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      Be sure to vote daily to increase server population. ::Vote in-game to activate the voting page. Vote on all links to claim your vote tickets for double experience and more. Thankyou.   - Draynor team

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  3. This or that?

    Apple. Fifa or Cod?
  4. This or that?

    Krabs Apple or Banana
  5. This or that?

    Youtube Zach or Sleds?
  6. Expert Mode

    I like this idea, I think it would spice up the game a little bit... It might make Beer boy come back ;]
  7. Expert Mode

    Stop the pressure I didn’t think of that :’(
  8. Expert Mode

    Did you come back from the grave?
  9. Expert Mode

    I would agree on the not donating part, but I am not sure if not having the opportunity to play after dying is a good idea. I'd say you get downgraded to a regular account, since maybe you get epic items on your acc and want to continue playing. When you then die, you lose all interest in the game I guess.
  10. Expert Mode

    AND Couldn't donate as one.
  11. Song Of The Day

    Thx for sharing your soundcloud playlist with us
  12. Expert Mode

    Cool beans me likey
  13. Expert Mode

    So not as in osrs where u can play on it as an iron after? :)
  14. Song Of The Day

    @Mr Krabs dis more like it
  15. Expert Mode

    Just a wee suggestion to add expert mode. Here’s a little more information - expert mode would be a mode where you get 1 life and 1 life only and if you die you can spectate the account but not do anything with it. This mode would also be a hardcore iron man basically with 1 life.
  16. Winter's Introduction

    Words to live by xD
  17. My Inferno Guide! - By Range

    Wow, that's impressive.
  18. Super anti-fire bug

    @Mr Krabs
  19. Super anti-fire bug

    Username:DrugsSeverity of bug: Minor/Somewhat important/Critical: MinorDescribe the issue: You can drink a 4 dose super anti-fire and get the effects; but when you drink a 3 dose it drinks the dose but does not give the effect. When you go to drink a 2 dose super anti-fire nothing happens.Attach image/video (optional):
  20. Last week
  21. my hardcore iron bank

    Looking neat! Wealthier than me I believe, and I'm not even hardcore :D
  22. My Inferno Guide! - By Range

    Damn! Super nice! Now I got no reason to not do it I guess :)
  23. My Inferno Guide! - By Range

    The Inferno is possible on a 1 defense pure with 44 prayer
  24. My suggestions to Draynor

    I really stand behind the bonecrusher thing. The fact that not a lot of monsters drop bones is the reason I don not buy it. Maybe it could also be considered to make the bonecrusher give the actual altar-experience?
  25. Cerberus

    It's a little bugged right now because I tried changing it to get people their old killcounts back, I just changed it so cerb should be doable as a task again, but if you get hellhounds cerb won't count until I have time to fix it properly.
  26. Cerberus

    Thank you for the report :)
  27. Cerberus

    I have a Cerberus task but when i kill it, the killcount for the task stays the same.
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