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  1. Today
  2. Blessed Spirit Shields

    The drop rates for sigils and elixirs were shifted about two or three days ago, making elixirs easier to obtain.
  3. Suh dudes

    Late welcome bud, enjoy your time here!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Server Updates 2/1/18 - 2/28/18

    great updates as always
  6. Blessed Spirit Shields

    Blessed spirit shields (holy elixir and spirit shield) shouldn't be so rare as they are on here, there are so much sigils but litterally a few holy elixirs. Wouldn't it be good to add the item to a store for a good price like 200m? This would be a good gold sink too.
  7. PVP | Ghostly Pkers

    count me in :)
  8. Zulrah Guide (REVAMPED)

    That safespot actually works aswell I have in my guide mate haha tested on eastern and western sides also fixed my guide on the protect from melee part on magma zulrah thank you and my apologies. I'm just glad that these hours upon hours I put into constructing each one of my guides will one day make a difference for current newer players and the future thank you for your kind words.
  9. Zulrah Guide (REVAMPED)

    Who R u? Cant remember seein u
  10. Bank Space and more?

    Relatively the same, both are games of chance
  11. Bank Space and more?

    Okay maybe not gambling but how about duel arena ?
  12. Zulrah Guide (REVAMPED)

    Great guide, love the effort youre putting in to help players of Draynor, we're lucky to have you around
  13. PVP | Ghostly Pkers

    count me in
  14. Demonic Gorillas Guide

    Not just new players lol im a noob in pvm and these guides are major help for me too :)
  15. Bank Space and more?

    You guys werent here when gambling was allowed. Trust me it wont come back, i dont know why you still try to push it trough, the harm it did wasnt worth those couple players that came then gambled and left. Also it had huge effect on economy when like 3 players held most of the economy noone selling anything like ever. Now the dxp well affects market but also cleans eco so its balanced.
  16. Zulrah Guide (REVAMPED)

    Love it! i think the safe spot is one step closer to middle (west), and also works on the opposite side, u also doesnt have to prot from melee, it will hit 100% through ;D
  17. My drop log

    probably gonna let this be for my hcim so it'll be awhile =s
  18. Zulrah Guide (REVAMPED)

    Zulrah Guide This solo boss zulrah its A very formidable boss he has three different attack forms which include the normal (green) form that uses range attacks the tanzanite (blue) form that uses magic usually but can strike you with range attacks and then the magma (orange) form that uses only melee attacks keep in mind he has 4 different patterns which I call (phases) in my guide so do not get it confused I will be explaining it all. You will first wanna gear accordingly to A range setup & A proper inventory, pictures of examples shown below. You can switch around the gear to make it better these below are just examples I used/tested now I've never needed A second ring of recoil but you might so you can add that into your inventory in place of one food. To get to zulrah you will need to purchase zul-andra teleports for 75k each at the tablet shop located at draynors home market center across from the bank to gain access to this solo boss. Watch out for snakelings as well they get spawned 1-5 at A time and their max hits 17 if you wear A ring of recoil after they hit you they will die otherwise you should take them out when you see them. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zulrah's different phases and monster spawn locations: (Magma) zulrahs safespot: Which works on the western side as well. Before any one of his three phases starts A normal (green) type zulrah will spawn when you teleport to him turn on protect from missiles and also, the range prayer eagle eye you will arrive in the location below. Phase 1 route 1: (Magma) (Prayer to use on magma zulrah) Phase 1 route 2: (Magma) Phase 2: (Normal) (Prayer to use on normal zulrah) Phase 3: (Tanzanite) (Prayer to use on tanzanite zulrah) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Official drop rates of the rare and very rare item categories) Tanzanite Fang | 1:378 Magic Fang | 1:378 Uncut Onyx | 1:75 Serpentine Visage| 1:378 Tanzanite Mutagen | 1:500 Magma Mutagen | 1:500 Some facts: Serpentine visage at level 52 crafting can be crafted with A chisel into A serpentine helm, A tanzanite fang at 53 fletching can be made into A toxic blowpipe, A magic fang at 59 crafting can be used with A trident of seas to make A trident of the swamp also, A magic fang can be used with A staff of the dead to make A toxic staff of the dead the tanzanite mutagen can be used on the serpentine helm to create A tanzanite helm and the magma mutagen can be used on A serpentine helm to create A magma helm respectively. += += += +=
  19. Bank Space and more?

    would it be possible to add construction? With this we could throw pets and cosmetic armours in and it would clear up bank space for us. We could take the altar the heals out of home and have rejuvinating pools, also would give us more content and another way to spread wealth. Also, what he was getting at by the rev caves. We could add something like chaotics or something as drops. and making them rare would make them become popular. It'll increase our pking population aswell. Also . believe adding a new mini-game with rewards of cosmetics like decorative armour or rangers or something would be useful because it would have just a little extra in the department whereas nobody likes to minigame on this server. Also, I do think gambling would help out because if you think about it. There are a lot more gamblers that would come than people leaving. Just wanted to throw my opinion out there :)
  20. Bank Space and more?

    Idk man. I'm just saying , At least duel areana would be nice. i mean thats in the real osrs. and we ps dont have it.lol
  21. Bank Space and more?

    I would, but what i say is: your suggestions are not improving anything. Just the bank space, and they are hundreds of hours to work if we gonna rewrite the client.
  22. Bank Space and more?

    so you basically don't want to improve the server in everyway possible? You think the draynor we got today is the best draynor we can ever have? no sir, you're not seeing the bigger picture here. You want the same draynor a couple of new people join then quit. i say we better the server and gain fame and become a server with 100+ one day. But it wont be like this. And gambling other people have to suffer because some of you have gamble problems? if you dont like it simply dont do it. Its Not even real rs. We should have fun and be allowed to gamble. but I guess this is just the best it'll get. and im sorry i really am cause i love this server but we wont ever be huge because we dont have anything other than "Pvming" Love you guys peace.
  23. Bank Space and more?

    The client we use is very hard to code in. They have not given a single variable a proper name and haven't putted in a single row of comment in it. I have myself spent hours to try fix it, i managed to increase the slots, but if u put in stuff past 350 they wouldn't show until u picked another thing out. They technically sends a list from the server to the client, which max has 350 items in it. So to fix this i think we would have to rewrite all the code for the cleint. Why do we need it? No one in draynor is looking for the loot you get from revs, it will bring no new items, just a way to get random items that u will sell to general store for cash. And then what? I would agree to spend time for this if there actually was new drops that would bring new content, people just want revs because they think it will be as popular as on osrs, trust me, it won't. I do not understand what you mean with this one, please make it more clear. So you don't think that a lot of people gamble because of other reasons an that it is so simple for them? You think all people with gamble problems (there's a lot of them) just want to gamble? And on games like this, as fast as someone feel bored for a sec they will go gamble and let it decide if they want to continue. Krabs and I refuse to bring gambling to the game, and thats it. Im sorry for the people who wants it, but we cant bring it for the people who cant handle it. Me included.
  24. Bank Space and more?

    1. Too difficult atm 2. 3. 4. Never happening
  25. Staff app

    I have to agree with @Beer on this one. I do get the humor part but still staff application isnt a place for that. I personally suggest that you make a new one that shows mature side of you.
  26. Bank Space and more?

    1. Bank space has been talked about since the server came out, and trust me, Krabs wants more too it's just difficult to code 2. Rev caves I wouldn't mind seeing added, but I don't think they're essential 3. I don't think this would be beneficial for the server 4. Gambling was taken away for numerous reasons, it did way more harm than good, I doubt it'll be coming back in the near future, my opinion on it is a definite NO
  27. PVP | Ghostly Pkers

    @Beer wildy resource wildy barrows chaos altar in wild are hotspots where players mostly get killed
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