creating content in the form of guides, or other stuff. It's not extremely necessary though, I'm sure people would get that status either way.
  23. Yesterday
  24. ONE Year Veteran status

    yea i told krabs about something similiar but i don't see why a x amount post count is needed as its about being old in a community and not how many posts you have
  25. For the rings; I've never even used them in RS because the bonus really isn't that helpful, even the imbued version. Would be really cool to have custom bonus on them :P but I doubt most people would want that to vary from osrs
  26. 1. The reason I'm complaining about it is because it's a greal QoL update that will almost never be used, it could be 10k per potion and 5x more people would use it causing it to be a greater cash sink. 2. The point is because there is no purpose in it degrading, it's an inconsequential amount of gold leaving the game, and bank space is already a struggle enough as it is. 4. You're already forced to runecraft for higher level runes, and like I said it mostly doesn't matter with anything but waters. I don't see any reason why there couldn't be a standard basic rune store though 5. If I wanted to donate for them, I would. I have zero interest in using custom items because it lowers the integrity of the game and defeats a large part of the purpose of playing in my opinion. I've just seen far too many servers start adding things like this with the thought of "Only a couple" and then just keep adding more and more because of the influx of donations they cause. 6. Haven't seen a single trident being used in all my time playing, maybe you're right and it's fine now. My opinion was based off of using normal spells at places like Kraken and it being vastly inferior to range. 7. The normal row isn't that overpowered, the imbued one is imo. You could swap for kills if you wanted the extra stats but it's effort that I at least don't consider worth it. Don't see why you need boosted droprates anyway, especially when you consider the compounding bonus with donation rank/capes 8. Like I said, maybe I'm just consistently unlucky with it. As for me being a new player as you so kindly pointed out, I've still played long enough to max (Not that it means much), and maybe you should try using some basic math and supply/demand curves before talking back about things like unf potions :) The rest of your post in more or less disagreeing just to disagree with no real reasoning behind it more than "It's because you don't want to buy it" or completely unsupported by anything more than "It's like that in OSRS" Thanks for the feedback though. 1. As I said before, it could be more usable and a better cash sink. 35k each would be a great cash sink if it were commonly used, but at a lower price so many more people would use it, a larger amount of gold would leave the game overall. 2. It does impact people because it's extra slots in the bank. Inconsequential gold sink, major annoyance. 3. Yes, anyone who has the prayer unlocked I'm sure does use it all the time, it's has more of a passive usefulness than an active one though. You save a few doses of potion, compared to rigour/augry that massively impact your dps. Doesn't make sense for them to be the same price, there is a reason the torn scroll is much more common and costs like 100k in oldschool. 4. Making elemental runes doesn't make anything more challenging, you make a shit ton of them at once. It's just a random hassle that doesn't serve any purpose other than spending 10 minutes making water runes if you plan on barraging many barrows tasks. 5. Like I said before, if I wanted them I would buy them. The point I was trying to make is they quickly get out of hand and you have hoards of people smashing through every bit of pvm content in the game with ease flooding the economy with items. 6. Like I told No Torva, I could be wrong on this one as I haven't tested trident myself. But as for the normal spells I have used, they are completely useless and I have never once seen a trident being used anywhere. Not sure where you are referring to as them being the only option. 7. If you want to go through the effort of switching rings, sure I guess they aren't dead content. But honestly why bother swapping at most places? Droprate boosting items are definitely overpowered, especially when they stack with other boosting items. As for you saying that you think ROS is better, in what situation...? You can instant teleport to everywhere in the game, and anyone who has donated a small amount skips over killcount requirements. Why do you need defense stats? Only place I would use ROS is zulrah for the recoil effect. 8. I think you misread. I was saying bp/rune darts as in bp loaded with rune darts vs rcb/rubies as in rcb with ruby bolts. You say "most of the time blowpipe is a pretty solid option" but where is it a better option..? I said it was better for low level monsters, but at every single boss I've been too rcb is far superior, even at Zulrah.
  27. ONE Year Veteran status

    Good idea, +1
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