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      Be sure to vote daily to increase server population. ::Vote in-game to activate the voting page. Vote on all links to claim your vote tickets for double experience and more. Thankyou.   - Draynor team

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  1. Today
  2. Twisted bow for bonds

    Tell me how much you want it for and ill think about it 🤔
  3. Yesterday
  4. Gem Rock

    Especially for any Hardcore Iron Men.
  5. Gem Rock

    would be a nice alternative to thieving for gems
  6. Gem Rock

    hmm, sure. wont hurt
  7. Gem Rock

    Have been thinking about maybe adding a Gem rock into the game, maybe in the donator area? Let me know what you think..
  8. Prims, Tent, Torture

    got more prims? ill buy later after work
  9. Alaric

    welcome to the server alaric. :)
  10. Alaric

    Welcome to draynor alaric! whenever u need help let me know either on forums or ingame.
  11. Prims, Tent, Torture

    I can sell prims
  12. Alaric

    Welcome to draynor bud :)
  13. Alaric

  14. Alaric

    Welcome to Draynor Alaric!
  15. Alaric

    Welcome Alaric! If you need help, feel free to pm me on here or in-game! Have fun!! =]
  16. Last week
  17. Alaric

    Welcome Alaric If you need any help getting around there are plenty of guides on here, we have help chat in-game, and you can also send me a message.
  18. Alaric

    Hey everyone trying to find a new rsps to call home :D just started maybe 30 mins before this post. So far I like the server xp rates are a lil lower than I like but I can manage :p
  19. Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

    nice voting fixed better sweet. cant wait to see another minor update to the server as in looting bag. so east to code in an it doesnt take 5 hours to do maybe 30mins or less to add :p
  20. looting bag suggestion

    actually there is a point. this past week ive been doing wildly bosses ect. and the looting bag is needed in the game because its an osrs item just like how he should add champs cape like how it was just added. i play osrs everyday an i do wilderness slayer so yea. @Mr Krabs should add the looting bag.
  21. little suggestion!

    i would love this very much lol
  22. Buyin' fashionscape

    I'll sell ya fasionscape ;]
  23. Hello

    Hey guys, I know my activity has been low lately but this is because I have started back up teaching for a couple months and it just beats me to death so it's hard to come home and play draynor for 5 hours and sit in a computer chair not moving around when I am tired and sore. I promise I will play everyday, but there is no telling how long I will be on for but I will be on for a decent amount of time a day. Just a little update on my life! =]
  24. Boss idea

    Firstly can you reply to each quote in the same post so you're not spamming the post, secondly the playerbase has been increasing this past week compared to it's subtle drop in the last month, a majority of the decrease was due to the natural disaster's occuring throughout USA aswell. Alot of people are just happy to see updates of fixes and small things.
  25. Forgotten Pin

    Please check your inbox
  26. Item bug

    OK ty for the up date Mr Krabs keep up the strong work boss man <3
  27. Item bug

    Great idea Snickers as this was the only one I had that i could check.
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